Success Story of Pankaj Mangal – Cleared IBPS PO

Success Story of Pankaj Mangal: Never doubt yourself in any situation. Pankaj Mangal never underestimated himself among others. He always had faith and confidence in himself throughout the journey. He went on to clear the IBPS PO examination in his first attempt itself with this belief. Read the story in his own words: 

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Success Story of Pankaj Mangal


My name is Pankaj Mangal from Rajasthan. I did my engineering from VIT Vellore.

Brief Description

I started preparing for banking in September 2021. 1 month of my preparation was completely for the basics of Maths, Reasoning, and English. Then 1 month before the prelims I focused on mocks. I gave almost 2-3 full mocks every day before prelims.

For mains, I did monthly Current Affairs from Bolt of Oliveboard. Mains are mostly about your basics and less about speed, unlike Prelims. For an interview – Be Yourself, Be Confident, Do not give wrong answers, and be honest, they will judge your personality.

Preparation Strategy

i. Math and Reasoning – Give as many mocks as you can.

ii. English – The Hindu Editorial and Neetu Singh Plinth to Paramount Book for Grammar.

iii. GS – Oliveboard monthly BOLT and Banking Awareness PDF.

Role of Oliveboard

Mocks and Monthly BOLT of Oliveboard were really helpful.

Tips or advice for fellow aspirants

Be confident, have faith in yourself and your preparation. Do not underestimate yourself.

Create your own Success Story by CRACKING IBPS PO with Free Mock Tests

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