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SSC CGL Tier 2 Paper 1 Tips

Big congrats to Aspirants who have cleared the SSC CGL Tier-1 and now focusing on preparing for Tier 2. We have you covered for all preparation processes for SSC CGL Tier 2. In this blog we will share with you SSC CGL Tier-2 paper-1 tips for exam preparation. The SSC CGL Tier 2 paper 1 is compulsory for all posts. Paper 1 of SSC CGL includes Quantitative aptitude. This comes under section 1 – module I and module II.

SSC CGL Tier-2 paper-1 module I includes Mathematical Abilities and module II includes Reasoning and General Intelligence. Session I consists of a total number of 60 questions each module has 30 questions. The mark allocated for session I is 180 and the time duration is 1 hour.

Tips to prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2:

Preparation starts with planning and resourcing yourself with proper information. The first stage here is to understand the exam syllabus and make a strategy for preparation. Here are a few tips for better preparation for SSC CGL Tier 2.

  • Check SSC CGL eligibility criteria.
  • Understand the syllabus and exam pattern
  • Select proper study material subject-wise
  • Focus on the best books
  • Give attention to topics with higher weightage.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Paper 1 General tips:

The SSC CGL Tier-2 paper-1 is Quantitative Aptitude. It included two modules. SSC CGL Tier-2 time duration is 2 hours. It holds 60 questions totally that is 30 questions each module. SSC CGL Tier-2 paper-1 subject-wise tips are discussed below.


Important Topics You must Cover in Mathematical abilities:

This section involves many topics and we have categorized it from easy to difficult.

Simple and Easy TopicsModerate TopicsDifficult Topics
Percentage and Average
Ratio and Proportion
Age-based problems
Speed Time and Distance
Profit and Loss
Number Series
Number System
Data Interpretation
Time and Work
Mixture problems

Best Book to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier II Mathematical Abilities:

Here are the best books to prepare for the SSC CGL Tier-2 Paper-1 Quant section.

Books NameAuthor/Publication
Advance MathRakesh Yadav
Data Interpretation DecodedOliveboard
Magical Book on Quicker MathM Tyra
SSC Elementary and Advanced MathKiran
NCERT Math from Grade 6 to Grade 11NCERT
Quantitative AptitudeDr. R.S Agarwal

How to Score Good Marks in the Quant Section?

We have mentioned below the list of approaches candidates need to follow in order to score good marks in the quant section.

Take notes on For Formula:

Always keep a check on the formula. There are a number of formulas and concepts and Quant aspirants can possibly sometimes forget formulas. What you can do to solve this issue is by making a note of all formulas and concepts. Take a quick revision of all the formulas every day which might take hardly 15 to 20 minutes. But just spending 15 to 20 minutes revising formulas, shortcuts, and concepts is a game changer while taking the exam.

Practice Effectively:

Practice plays a major role in preparation. In the quant section practicing to solve problems in a limited time and using different shortcuts while practicing will help you crack the paper easily. Some aspirants might feel quantitative aptitude is a very hard paper to clear, but with proper practice and strategies, it becomes easy.

Make shortcuts and accuracy:

Quantitative aptitude comes with complexity as it can be time-consuming and involves lots of formulas, shortcuts, and strategies. You must make sure to be accurate with the answers you provide. As the candidate needs to work faster they might tend to lose accuracy. So to avoid such things create shortcuts that might help you in exams.

Understand Time Management:

Many candidates are bound to lose cut-off mainly because of not working on their speed. Quantitative Aptitude is a section that will occupy much of your time. So you need to check on the time period you are taking while solving a problem. While simply preparing or while taking a mock test you can check on the timing. Time management plays the main part in this section so make sure you keep checking on it.

Register for some Mock Test Series

Mock Tests provide a sense of real exams. Practicing mock tests and analyzing them from time to time helps the students improve their speed and accuracy. So make sure to register for a good mock test series.

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Important Topics in SSC CGL Reasoning and General Intelligence:

Here are the most important topics in SSC CGL Reasoning.

  • Classification
  • Analogy
  • Syllogism
  • Verbal Analogies
  • Blood Relation
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Seating arrangement
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Matrix and Puzzles

Best Book for preparation for SSC CGL tier II Reasoning and General Intelligence:

Book NameAuthor
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningDr R.S. Aggarwal
Perfect Verbal Reasoning By Ajay ChauhanAjay Chauhan
Puzzle ManiaOliveboard
Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning By Disha PublicationGajendra Kumar
SSC Reasoning by Rakesh YadavRakesh Yadav

How to Score Good Marks in the Reasoning Section?

Keep your preparation approach straightforward and simple:

Concept + Examples -> Revise -> Previous year question papers -> Mock tests

Concept + Examples

Refer to your preparation material (books/video lectures) and learn the concepts. After completing each chapter, solve 15-20 examples given in books like R.S. Agarwal (contains many examples of each concept). It’s a good idea to make a timetable, allotting time for each section and sticking to it.

