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How To Prepare For Reasoning : The SBI Clerk 2022 exam is scheduled to be held in the month of November 2022. In this article we would be looking at the reasoning section in detail and give a preparation strategy for the same. With just about 1.5 months to go for the exam, it is the best time to kick-start your preparation for SBI Clerk 2022. In our last post, we shared a detailed 50 day study plan for SBI Clerk 2022 prelims. Here, we bring to you a reasoning preparation strategy for SBI Clerk exam 2022

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To help you structure your preparation for this otherwise vast subject, here we bring to you a detailed preparation strategy for the same. In this article we would be looking at the following:

  • Exam pattern
  • Important topics for Reasoning
  • Preparation tips

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SBI Clerk 2022 Syllabus for Reasoning

Let us first take a look at the detailed syllabus for reasoning in SBI Clerk 2022 prelims. Following are some important topics:

  • Inequality
  • Syllogism
  • Alphanumeric & Numeric Series
  • Coding – Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • Direction Sense
  • Order & Ranking
  • Seating Arrangement Puzzles
  • Miscellaneous

SBI Clerk 2022 Reasoning : Topic-wise Preparation Tips


It is one of the scoring topics in the reasoning section as it is not very time taking. Broadly, the inequality question type can be categorized as follows:
1. Direct Inequalities
2. Coded Inequalities

Practicing a good number of questions from this topic will help you improve both speed and accuracy.


A new pattern has been introduced in this topic. Here conclusions are given in questions and statements are given in answers. This is known as reverse syllogism. Practice all question types to master this topic. Here is a preparation video for reverse syllogisms for your reference.

Alphanumeric Series / Number Series / Alphabet Series

The key to this topic is a good observation skill which can only be developed through practice and clear concepts. Learn some shortcuts and common series patterns to be able to identify them quickly. Here is a video for the preparation of this topic.

Seating Arrangement | Puzzles

Practice the questions of linear, circular and square seating arrangements. Some of the most important puzzle types are : floor-based puzzles, calendar related puzzles, scheduling and comparison based puzzles.

The puzzles and seating arrangement questions consisting of negative information are usually on the tougher side. So practice them well. Also, for seating arrangement questions, be thorough with the inward-outward facing concepts. Here’s a preparation video for your reference.

Blood Relations

A technique that many people find useful in solving the blood relation questions is to apply the question to oneself and solve accordingly. A caveat here is, never to assume the gender. Only consider what is mentioned explicitly in the question.

Direction Sense

Learn the concepts of directions, cardinal directions, sunrise, sunset etc. It’s preferable not to solve these questions verbally. Always draw a sketch. Watch the video to learn this topic:-

Order and Ranking

There are rules and formulas for this chapter which you must know in order to solve them accurately in minimum time. Understand questions of left and right as well as top and bottom and between. Watch the following video to learn the tips and trick of this topic.

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Reasoning Preparation for SBI Clerk – Best Approach

Keep your preparation approach straightforward and simple:

Concept + Examples -> Revise -> Previous year question papers -> Mock tests

Concept + Examples

Refer to your preparation material (books/video lectures) and learn the concepts. After completing each chapter, solve 15-20 examples given in books like R.S. Agarwal (contains many examples of each concept). It’s a good idea to make a timetable, allotting time for each section and sticking to it.

Dedicate at least 3-4 hours for Reasoning every day. Focus more on verbal reasoning. Not down the solutions shown in the books/video lectures and see which is the shortest way you can solve the question.

Note on shortcuts: Although there are plenty of books available in the market that contain all the shortcut techniques for each topic, it’s better to come up with your own and personalize the shortcuts. After sufficient practice of each chapter, you can do this on your own, based on your understanding of the concept.


Once you’re done completing all the chapters using your preparation material, revise it. Go through the concepts again. It’s important to revise multiple times to retain the concepts.

Previous year question papers

Solving previous year’s question papers is an important step in your preparation process yet one of the most neglected. Why you should solve previous year’s question papers:

  • It will help you know the difficulty level of the topics you learnt
  • Familiarize you with the exam pattern
  • There are chances of questions from previous year papers appearing this year

Mock Tests

We cannot lay enough emphasis on the importance of mock tests. It goes without saying that mock tests are a must. After you have understood and practiced every concept sufficiently, it’s time to focus on speed and accuracy. The best way to do this is to take mock tests.

Benefits of Mock Tests
  • Help you determine your speed and accuracy which is very essential in exam like SBI clerk.
  • Analyze your performance & know your standing
  • Give you a feel of the actual exam
  • Provide questions in the latest pattern. They’re created by experts after thorough research and analysis.
  • Help you identify your strong and weak areas
  • Help you sharped your skills

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SBI Clerk 2022 Prelims Exam Pattern  

SBI Clerk 2022, has introduced sectional time limits in the prelims paper. This will warrant a change in both your preparation strategy for your exam as well as you question selection & exam attempt strategy. Following picture shows the pattern of SBI Clerk 2022 prelims exam.

SBI Clerk Reasoning SBI Clerk Reasoning SBI Clerk Reasoning SBI Clerk Reasoning SBI Clerk Reasoning SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 SBI Clerk English Language SBI Clerk English Language SBI Clerk English Language

One can notice that the SBI Clerk prelims 2022 paper has essentially become 3 separate papers of 20 minutes each. That said, having an effective question selection strategy becomes of utmost importance. Making the most of these 20 minutes and attempting the maximum possible number of questions with a good accuracy factor is what will decide your fate in the examination.

And to do this, the only thing required is a thorough preparation, which means:

  • Clarity of concepts : develop a stronghold over your basics
  • Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses : space out your mocks attempts evenly throughout the course of your preparation and devote a good amount of time analysing your attempts
  • Build your own question selection and attempt strategy

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We hope this article helps you fill the gaps in ( if any ) in your preparation. All the best for your preparation! Stay Tuned to Oliveboard 🙂


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