Success Story of Shashank Saha – Cleared IBPS PO 2019

Read the success story of Shashank, who has achieved success after two years of struggle. He has always missed his exams by 1 or 2 marks, but this thing kept him going towards his goal. He didn’t lose hope. He says the borderline marks in several examinations gave him a boost to move forward.


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Inspiring Success Story of Shashank Saha

Greetings to one and all who all are reading my story. Well, it is placed under success stories but let me tell you, behind every success, there is a sheer amount of failure. This is Shashank Saha and I am from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. I have been selected as Probationary Officer in “Punjab National Bank” for Ibps PO-IX, also been selected as Junior Associate in ‘Bank of Baroda” from the state of Chhattisgarh as the topper of the state. I owe my success to my parents and near and dear ones to always push me forward in the time of failure. The only key is to maintain perseverance, be disciplined, be smart+hard worker, and move forward, be confident at the time of failure. 

Coming to my journey, it’s been 2 years since I started giving banking examinations. Initially, I knew the concepts but my speed was not up to par. And the amount of competition that arose at that time was surreal, so I worked on speed and improved significantly. But then I came to realize certain roadblocks and weak areas on which I was lacking. After that, I pushed myself to improve in those areas. In 2018-19, I appeared for a considerable number of exams but didn’t get selected at the preliminary stage by a very small margin. I knew that I have to push a lot harder because next year I have to be better and the competition would be fiercer. Additionally, the only exam I cracked in that session was IBPS PO. Cleared both prelims and Mains but missed final selection by 1 mark. The reason was borderline marks in mains examination that gave me a boost to push forward. 

In the 2019-20 session, I decided that my only focus will be on the banking examination, nothing else. So when the exam session started, I forgot to fill SBI JA. In SBI PO, I left out in prelims by 0.xx marks, then I went on to clear RRB PO prelims but failed in mains examination which disgusted me as my performance was superior, After 7 days when the scorecard was out, I scored 35 marks more than the cut-off marks in mains examination but I missed Reasoning sectional by 0.25 marks which just pushed me back a little for few days. 

But, as destiny is destined for something so it was for IBPS PO whose mains examination was scheduled just a month after the RRB PO result. And I had a great performance in Mains as well as in the Interview which prompted me to get my first preference PNB. Additionally, I have been selected as RRB-ALP in the month of September-2019 but I left it as my inclination was more towards the banking and financial sector. Also, I have been selected as an Assistant in LIC.

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Shashank Saha Subject-wise Strategy:-

Section-wise strategies would differ and may or may not help you, but though I am posting mine if it’s going to help anyone I will be very happy for them. For me, to crack any competitive examination the most important thing is analysis. Analyze A-Z of examination, what is the exam all about, how many aspirants appear, the difficulty level of last year’s paper, types of questions asked, areas on which the question can be asked, and so on. Then I started attempting mock tests directly. I started analyzing them and saw that in all areas I am good, weak, and moderate. And then I started working accordingly. Everyone has to go smart with hard work to achieve success in the present era where competition is neck-to-neck and you need hard and smart work along with luck on your day for the desired success. 

English:- Just read anything you find on the internet be it any article or any news in the English language. This will develop your reading habit and essentially it’s the only thing which is being checked in these examinations. Then go for mock tests and attempt all questions to understand the areas or type of questions you need to work on. And then proceed accordingly, there’s not much difference in prelims and mains examination except for the level of difficulty. But the strategy should be to maximize in this section. I have always been a great scorer in this section. 

Reasoning:- For prelims, I tackle miscellaneous questions and then proceed with puzzles which were a nightmare for me. You have to be smart in picking puzzles for which ample practice is needed. For Mains: – Again the logic is simple, don’t attempt puzzles. Go for miscellaneous, coding-decoding, critical reasoning, and then if you have time left, then choose wisely the puzzle you think you can attempt. The decision-making in question- picking will be the key here because none of the questions will be straightforward. You will have to vest the amount of time for which you have to yield the result.

Quant-  For prelims, go for quadratic equations, number series, approximation, DI, and then miscellaneous questions. This is the strategy I followed to get good marks in prelims. 

For Mains– Your concepts on arithmetic should be strong and you should have a brave heart at the exam hall because from the last 2 years the type and difficulty level of questions is unprecedented and many a time if you are not mentally strong it could break you in the exam hall itself resulting in ruining your paper. Well if your concepts are good and you got the confidence then this section will be easy for you. 

Current Affairs:- For Current Affairs, you could refer to a few trusted sources. Reading current affairs can be exhaustive at times but you have to be smart while learning them, you will definitely get success.

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Interview:- Confidence and Communication skills are the key. They hardly have 5-15 minutes. So try to give out your best, don’t bluff them. Be honest, prepare well your profile, job profile, current affairs, and your last area of work or last institute/college attended. 

Well, this is the beginning of my success and it won’t stop here, I will push myself to more challenges coming forward and will sail through them. I wish all the best to all of you for your future.

That brings us to the end of this article. The Success Story of Shashank Saha is a true example of how dedication and proper guidance could help you achieve what you aim for. We hope that this story motivates you and who knows the next success story could be yours.

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