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Master Quant For Bank Exams : The Banking Exams have a Quantitative Aptitude section which includes both Data Interpretation and Numerical Ability. Candidates presume this section to be the most difficult section of the exam, but at the same time, it is a very scoring section if you follow Proper Strategy and Time Management techniques while attempting the section. Most of the candidates face difficulty in solving Quant questions with accuracy within a stipulated time. In this article, we will learn how to master Quant for Bank exams.

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1. Quant Section for Bank exams – Pattern

Most PSBs mainly conduct two phases of examination (Prelims and Mains) and in order to actually master in quant, you need to be well aware of the pattern. In the Prelims for IBPS PO/Clerk, the Quant Section contains 35 questions while in Mains it contains usually 35 – 50 questions.

2. Topics covered in Quant for Bank Exams

Questions in the Quant Section generally contain topics such as:

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3. Strategy to Start the Preparation for Quant for Bank Exams

One needs a proper strategy to Prepare Quant for Bank exams. This section involves formulae and basic concepts. This section is all about concepts, first clear your concepts and then start solving some basic questions. If you come up with any doubt regarding any topic, again go to the basic concepts and clear the doubt. Do not go for a higher difficulty level at the start as this will be time-consuming and can be demotivating at the same time. After clearing the basics and solving the basic questions, increase the difficulty level of the questions. Questions types can be changed in the exam but basic concepts to solve those questions will always remain the same.

First, know where you stand in the quant section for Bank Exams:

  • If you are just starting your preparation and below average, spend at least 4-5 hours of intense practice on a daily basis.
  • But if you are aware of the exam and have a fair knowledge of basic concepts, dedicate at least 2-3 hours to study every day.
  • If you are well versed with the exam and are good in Mathematics, spend around 1 hour daily for honing your mathematical skills.

4. Learn the Basic Formulas and Short Tricks

Topics in quant for IBPS exam is full of formulae and short tricks. Try to learn every formula of the quant section with proper examples as these formulae sometimes can work as short tricks. Questions based on formulae and short tricks can be solved very quickly and accurately and are important to score well.

You can make your own short tricks as well and with regular practice, you will surely master them. With short tricks, you can save a lot of time, because they let you solve complex problems very easily.


  1. Start with basics concepts first and follow the conventional methods.
  2. Try to learn and apply the short tricks if and only if you become good at basics.
  3. Do not follow the tricks of quantitative aptitude blindly.
  4. Before applying the short tricks, solve the questions through the basic concept.

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5. Practice well

The practice is the only key to success in life, similarly, practice in this section can make you a pro in quantitative aptitude. Only having knowledge of this section can not lead you to score well, you have to do rigorous and regular practice to score good marks.

Practicing more questions of quant for IBPS will boost your confidence and motivate you for this section. You can get various alternate methods to solve one question and also your speed of solving questions will also be increased. You must be sure that you are giving sufficient time of practicing Quant for Bank exams.

6. Attempt and Analyze a lot of Mock/Model Tests:

Try to attempt as many Previous Year Questions as possible and attempt a lot of Oliveboard’s Mock Tests. This will increase your awareness of exam pattern, the difficulty level of various topics of the section, and you can get a feel of attempting the actual exam. Take the mock test seriously and try to attempt the whole test once in the stipulated time. Some points need to be taken care while attempting the mock:

  • Take the test seriously as if you are giving an actual exam.
  • Try to go through every question once as this will give you an idea, which topic is easy and scoring, you can re-attempt those topics later if time is left.
  • Do not bother about your scores in the first 2 – 3 mock tests as they were only for a warm-up and for analyzing the pattern of the exam.
  • After submitting the mock, analyze each and every question to check the incorrect questions, and also you can always find an alternate solution to a question. This will make you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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7. Time Management:

Nowadays, Quant for Bank exams totally becomes a time game, success depends on how many questions you can solve correctly in less time. Since this section contains a mix of easy, moderate, and difficult level questions, choose the easy topics and attempt them first to save your time for difficult ones.

Since this section is purely based on calculation and it is fact that it usually takes more time to solve quant questions. This is the reason why candidates failed to clear sectional cut off in this section. Taking Oliveboard’s Online Mock Tests will increase your accuracy as well as time management skills. Keep a timer whenever you are taking an offline test, this will eventually help you in time management.

IBPS PO Exam: General Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to clear the IBPS PO Exam.

  1. Make Time Table- Many students apply for any exam but then do not study systematically. For systematic study you need a proper time table. So first of all prepare a time table covering all the topics asked in the exam.
  2. Read good books: There are plenty of books available in the market, but reading all of them will be of no use. Refer to the standard books only. If you have notes from your coaching institute then refer to them for your preparation.
  3. Practice is the key: One thing that sets toppers apart is the habit of Practicing as much as they can. For this exam, Practice is the key, you have to practice a lot of questions before appearing in the actual exam.
  4. Mock Tests: Join a mock test series for better understanding of the actual exam level, test series can immensely help you in acing this exam.
  5. Previous Year Question Papers: Go through the previous year question papers, It will help you to get a better idea of the level of exam and the kind of questions asked.

This is all from us in this article. Keep Reading 😀

We hope this will surely increase your confidence. Do not let your motivation fade and study with full energy without any negative thoughts in the mind. All the best!


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