Success Story of Vanam Rakesh | Cleared IBPS RRB PO 2020

Read the success story of Vanam, who analyzed his skills first before entering into banking. He made his strategy according to his strengths and weaknesses. He says, plans your preparation accordingly because a particular strategy will work for some and won’t work for some. So, based on our skills, we have to make our own strategy and achieve our goal.

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Success Story of Vanam Rakesh

After completing B.Tech in 2019, I sat at home for 2 months doing nothing. I didn’t even choose any field to get a job. At home, slowly my dad started to pressurize me like you are sitting idle and not doing any work kind of so then I started analyzing what are the skills that I have and which fields I could choose based on my skill set. Then, I researched different kinds of exams, exam patterns, syllabus, growth, etc. I analyzed that as I am good at aptitude and reasoning a little bit as in B.Tech we had some CRT classes. So, with this analysis, I have chosen the banking field. 

I joined Sreedhar’s CCE institute, which is famous in Hyderabad. I have listened to all the classes attentively and practiced day to day classes. I have also applied for M.Tech as a backup option as I have qualified for the GATE exam and I will be able to get the stipend. Because of M.Tech, my preparation wasn’t full-fledged.  I missed IBPS PO Prelims by a 0.5 margin. Then I got confidence that with some focused preparation I can crack it. So from there, I started focusing on my weak areas in Aptitude especially as I used to get a little bit fewer marks and was finding it hard in few topics.

M.Tech and preparation went simultaneously. So in 2019 and early 2020, I used to get close to clearing prelims cutoff but didn’t clear. Then gave the SBI clerk exam in Feb 2020 and immediately lockdown started and preparation came to halt all of a sudden. So initially I just studied for a few hours a day. Around August, SBI Clerk prelims got cleared but I wasn’t expecting it to be cleared. As SBI gives less time from results date to Mains exam date, I couldn’t complete anything but just attempted the Mains exam for the first time and that’s how I have got the first experience of it. My confidence increased a little bit because I have cleared Prelims. Then at home, I started preparing more for the exams by writing mock tests every single day and analyzing the whole paper, and learned from my mistakes to not commit them again. After completing IBPS RRB PO and IBPS PO Prelims, I focused completely on mains right after the prelims exam. As I had a friend who already cracked IBPS PO, took suggestions on how to approach each and every subject and gain maximum marks. With the help of my friend, I followed a particular approach for each subject and there was another friend who was also preparing for the same exams. So, we both used to share our strategies with each other and then help each other by sharing the things we learned every day.

Take Your First Free IBPS RRB PO Mock Test

Importance of mock tests and role of Oliveboard:-

I started writing mock tests every other day and analyzed them completely and in between, I used to read current affairs. I must say thanks to Oliveboard because their test papers had difficulty levels a bit higher than the usual tests that I used to write. I felt challenged and used to give my best to solve as many as I can and maintain as much accuracy as I can. Though I used to get a lot fewer marks than the cutoff, I didn’t feel bad because papers like these will help us to study hard and practice more. So with continuous writing of mock tests and analyzing them and reading current affairs every day was my routine in the latter half of the year 2020. 

In Jan 2021, I wrote the mains of IBPS RRB PO and IBPS PO but felt little fear about the result, whether I will clear or not kind of. But then again kept faith in myself and focused on Interviews. I have attended Interviews In Sreedhar’s Institute and listened to videos on Oliveboard that explained how to handle Interviews. With the help of faculty from Sreedhar’s and videos of Oliveboard helped me to crack interviews and also got the job in both IBPS RRB PO and IBPS PO. 

When I saw that I have got a job, I felt so much happiness because all along with my preparation, my dad used to pressurize me regularly. I called my dad the moment I saw my results and told him that I got the job. He felt very happy and congratulated me. But through all this preparation of mine, my Mom and my Brother have always kept faith in me and they never doubted even once whether I will get the job or not. I am forever thankful to them for keeping faith in me and for supporting me all along my journey. I also want to thank all the faculty members of Oliveboard and Sreedhar’s CCE for helping me achieve my goal.

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Vanam Rakesh Tips To Aspirants

 I would like to tell my fellow guys, those who are preparing for the Banking exams, just keep faith in yourself and try to get better every day. Preparation is a continuous process. So practicing every single day and being on track with the concepts, we have to analyze our strengths and weaknesses in each subject and have to plan our preparation accordingly. Because a particular strategy will work for some and won’t work for some. So based on our skills, we have to make our own strategy and achieve our goal. Success definitely comes to the people who do Hard work and Smart work. ALL THE BEST to everyone.

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