Success Story of Sajal Sharma | Topped RRB OA (Rank 1 Raj.), Cleared SBI and RRB PO

Read the success story of Sajal Sharma, who is not only an SBI and RRB PO topper but he even topped Rajasthan in RRB Clerk. He cleared all the exams on his very first attempt.

Sajal’s Inspiring Story

  • Graduation: B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  • Exams I attempted this year: RRB Clerk, RRB PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, SBI PO
  • Exam I cleared this year: RRB Clerk (Rajasthan Topper), RRB PO, SBI PO
  • Waiting for results: IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO

This is my 1st attempt at all the above exams.

Preparation Strategy of Sajal For Prelims and Mains

Don’t consider these two exams as different. They are just one with different difficulty levels. When you are preparing for prelims, clear your concepts at that time itself so that you don’t face any problem in mains. Speed and accuracy both are important in both the exams but in Mains you should have the idea to select the questions so that you could score more. The most important point for Pre and Mains both, don’t think about cut off just try to maximize your score as much as you can. For Prelims, be ready to attempt the full paper and for mains, you should be ready to attempt the maximum questions. 

First of all, which test series?

I bought Oliveboard, Practicemock, and practiced from other test series as well. The main purpose of the test series is to make you familiar with the latest pattern of the exam and analysis of your performance (always remember no test series can predict the actual exam level).

If you want to prepare for the worst-case scenario or specifically for SBI PO then go for Oliveboard.

How many mock tests in a day?

There is no limit, if you can give 2 or 3 or 4 mock tests a day (for prelims) and are able to analyze it then go ahead. Otherwise do 1 mock test (for prelims) along with analysis. I used to do 3 to 4 mock tests (for prelims) a day mostly.

Try to give different mock test series so that your brain can handle different types of difficulty levels which help you to cope up with last-minute surprises of the exam.

For mains, give 1 mock test every alternate day but analyze on the day itself. Try to give mains mock tests in test time not after submitting. (After submitting analysis as I suggested). 

Now, the next point is how to analyze your mock tests?

See, after completing mock tests, try to analyze it as early as possible. During analysis first, check your correct answers and how did you solve them and find out is there any other way available to solve it faster than you did before. (Remember don’t go for short tricks which are used to solve questions, it will not help. But learn calculation tricks, it will help you the most in the exam). After checking your correct answers, analyze the wrong answers. Find out why you did this wrong and how to do it properly and remember that fault you have done in these questions till your exam so that you will not make this type of mistake again.

After wrong answers, analyze those questions which you weren’t able to touch during the test time and solve them with a timer and do the same like find a faster way, if available. Lastly, analyze those questions which you felt were time-consuming or you don’t know their concepts or otherwise, and find out how to solve them in the shortest possible time. 

(Let me clarify one point here, short tricks mean those tricks which are only applicable to one set of questions, and for other sets, you need other tricks and so on. Stick to basics but if still you can learn those tricks and can do the questions then it is totally fine).

Subject-wise Strategy of Sajal

Current affairs

Go for weekly pdfs and revise it regularly (no need to make notes but if you feel you need them then go ahead). The most important point, don’t leave this for last (it will become extremely difficult to cover all the pdfs).

This will be more than sufficient and if not then don’t panic, no one will do good in this section (I have seen this in SBI PO and RRB PO examination of this year, sectional cut off went really low as compared to last year). 

Try to cover 1-year current affairs just to be on the safer side (do it daily otherwise you will not be able to cover it effectively). I covered the current affairs of the last 7 months. 

Computer Awareness

Read it from the Oliveboard pdf capsules. This will be more than sufficient but don’t just learn all these things, first understand the concept and then learn, it will help you immensely.

Essay and Letter

After prelims, try to write one essay and one letter alternately till your mains. YouTube videos of Harshita Ma’am (from Oliveboard) really helped me to ace this section in SBI PO and IBPS PO exam. The most important point, stick to the word limit (if they say 250 words, then try for 250 words). 

Quants and Reasoning Strategy

Don’t skip any topic, try to understand every topic. (If you don’t know one topic and you get 2 to 3 easy questions from that topic then you will not be able to do it). There are so many teachers available on YouTube so take advantage of them. (Some teachers are: Puneet sir, Arun sir, Ankush sir, Ashish sir, etc.) Don’t wait for the completion of the syllabus, start practicing from daily quizzes available on different platforms. 

Attempt sectional tests from different platforms (as suggested in the test series part). After attempting all these, analyze and revise all the topics (I repeat all, whether you are good or bad in them). I never used any specific book for both of these so can’t suggest you the same.

English Strategy

First of all, English is just like a new language. It can’t be learned just by learning grammar (have you learned Hindi by learning grammar, no right).

To be good at this, read 2 editorials from Indian express and 2 from livemint. Here don’t just read them try to understand every sentence just like you do in any Hindi newspaper or novel. Do this daily for at least 3 to 4 months, you will definitely improve but have patience. (And yeah, if you have extra time read anything which you like but in English only). Through this, your mind will automatically tell you in mock tests and in real exams as well that this option is correct and this is not (believe me this happens).

For English, I did not follow any teacher but I guess Nimisha Ma’am is really good (I have seen some of her videos, that’s why saying).


If you haven’t given any interview till now in your life then go for the offline mock interview (no need for interview classes). But if you have experienced it before, then you can take online mock interviews too. Just give 1 or 2 and try to analyze yourself and take their feedback positively. Just be original and honest in front of panel members. For the knowledge part, read Banking awareness from different youtube channels. And read the newspaper of the last 1 week from the date of the interview. (The most important point, panel members should feel that the candidate is confident, not over-confident).

Revise a little bit from your past qualification too, panelists can ask questions from there (Don’t read everything, just read those aspects of your qualification which are currently in the news). You can say “NO” in an interview if you don’t know the answer but don’t try to fool them (it will go against you). As I have given SBI PO, IBPS PO, and RRB PO interviews so I can tell you that every interview is different, my RRB PO interview was 80% on current affairs, SBI PO interview was mostly on my graduation and IBPS PO interview was on my personal life. So my suggestion is, go to the interview room with an open mind, they can ask you anything.

Daily Routine

I never fixed it. It totally depends on my daily mood. I just want to suggest that you make it such that you can take time for your hobbies and exercise plus family time (since it will be tiresome if you keep studying the whole day). 

My study hours were not fixed, sometimes I gave 10 to 12 hours but someday only 2 hours but I always make sure that I cover my weekly targets.

All The Best!!

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