Success Story of B Vinay Kumar – Cleared RBI Grade B 2021

Read the Success Story of B Vinay Kumar, a highly paid Equity Research Analyst in JP Morgan Chase and a Civil Engineering Graduate from IIT Madras, Class of 2016. Go through his preparation strategy and how he left his job in the pursuit of Civil Services and more.

Success Story of B Vinay Kumar

I am from Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. Graduation in Civil Engineering from IIT Madras, 2016. Worked in JP Morgan Chase as an Equity Research Analyst for ~3 years. Left my job in the pursuit of Civil Services.

It’s been a great learning path over the past 2.5 years. There were many self-doubts, low points etc. during this period, but I always believed that I’m good enough to clear this exam. Eventually, with the results, all the sacrifices I made felt like they paid off.

Subject-wise preparation strategy of B Vinay Kumar

The main focus of the prep has of course been General Awareness in Phase 1, ESI & F-M in Phase 2. I focussed on strengthening my basics of Economy and Finance through whatever sources I can acquire. As I had to give time for UPSC CSE and RBI simultaneously, I tried not to overdo anything (e.g. By hearting too many things)

As I already have prior experience of clearing JEE, Quant has never been a problem. Preparing for CAT a few years ago helped me with Reasoning and English. So for Quant, English and Reasoning, my focus was to not learn anything new but to practice as many mocks as I can and revise and learn from any mistakes made. 

Role of Oliveboard in Vinay’s Success

Post my clearance of Phase 1, I subscribed for Oliveboard Phase 2 course through which I strengthened the ESI and Finance part which I already have some idea about. Also, the current affairs compilations were on point, to say the least !!

More importantly, the modules on Corporate Governance and Ethics (part of Management in Paper 3) were really helpful for me as I had to start from the very basics. The notes were simple and easily understandable, so I could finish the modules very quickly 

Vinay’s Tips for Aspirants

Just believe in yourself, your capability and trust your hard work. And during the examination, go with a calm mind but be brave enough to go with your gut feeling. ‘Luck favours the brave’.

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