Success Story of Satyam Singh: Cleared RRB PO, LIC ADO ,SSC CPO & SBI PO

Read the success story of Satyam Singh, a graduate from Delhi University, who proved all the myths about banking exams to be incorrect and went on to clear exams like RRB PO, LIC ADO, SSC CPO 2018 & SBI PO 2019 in his very first attempt. His journey rightly proves that a proper devised strategy and self study can help you to clear any of the competitive exams in the first attempt itself.

Here is the success story of Satyam Singh:

Hello everyone, I am Satyam Singh from Delhi. I have completed my graduation in 2018 from Delhi University and I started my banking exam preparation soon after that. I have cleared RRB PO, LIC ADO, SSC CPO 2018 & SBI PO 2019.

This was my strategy for  SBI PO: “Self study is the best study”

Strategy for Prelims – Prelims is the game of speed. In 2019, the exam was very easy but the cut off was also very high. Prelims depends totally on your speed and accuracy. In SBI PO prelims you don’t have time for mistakes and rectification. This is the stage in which one needs to be most attentive because if you do a single mistake here, it will cost you.

Analyse your strong and weak areas carefully and work on them. Give at least 2 months to make your concepts strong, to clear your doubts and to get the knowledge of how to solve the questions by basic methods (don’t go for short tricks, they don’t work in real exam).

Once you are done with your basic concept start giving mocks tests. Mocks are the key to success in banking exam(I used to give 3-4 mock tests daily 10 days before my prelims). Give at least 60-70 mock tests before prelims and most importantly analyse them properly. Try to learn the pattern followed in the exam and try to know your strong areas which you will be focusing on.

Strategy for Mains — GA has the most important role in mains examination. Try to make notes of daily current affairs and revise your notes at least thrice in a month. Just read GA don’t try to memorize things. Read it several times daily, weekly, monthly from capsule. For everything else attempt at least 10 mock tests of mains level before the Mains.

Practice high level DI and Reasoning once you get the edge over prelims(ie, your percentile in prelims mocks are over 90%). Descriptive has an important role to play, so just try to write in correct format and take care of word limit. Try writing 4 such essays before the exam and take care of word limit (in SBI it was 150).

Strategy for Interview — The last phase and most important one is the Interview phase. In SBI interview plays the most important role. Just be confident and honest with your answers.

For GD/GE: Try to put your points but don’t panic and be in a rush of initiating the GD/GE. Let anyone initiate it, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that how you convey your opinion and what is your attitude and how calm you are. Agree with your fellow members if you find them logical and if they aren’t logical you can oppose that too. But be clear with your points. If you have some supporting facts, do add them. Just be confident and calm.

For PI– Only one single suggestion, it doesn’t matter how many answers you don’t know. The important thing is what you know and how well you represent that. Just be confident and if you don’t know anything then please be honest about it.

Sources: Mock TestsOliveboard (most important,my favorite- mains exam is based on it’s pattern)

For English: improve your  skills, read as much as you can( read anything and everything in  newspapers, books, magazines)

For Maths: practice a lot and improve your calculation speed

For Reasoning: practice is the only solution. The more you practice the better you get!!

For GA: Do it on a daily basis!!

I have tried my best to provide here whatever I know, whatever I learnt.

All the best to all of you. Give your best, be honest to yourself and be consistent. Consistency is the most important thing you will need. Make your own plan, follow it and analyse!!

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