Top 5 RRB NTPC PDF E-books you must read – Free Download

Indian Railways had announced vacancies for various RRB NTPC Posts. The RRB NTPC Exam dates have not been declared yet. This means all the candidates who have applied for the RRB NTPC 2019-20 Recruitment have more time to prepare.

Thus increasing their chances of clearing the exam when it is conducted. To help all such candidates have an even better chance at success we have brought to you a list of all Top 5 RRB NTPC PDF Ebooks which you must download and read.

All these free ebook pdfs cover important topics from RRB NTPC Exam syllabus. So, here we go -:

Get 100 High-Level Reasoning MCQs with Solutions – Download Free PDF

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List of Top 5 RRB NTPC PDF Ebooks


A complete guide for General Awareness preparation covering History, Geography, Science, Polity & Economics.

Sneak Peek -:


The main physiographic features of India include the Himalayan Mountain, Northern Plains, Indian Desert, Peninsular Plateau, Coastal Plains, and Islands.


This young fold mountain ranges from north till north-eastern borders of India. Himalayas Consists of three parallel longitudinal ranges; Greater or Inner Himalayas or the Himadri, Middle Himalayas or Lesser Himalayas or Himachal, and Outer Himalaya or Shiwalik.

1. Himadri: This is the northernmost range and most continuous of all the three ranges. It is also home to loftiest peaks including Mt. Everest.

2. Himachal: It is composed of highly compressed and altered rocks. Pir Panjal, Dhaula Dhar, and Mahabharat are very famous ranges present here. It is also famous for many valleys including Kashmir and Kulu valley. This region is also known for hill stations.

3. Shiwalik: It is composed of unconsolidated sediments brought down by Himalayan Rivers. The longitudinal valleys lying between Himachal and Shiwalik is known as Duns. Dehra Dun, Kotli Dun, and Patli Duns are some of the well-known Duns.

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2) 300 General Science Questions PDF

Download this free Ebook and get 100 questions and answers each for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Physics Questions

Q) The longitudinal mechanical waves of less than 20Hz are called _____.
Ans -: Infrasonic

Q) Distance of stars are measured in ________?
Ans -: Light Years

Q) Albert Einstein was awarded the Noble prize for ______.
Ans -: Photoelectric Effect

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Chemistry Questions

Q) All noble gases are ________ & ________.
Ans -: Colourless and Odourless

Q) ________ is used as a Water Purifier.
Ans -: Alum

Q) Aluminium is extracted from which ore?
Ans -: Bauxite

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Biology Questions

Q11. Endocrine glands are also known as ________.
Ans -: Ductless Glands

Q12. The Small Pox vaccine was discovered by –
Ans -: Edward Jenner

Q13. Deficiency of iodine leads to _________.
Ans -: Enlargement of Thyroid Gland

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3) List of Micro-organisms and Diseases Caused by them – Free Ebook

Download the ebook to get the full list of the Disease-causing micro-organisms (Fungi, Bacteria, Protozoa and Virus). Questions on this topic are frequently asked in railway exams which is the reason for this ebook to be a part of our Top 5 RRB NTPC PDF Ebooks list.

Diseases caused by Fungi

Name of Disease & the Fungi causing it.

  • Athlete’s foot – Trichophyton
  • Dhobie itch – Several Different Fungi
  • Madura foot – Maurella Mycetomi
  • Ringworm (tinea) – Microsporum, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton


4) Names and Formulas of Common Chemical Compounds – Free Ebook

The 4th ebook in our top 5 RRB NTPC PDF ebooks list “Names and Formulas of Common Chemical Compounds”. Download this free ebook pdf to get the full list of Chemical Compounds used regularly along with their Common Names and Chemical Formulas-:

Chemical Name Chemical
Sodium nitrate NaNO3
Chloroform Trichloromethane CHCl3
Cream of
hydrogen tartrate
Dolomite Calcium Magnesium



5) List of Scientific Instruments and their Usage – Free Ebook

Questions on Scientific Instruments are regularly seen in railway exams. Hence, this ebook has been included in this list of Top 5 RRB NTPC PDF ebooks. Download to this free ebook pdf to answer all such questions.

  • Cryometer – It is a type of thermometer used to measure very low temperatures usually close to Zero degree
  • Cyclotron – A charged particle accelerator which can accelerate charged particles to high energies
  • Dilatometer – Measures changes in the volume of substances
  • Dynamo – Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
  • Dynamometer – Measures electrical power


That is all from us in this on Top 5 RRB NTPC PDF Ebooks. We hope you enjoy reading the ebooks mentioned above. All the best for your RRB NTPC Exam preparation.

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