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Success Story of Kritika Pal: Get inspired by Kritika Pal’s story. She worked hard for a year and passed the SBI PO 2023-24 exam. Kritika has a postgraduate degree and wants to help others succeed too. Learn from her and see that with effort and determination, you can achieve your goals too.


My name is Kritika. I have a postgraduate degree and I have been getting ready for regulatory body exams over the past year.

Kritika PalPreparation Journey

Specifically, I have been preparing for regulatory body exams, particularly the RBI Grade B, for the past two years. Since last year, I have started taking other banking exams and eventually got selected as an SBI officer.

Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy 

Quant: For Quantitative Aptitude, I focused on the basic arithmetic part and DI based on that. I brushed up on topics I learned in school up to the 10th grade, such as percentages, ratios, and proportions. I also worked on improving my calculations. 

Reasoning: Reasoning is something I love. I enjoy solving puzzles, so this was an interesting part for me. I took many mock tests for reasoning and focused more on topics like puzzles, syllogism, and blood relations as they guarantee sure-shot marks.

English: English was not a difficult task to prepare for. If you have a basic understanding of grammar, you are good to go. So I didn’t spend much time on this.

General Awareness: For GA, I referred to the Oliveboard videos available for free on YouTube. I followed one PDF source religiously, and multiple revisions are a must. Also, I always kept up with the static part of current news since questions can be asked in any form. GA provides you with an edge, so it is a very important section.

Interview Preparation

For the interview, I brushed up on the current affairs of the past two months before my interview. That worked out for me. I also read about SBI and what all is happening there.

How Oliveboard helped you?

Oliveboard’s YouTube videos really helped me out. Whenever I struggled with a topic, I watched their videos. The teachers are great; they make hard stuff easy to understand.

Tips for other Aspirants 

Know your strengths and weakness while preparing. You should know how much marks can you grasp in any section .It gives you an idea . For example I like reading current affairs so I focussed to maximise my score in that. Best wishes to all the aspirants! All the best🤗

We hope that the Success story of Kritika Pal inspired you to give your best in the preparation. To read more such success stories, visit the Oliveboard website.


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