What is the Job Posting Location for NICL AO 2024 ?

NICL AO Posting

In the insurance world, Administrative Officers (AOs) are important and usually work in places like branches, divisional offices, regional offices, or the Head Office. But here’s something interesting: in General Insurance Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), all branches are in district headquarters, so AOs usually don’t work in rural areas.

However, there’s a cool opportunity. If an AO wants to run a small office, like a Business Centre or a Micro Insurance Office (just one person running it), then there’s a chance of getting a job in a rural area. This is special because it lets people have a more independent role in smaller offices.

Usually, AOs work in branches, dealing with insurance tasks, helping customers, and managing things. Divisional offices look after several branches in one area. Regional offices handle operations in a bigger region. The Head Office is where big decisions are made.

But, if an AO is interested in running a Business Centre or a Micro Insurance Office, they might end up working in a rural area. These smaller places focus more on local needs. So, by taking up a unique role like this, AOs can have a mix of experiences in both urban and rural settings. It adds an exciting twist to their career in insurance.


The hierarchical structure in all four Public Sector General Insurance companies follows a pattern: Micro Office (MO) < Branch Office (BO) < Divisional Office (DO) < Regional Office (RO) < Head Office (HO).

Micro Offices (MOs) are primarily found in tehsils of districts and small towns, catering to local needs. Branch Offices (BOs) are mainly situated in Cities categorized as B or C class.

Moving up, Divisional Offices (DOs) are typically set up in class B cities, and Regional Offices (ROs) are generally established in class A or metro cities.

Unlike banks that have branches even in remote areas, the insurance sector doesn’t usually have rural postings. The majority of offices are in urban and city locations, making the career landscape distinct from that of banking institutions.


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