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Mock tests for SSC CGL: Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the SSC CGL examinations. In the last few years, competition has become tough primarily because of the high number of candidates. Staff Selection Commission conducts a Combined Graduate Level exam annually for various Group “B” and “C” posts of the different government departments/ministries. 

Mock tests are very crucial for the preparation of any government exams. Mock tests give aspirants a better understanding of exam patterns and help them to analyze their practice. This blog will brief you about the best way to solve mock tests for SSC CGL.

What are Mock tests for SSC CGL?

Mock Tests are basically a demonstration of the actual question papers and exam patterns of SSC CGL. These are designed by the subject experts after analyzing previous year patterns of the examination. Oliveboard has designed one of the best mock tests for the SSC CGL. Aspirants can boost their preparation by practicing through our mock tests and features of the Oliveboard mock test for SSC CGL are as follows:

  1. Oliveboard has designed the SSC CGL mock tests according to the new two-tier exam pattern.
  2. Aspirants can attempt many mock tests for free and enhance their preparation.
  3. Our mock test also includes the SSC typing test which helps aspirants in developing speed.
  4. Subject experts have created these mock tests after analyzing the last 15 years’ exam patterns and question papers.

Proper Way of solving Mock tests for SSC CGL

Candidates should be aware of the proper way of solving mock tests for SSC CGL. By the proper way, we mean there should be a pattern of solving mock tests for SSC CGL. Most of the aspirants make the common mistake of solving mock tests just a week or 2-3 days before the examination. So, we will be mentioning below the proper way of solving mock tests:

  1. Aspirants should choose the right sets of mock tests. As there is an abundance of mock tests available on the internet so choosing an authentic mock test is a crucial task. 
  2. Aspirants should not wait till the last week before the exam to start mock tests. They should start giving mock tests at an early stage of preparation so they can analyze the level of their preparation.
  3. Candidates should focus more on subject-wise or topi-wise mock tests, it will help them to evaluate themselves from the beginning.
  4. Candidates should practice mock tests within a definite period of time as per the examination schedule. This will help them develop speed and give their best in examinations.
  5. Mock Tests for SSC CGL will help candidates in having a better understanding of questions and exam patterns.

Why analyze a Mock test?

Practicing with the mock test is not enough until you analyze it properly and make changes accordingly. Many aspirants tend to miss out on the analyzing part whenever they sit for a mock test. Although, it is important and can be the best part of your exam preparation.

Analyzing a mock test can help you in various aspects of the preparation process. As you give more mock tests, it is really important to compare the difference between your first mock and the latest one. This particular difference will show your growth in that period of time. We will brief you about the benefits of analyzing a mock test and they are as follows:

  • Analyzing your mock test will give you an idea of your weak sections and topics.
  • This will help you in developing a speed in accordance with the examination rules.
  • It will help you in making a record of your progress over a period of time.
  • You will be able to understand your preparation level and give your best in the examination.

How to analyze a mock test for SSC CGL?

As we mentioned above, it is really important to analyze a mock test. So, we will be providing you with the method of analyzing a mock test.

Check Unattempted Questions

Whenever you practice with the mock test, make sure that you create a list of unattempted questions. Check out the topics and subjects those questions were asked and make sure to practice and learn those topics consistently.

Review Wrong Answers 

Review all the wrong answers and understand the concepts behind them. Avoid these mistakes in your next mock tests. Understand the points or methods that should be used to solve these problems.

Check your time

Make sure that you don’t miss any questions because of the shortage of time. Keep a check of time and make a strategy so you can give more time to solving problems and spend less time on the objective ones.

Give more mock tests

Aspirants should attempt as many numbers of the mock test as possible. This will help them in understanding and analyze their performance in different time periods.

Analyze with AI

If you are finding it difficult to keep a track of your progress and analyze the mock tests. Then we have a great solution for you, Oliveboard provides you with the option of analyzing your mock tests with AI. In this feature, AI keeps the track of your progress and makes a performance chart according to your performance in the mock tests.

We hope you found this blog informative and understood the proper way of solving mock tests for SSC CGL. Prepare with our free SSC CGL mock tests and give your best in the examinations.


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Frequently asked questions

Where can we find SSC CGL mock test according to new exam pattern?

Oliveboard provides you with the SSC CGL mock test designed as per the new two-tier pattern.

Are mock tests necessary for SSC CGL preparation?

Yes, mock tests are crucial and give a boost to your exam preparations