The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster – 3 December 2019

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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary 3 December 2019

Words Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms Usage
Affirmation The action or process of affirming something;

Assertion, Declaration, Statement, Proclamation, Pronouncement

Denial, Refutation


The reports are an affirmation that the students are learning.
Extremism The holding of extreme political or religious views;

Fanaticism, Radicalism, Zealotry, Zeal, Fundamentalism

Moderation They do not want extremist violence to destroy their lives.
Indefinitely For an unlimited or unspecified period of time;

To an unlimited or unspecified degree or extent;

Boundless, Endless, Fathomless, