AFCAT Study Plan for 28 days | Follow the Schedule here

AFCAT online exam date has been announced. The online exam is scheduled to be held on the 3rd,4th and 5th of  October. Considering the syllabus of the exam and availability of time, only a fool proof AFCAT study plan will help you to crack the exam in first go.

To help you ace the syllabus of the exam in the short duration. Here’s the AFCAT Study Plan that will ensure your complete course coverage along with practice for each and every important concept.

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AFCAT Study Plan 2020
Brush   Up Grammar Rules /Tenses Idioms
Profit and Loss Polity
Day 2 Analogy, odd one out Day 16 Simple Interest and Compound Interest
History lessons Reading Comprehension
History topic test Current affairs quiz
Day 3 AFCAT MOCK 2 Day 17 Physics
Puzzles based on numbers Current affairs May bolt
Coding decoding Current affairs quiz
Day 4 Spelling errors Day 18 Sports and environment
Geography Lessons AFCAT MOCK 7
Syllogism Simplification
Day 5 Biology Day 19 Critical reasoning
Geography Topic tests Current affairs June bolt
Problems   on Train, Boats, and Streams Art and culture
Day 6 Defence lessons Day 20 Algebra
Defence topic tests Current affairs quiz
Synonyms and Antonyms Phrase replacement
Day 7 Visual reasoning/spatial ability-part 1 Day 21 Current affairs July bolt
Ratios and fractions Current affairs quiz
AFCAT MOCK 3 Phrases
Day 8 Chemistry lessons Day 22 Current affairs August bolt
Chemistry topic tests Current affairs quiz
Visual reasoning/Spatial ability-part 2 AFCAT MOCK 8
Day 9 Fillers:single Day 23 Error spotting
Number series Art and culture revision
Averages Static GK Part 1
Day 10 Current affairs January bolt Day 24 Static GK Part 2
Current affairs quiz Polity Revison
AFCAT MOCK 4 English vocabulary revision
Day 11 Time and work Day 25 Geography revision
Cloze test Practise
Day 12 Current affairs February bolt Day 26 AFCAT MOCK 9
Current affairs quiz Science revision
AFCAT MOCK 5 Practise reading comprehension and cloze test
Day 13 Visual reasoning/spatial ability-part 3 Day 27 History revision
Current affairs March bolt Revision   + Practice reasoning concepts
Current affairs quiz Current affairs revision
Day 14 Percentages Day 28 Revise the Mathematical formulae and concepts
Current affairs April bolt AFCAT MOCK 10
Alphabet series Relax   & Stay calm


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That brings us to the end of this article. We hope the AFCAT Study plan will help you prepare for exam in an efficient way. Stick to the schedule and ace the exam.

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