Dedicate at least 3-4 hours for Reasoning every day. Focus more on verbal reasoning. Not down the solutions shown in the books/video lectures and see which is the shortest way you can solve the question.

Note on shortcuts:

Although there are plenty of books available in the market that contain all the shortcut techniques for each topic, it’s better to come up with your own and personalize the shortcuts. After sufficient practice of each chapter, you can do this on your own, based on your understanding of the concept.


Once you’re done completing all the chapters using your preparation material, revise it. Go through the concepts again. It’s important to revise multiple times to retain the concepts.

Previous Year’s Question Papers

Solving previous year’s question papers is an important step in your preparation process yet one of the most neglected. Why you should solve previous year’s question papers:

  • It will help you know the difficulty level of the topics you learned
  • Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern
  • There are chances of questions from previous year papers appearing this year

Mock Tests

We cannot lay enough emphasis on the importance of mock tests. It goes without saying that mock tests are a must. After you have understood and practiced every concept sufficiently, it’s time to focus on speed and accuracy. The best way to do this is to take mock tests.

Important Topics for SSC CGL Tier II English Language Comprehension:

Here are some of the most important topics for the SSC CGL Tier-2 English Language section.

  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Fill in the blanks/Cloze Test
  • Spelling Test
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • One-word Substitution
  • Sentence or Phrase Improvement
  • Sentence or phrase improvement
  • Sentence correction/spotting the error
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Sentence or phrase improvement
  • Reading Comprehension

Best Book for Preparation for SSC CGL Tier II English Language Comprehension:

Book NameAuthor
Quick learning Objective General EnglishRS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal
Perfect Competitive EnglishV. K. Sinha
Competitive General EnglishKiran Prakashan
Objective General EnglishS P Bakshi
Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis

How to Score Good Marks in the English Section?

To excel in the English section of SSC CGL Tier-2 Paper-1, candidates need to continuously practice and keep revising the important topics. Many aspirants get confused while creating a proper strategy for English preparation. We have some preparation tips for all the candidates that will help them in giving their best in the English section of the examination. They are as follows:

Know your weak/strong topics

It is very important for candidates to be aware of their weak/strong topics. Give more time to your weak topics and practice them daily. 15 minutes of the revision can work for your strong topics. Don’t waste your time-solving easy questions, again and again, this will not lead to any progress. Analyze yourself and enhance your abilities.

Read on a daily basis

Make sure to read any piece of English writing daily. This will enhance your English reading and writing skills. Read editorials in newspapers, magazines, and essays this will increase your sentence formation skills. Reading will also help you in learning new words, making sure to understand their meaning and usage.

Attempt Mock Tests

Give as many mock tests as possible because English is something you will learn by practicing. Just reading the grammar section will not help you much until you practice and solve the problems on your own. If you have not completed the syllabus try to attempt the mock test for the topics you have covered and analyze your performance.

Work on your English Vocabulary

If you have a good grip on vocabulary, you can easily solve most of the English sections in the SSC CGL exams. Working on vocabulary will help you easily solve questions of antonyms, synonyms, and cloze tests. To improve your vocabulary read English newspapers daily and read them line by line. Don’t skip hard words or phrases try to understand their meaning.

Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

Try to solve question papers from the last 10 years before you appear for the examination. Solving question papers will help you understand the weightage of topics and types of questions that are continuous in the examination. SSC CGL is one of the competitive exams and one small extra step can make your rank. Make sure to give your best not only in exams but also in preparation.

Read the Comprehension properly

Many candidates avoid reading whole passages in the examination and just search for the answers. Don’t make this mistake because skipping the passages can make your answer wrong and you will lose easy marks. Read the passages properly, understand their meaning, and then write the answers. It can be one of the easiest scoring topics if you read the passages properly.

Important Topics for SSC CGL Tier II General Awareness:

Here are some of the most important topics for the SSC CGL Tier-2 General Awareness section.

  • History
  • Economy
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Polity
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Current affairs
  • Computer

Best books for preparation of SSC CGL Tier II General Awareness:

Book Name Author
NCERT Books of Class X, XI-History, Geography, EconomicsNCERT
General Knowledge Lucent Publication
Manorama YearbookManorama

How to Score Good Marks in the General Awareness Section?

Know the Complete syllabus

Questions in this section will be aimed at testing the candidates’ general awareness of the environment around them and its application to society. Some topics include current events, History, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General Policy, and Scientific Research. In current events, you can expect questions on Sports, Books and Authors, Important Schemes, etc. Now that aware of the syllabus next step would be to,

Go through Previous Year’s Questions

Previous Year questions will help you understand the level of difficulty of questions and the type of questions. Yes, Reasoning, General Awareness, and Computer modules are newly added in Tier-2, you can go through Tier-1 papers to know the type of questions and practice questions at a level higher than them for Tier-2 or to clear all your confusion here is Tier – 2 Mock Test in the new pattern launched on Oliveboard: Attempt a FREE NEW PATTERN MOCK TEST. To begin your actual preparation, first get

Quality Study Material

There are ample amounts of books and study materials available in the market in the form of hard copies as well as soft copies. Excessive amount of study material can overwhelm you. So make sure to pick quality study material and stick to that throughout your preparation. Jumping from one source to another will be of no use.

