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SBI PO Group Discussion 2023 – State Bank of India (SBI) has recently released the SBI PO Mains Exam result and now its time to prepare for Phase III round, which is Group Discussions (GD) and Personal Interviews (PI). Marks obtained in the GD & PI will be added to the marks obtained in SBI PO Main exam for the final merit list.  Phase III is going to be conducted from 24th September to 12th October, 2018. Today, in this blog we would provide you tips and topics that you may prepare for upcoming SBI PO Group Discussion Round and also the topics that have been asked previously.

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SBI PO Group Discussion and Personal Interview: Marks

The total marks allotted to the GD & PI are 50 marks, out of which-

Group Discussion20
Personal Interview30

SBI PO Group Discussion:

Group Discussions hold special importance as they test not only your knowledge but also how you present those ideas. Bank persons are expected to be extremely polite and courteous to their customers, hence, your patience, listening skills, the pressure you can handle, etc. are also taken into account. Group Discussions, therefore, are conducted to ascertain whether a candidate has certain personality traits that an organization wishes to see in its members.

A Group Discussion group consists of 3 to 4 panellists (jury members) to monitor the discussion and 10 to 12 candidates. The panellists will present the candidates with a topic, mostly based on current affairs or other events, to the group of candidates to discuss.

Each individual is given a maximum of 2 minutes to express his/her views on the topic in English or Hindi (English preferred). The panellists can question the participants during the discussion. The candidates will be handed a pen & paper to make notes during the discussion.


Tips for SBI PO Group Discussion

  • Be punctual & follow all the rules and guidelines laid down by the panellists.
  • You are going to compete with the best of the bests, the chosen ones. Make sure you go prepared. Read Newspapers or daily current affairs, journals, or surf internet, but be aware of what’s happening around because the discussion could be conducted on topics from anywhere.
  • Improve your speaking skills. You are not compelled to use fancy or articulated words, but how you express your ideas in words that are easily understood by others, the pitch, voice modulation, pronunciation, and more, all are important.
  • Make the most of the preparatory time that you get before starting the discussion. Try to jot down points that you want to discuss whether for or against. But do not contradict your own point.
  • If you are not getting ideas or you are afraid that what points you should include in the discussion, then you can anytime take help of the most famous ingredient of any content or story, that is 5W and 1HWhat, Who, When, Where, Why, and How.
5W and 1H

You can make your points around these categories.

For example: You are given Ayushman Bharat as the topic for Group Discussion. Then your discussion may include points like-

  • What is Ayushman Bharat- it is a National Scheme for Health Protection.
  • What are its features?
  • What is the benefit cover?
  • Who all are involved? Or Who will be benefitted from it?
  • When was it launched? And by Whom?
  • Where it has been launched? And where it will be implemented?
  • Why the scheme is important?
  • How it can be implemented more effectively? Or How the implementation could be improved?

This way you can given coherence to the discussion without missing any important detail.

The best part of this 5W and 1H technique is that you can use it even in Interview or in any Public Speaking Session if you are asked to speak on-the-spot and even in your Descriptive Tests where you have to write essay on any given topic. It will help you include all the details required to present your ideas.

  • Try to validate your points by giving relevant examples from any recent event or from your surroundings. Panellists would get more impressed if you present your point with facts & statistics. 
  • Remember you are into discussion, not argument. So, try to control your voice and do not shout. Even if you have some disagreement with others, do not get into arguments. Etiquette and manners are important in Group Discussions. Maintain your composure throughout the discussion.
  • Be the person to conclude the discussion. The ability to conclude a discussion gives you an edge over the other candidates.
  • Remember, whether in GD or PI, keep a positive mental attitude, as, Thomas Jefferson has once said~

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal;

nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

Topics for SBI PO Group Discussion Round:

Topics for GD could be Factual from day to day issues, past trends, facts & figures; Political; or any Abstract topic. Following are some topics that you can practice while preparing for SBI PO Group Discussion

SBI PO Group Discussion Topics 2023

1. Impact of CBDC on the financial system and economy of India
2. How Neo-banks are defining the future of Banking
3. Significance of India holding the G20 Presidency 
4. E-Vehicles in India
5. How to reduce Carbon footprint
6. Challenges to the Indian Banking sector
7. Impact of 5G on the Global Economy
8. Inflation Impact on India
9. Adani Group fallout – It’s impact on Indian Economy
9. Union Budget 2023 – Pro and Cons
10. Moonlighting
11. AI as the future
12. Cyberwarfare
13. Climate change – a Global threat
14. Social media and spread of misinformation
15. Freebie politics in India
16. Depression & mental illness in India
17. Data privacy concerns.
18. Do brands rule our lives? 
19. Should kids reality shows be banned?
20. Censorship of web series – Pros & Cons
21. Gig economy
22. Tech layoffs
23. Work life balance is a myth
24. Metaverse

SBI PO Group Discussion Topics 2022

  1. The Impact of Right to Privacy on Aadhar
  2. Ayushman Bharat
  3. Future of Blockchain
  4. Problems or Issues with Bitcoin
  5. Pros & Cons of Cashless Economy
  6. Commercialization of Education
  7. Standard of Teaching in India
  8. Should Science be made compulsory up to Senior Secondary?
  9. Happiness Curriculum- launched by Delhi Govt.
  10. Should Sports be made compulsory in schools?
  11. Effect of Social Media on youth
  12. One Rank One Pension – OROP
  13. Should there be regulation of Media?
  14. Demonetization – How it affected the Economy of India?
  15. Impact of GST on Indian Economy.
  16. Section 377
  17. Merging of banking and insurance sector.
  18. Money or Success- What is more important?
  19. Mobile/Internet Banking/Digitization – Does it have any impact on Unemployment rate?
  20. Adopt a Heritage or Corporate Adoption – Should Government include Private players to adopt India’s top heritage sites?

SBI PO Group Discussion Topics 2016

  • Topic on Women Empowerment
  • Present Education system churning more engineers but not skill
  • Role of Media in India today – Good or bad
  • Should PSUs be privatized
  • Is technology killing human imagination
  • Medals won by India in Olympics are by chance or scientific training
  • Population Growth – Boon or bane
  • Is it desirable?
  • Topic on Global Warming
  • Social networking is resulting in decline in art of conversation
  • Private Hospitals are going corporate at the cost of health
  • Are water wars going to happen?
  • Love of money is root to all evils
  • In era of Internet – is literacy rate coming down
  • Is India ready for smart cities?
  • Villages – Our strengths & weaknesses
  • Smoking and drinking should be banned
  • Private players to be encouraged in infrastructure
  • Is linking of rivers good or bad from socio and ecological balance perspective
  • Net Neutrality in India

Topics for SBI PO Group Discussion 2017

Pros & Cons of the SBI Merger
Fax Tax
NCG: Need of the hour
Rail & Union budget merger
The Surgical Strike issues
Make in India
Does India need Food Bill?
Empowerment of women
Inflation: Is it always harmful?
Pros & cons of having one child policy in India
Indian Smart Cities
Effects of the Beti Bacho Beti Padhao scheme
Use of Payments Banks
Capital Punishments: Pros and Cons
Benami Transaction Bill
Does US Presidential Elections affect India? How?
Startup India
Benefits of PSBs for Rural Indian Economy
Importance of the Swaach Bharat Abhiyan
Decrease of repo rate
Pros of Gold Investment
Which is better: Hard work or Smart work
Ujjwala Yojana
Are beauty pageants regressive for womanhood?
Monetary Committee
Insolvency & Bankruptcy Bill
Measures to avoid NPA
Your opinion about reservations in education and jobs
Solar energy vs Wind power
The One Rank One Pension scheme
Impact of GST on the Indian Economy


We hope the above helps you excel your SBI PO Group Discussion round.

Note: Also Prepare for topics that are currently in news. Also Share and Comment below topics that you think are important for SBI PO Group Discussion Round.

Get in touch with fellow aspirants on Oliveboard’ discuss forum.

Wish you all the very best!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to prepare for group discussion for SBI PO?

Its very simple Understand the topic, Gather information, Improve communication skills, Stay calm.

Is there a Group discussion round in SBI PO?

Yes there will be an group discussion round in SBI PO.

What is SBI PO Group discussion important topics?

Topics for GD could be Factual from day to day issues, past trends, facts & figures; Political; or any Abstract topic.

Is the SBI PO Group discussion difficult?

In reality, the SBI PO group discussion is not so tough.


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