APAAR One Nation One ID Card, Complete Information

APAAR Card One Nation One ID Card

The APAAR card, also known as the ‘One Nation One Student ID Card,’ is a special identification card created by the Ministry of Education and the Government of India. Its main purpose is to give each school student in India a unique identification number.

This card is like a digital record for students. It keeps track of their academic achievements, degrees, scholarships, and other credits. In simpler terms, it’s a single card that holds all the important information about a student’s school journey in a digital format.

Under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the Union Ministry has devised a scheme to assign distinctive ID numbers to students in schools throughout India. The government is set to put into action a unique identification number for students in both private and government schools, which will be called the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) ID. This initiative is aligned with NEP 2020’s “One Nation, One Student ID” program.

APAAR ID Full Form

The state government has directed all schools to obtain parental consent for the issuance of new identity cards for students, known as the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) ID, as part of the recently introduced ‘One Nation, One Student’ initiative by the Union government.

Each student will receive a unique APAAR ID, designed to monitor their educational progress, accomplishments, and other individual details. The school education department has issued a letter to the Commissioner of Education, referencing a communication from the Union Ministry of Education dated October 11, which was sent to all chief secretaries, regarding the establishment of APAAR IDs for students.

What is APAAR ID

The Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR), known as the ‘One Nation, One Student ID,’ serves as an Education Ecosystem Registry, often referred to as an ‘EduLocker.’


Back in May of this year, Dr. Anil Sahasrabuddhe, the head of the National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) and former AICTE chairman, mentioned the development of a comprehensive educational ecosystem registry encompassing students, teachers, schools, and colleges.

About NETF

NETF, an independent entity under the Ministry of Education, was established by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, with a focus on addressing educational gaps and strategically advancing technology-based interventions in the education sector. This includes setting standards for educational content and technology and providing guidance for online and digital teaching and learning. APAAR will assign a unique identification number to every student, from pre-primary to higher education, in addition to the existing Aadhaar ID that every individual possesses.

APAAR ID Registration Form

  • Government Initiatives: Discover the latest initiatives by the Government of India and the Ministry of Education that bring benefits to citizens.
  • Registration Procedure: Learn how to complete the APAAR ID registration and obtain the card for various uses.

One Nation, One Student ID Card Registration

  • Digital Student ID: Get acquainted with the APAAR Card, a digital identification card for students across India, whether in private or government educational institutions.
  • Primary Goals: Understand the core objectives of the APAAR Card program, including the consolidation of academic data and credits into a single repository.
  • Unique Identifier: Recognize that each student is assigned a distinctive 12-digit APAAR number through this card.

ABC Card PDF Download

  • The Academic Bank of Credits was established following deliberations within the framework of the National Education Policy (NEP).
  • On this platform, all students can register and access the benefits associated with the ABC Card.
  • The ensuing instructions outline the process for downloading the ABC Card PDF.
  • After downloading the APAAR Card PDF @ abc.gov.in, it’s essential to verify the details listed, such as name, APAAR ID, QR code, and more.
  • Presently, thousands of educational institutions and two crore students have completed online registration for the ABC Card or APAAR ID Card.

ABC Bank Registration via Digilocker

  • ABC Bank Account: Familiarize yourself with the ongoing registration process for ABC Bank through Digilocker.
  • Account Setup: Discover how to establish an account using your mobile number, select university details, academic qualifications, and more.
  • APAAR Card Issuance: Learn about the process of APAAR Card issuance and how to download it for accessing various services.

Guide for Online Registration

  • Registration Steps: Follow the comprehensive instructions for conducting APAAR ID registration online on the abc.gov.in website.
  • Mobile and Aadhar Card: Comprehend the roles of your mobile number and Aadhar card number in the registration process.
  • Selecting School or University: Understand the process of choosing your school or university and specifying your class or course.
  • Card Generation: Find out how to submit the form and generate your APAAR ID Card online for collecting academic credits.

Benefits of One Nation, One ID Card for students

  • Lifelong Academic ID: The APAAR or EduLocker serves as a lifelong identification number for students, allowing them to seamlessly track their academic journey and achievements.
  • Digital Record Keeping: Students can digitally store their exam results, learning outcomes, and co-curricular achievements, such as rankings in Olympiads or specialized skill training.
  • Smooth Transfers: For students transferring from one school to another, obtaining admission in any part of the country becomes more straightforward. It will reduce the hassles associated with administrative processes.

Concerns and Challenges of APAAR Card

  • Data Security: Some individuals worry about data security, particularly in light of concerns about Aadhaar data breaches. Ensuring the security of student data is of paramount importance.
  • Administrative Burden: School authorities have raised concerns about the additional administrative burden brought about by the APAAR registration process, especially if it coincides with pending Aadhaar verification for students. Streamlining administrative procedures is essential to alleviate these concerns.


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