Read Newspapers

Reading the newspaper can help you improve your vocabulary By reading the newspaper daily, you can cover two sections simultaneously i.e. English and General Awareness. The questions asked in the SSC CGL Current Affairs mainly revolve around the issues mentioned in the newspaper. You can refer to some of the best newspapers available in the market like The Indian Express and The Hindu.

Attempt Mock Tests/Sectional Tests

Solving Mock Tests/Sectional Tests can help you improve speed and accuracy which is extremely necessary in a competitive exam like SSC CGL. Even in the case of the General Awareness section, you will be able to retain the facts easily, if you keep attempting sectional tests on a daily basis.

Make short notes

With so many subjects and a lengthy syllabus for each subject, it gets really difficult to recollect information when necessary. To avoid this, make short and crisp notes, especially on topics that you find difficult. It will help you revise easily before the actual exam.

Monthly Current Affairs Magazine

General Awareness is one such section that needs daily reading. You can’t memorize everything at the last minute as the exam approaches. In order to ace this section, you have to read regularly and update yourself regularly. For this, you can refer to Oliveboard’s Monthly magazine BOLT. In BOLT, you can get all the monthly news. Click here to download Monthly BOLT.

Important Topics for Preparation in SSC CGL Tier II Computer Knowledge:

Here are some of the most important topics for SSC CGL TIer-2 Paper-1 (Subject – Computer Knowledge)

  • History of Computer
  • Generation Of Computer
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Computer Memory
  • Types of Computer
  • Computer Architecture and Components
  • Types of Operating System
  • Computer Security
  • Programming Language

Best Book for Computer Knowledge Module:

Book NameAuthor
Objective Computer AwarenessR. Pillai
Objective Question Bank of Computer Awareness for General CompetitionArihant Publication
Computer KnowledgeShikha Agarwal

How to Score Good Marks in the Computer Knowledge Section?

  • The computer Knowledge section in SSC CGL Tier-2 paper-1 is just qualifying.
  • Follow a systematic & integrated approach: Finish the chapters and keep taking regular tests.
  • Revision is an important part of preparation. So, keep revising whatever you learn.
  • In the computer awareness section, you can expect some numerical problems from a topic like number systems. So, it is a good idea to keep practicing these conversions in order to answer questions more quickly.
  • Don’t get caught up with proper computer textbooks because they would be of a much higher level than is required for exam preparation purposes. Instead, opt for online e-books and capsules that are tailor-made for every exam. You should also take regular quizzes on this (available online for free) topic so that you remember it. These quizzes will also give you a fair idea about the kind of questions you can expect in the exam.

Exam Pattern of SSC CGL Tier 2:

(Common for all posts)
(2 hours and 15 minutes)
I (1 hour )Module I –
Mathematical abilities

Module II –Reasoning and General Intelligence



Total = 60
60 x 3= 180
II (1 hour )Module I – English Language Comprehension

Module II – General Awareness


Total = 70
70 x 3 =
III (15 minutes)Module – I – Computer Knowledge module2020 x 3 = 60
II (15 minutes)IIIModule – II: Data Entry Speed TestOne data entry task of 2000 key
II (Only for JSO)2 hoursStatistics (Paper I as above)100100 x 2

= 200
III – AAO (Assistant Audit Officer) & Assistant Accounts officer2 hoursGeneral Studies (Finance & Economics)
(Paper I as above)
100100 x 2

= 200


Practicing and preparing well is the only way you to clear this exam. Attend as many mock tests as possible. Always make sure you work on the previous year’s question paper as every year number of questions is repeated. Create a preparation plan, drive strategy, build shortcuts, manage time, and maintain accuracy. These tips will definitely help you during exam time


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How to Improve my Quantitative Aptitude for SSC CGL?

Ans. Attempting mock tests and practicing questions on a daily basis is the only way to score maximum marks at SSC CGL.

Q.2 What type of questions are asked in Math SSC CGL Tier-1?

Ans. Questions like Arithmetic, Mensuration, Algebra, etc. are asked in the SSC CGL tier-1 exam.

Q.3 Can I crack SSC CGL on the first attempt?

Ans. Yes, you can. With the right strategy, preparations, and focus you will be able to crack SSC CGL on the first attempt.

Q.4 Which are the best books for preparing for SSC CGL?

Ans. The best books for SSC CGL preparation are mentioned below:
Math – Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar Verma
English – Objective General English by SP Bakshi
Reasoning – Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
General Awareness – Lucent

Q.5 Are Current Affairs Needed for General Awareness?

Ans. Yes, Current affairs is an important part of General Awareness


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