Success Story of Sanket Kapale | Cleared SBI Clerk 2020

Read the success story of Sanket Kapale, who failed all the exams in 2018 as his strategy wasn’t right at that time. So to clear any exam, a smart strategy is also necessary along with hard work.

Here is Sanket’s Success Story In His Own Words

Hello, My name is Sanket Kapale. I’m from Nanded, Maharashtra. I graduated B.Tech in Information Technology Engineering. I am selected as SBI JA-2020.
I started preparing for exams after completion of my graduation in 2018. I researched a bit and looked into different competitive exams and decided that Banking is where I can perform well.

I failed in many exams on the way, so it wasn’t a smooth journey.

I failed all the exams I gave in 2018, and couldn’t even clear prelims. These failures really awakened me.

In 2019 I started with a new approach and gathered previous year papers and found out cut-offs and all the minor details. Then I decided to start from scratch.

Subject-wise Strategy

Quant & DI: First, I went through R.S.Aggarwal for the basics of arithmetic. You need to clear all your concepts here. That’s the only way to score well in quant, and have a stronghold on concepts. I solved the whole book chapter-wise and I was done with all the basics.

Reasoning Ability: I started searching for online platforms because reasoning is the most dynamic among all the 3 subjects. Puzzles and their type changes in a very short interval. So a credible online source is what anybody needs. So in the hunt, I found Oliveboard and I got great quality puzzles from it.

Oliveboard Bolt series E-books: 

English: My advice may sound boring, and you must have heard it from many people but that’s the reality. YOU NEED DAILY ENGLISH READING. I started reading one article daily from economic times and I also used social media to my advantage. I used Twitter. It might be a boring platform without many photos or memes, but it has great English content, experts from different fields use it, and it certainly helped me improve my English.

Finishing Touch

After gaining some grip over all the subjects, I upped my preparation for Mains and I used the Quantum CAT book by Sarvesh Verma for Quantitative Aptitude. For Reasoning, I keep the source the same, Oliveboard. I just started solving Mains level problems and focused more on accuracy. Coming to English, I increased my reading speed gradually, using the timer.

I prepared GA with a monthly pdf and I started late, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Daily GA is what you should do, trust me it will help a lot in the end.

Role of Oliveboard

Mock tests play an important role in banking exams and I wouldn’t want you to look anywhere else than Oliveboard. They keep a very good standard in mock tests.


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Tips to Aspirants

At last, I will repeat my favourite quote by Micheal Jordan “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed”. Don’t be afraid of failures, and always remember perseverance is the key.


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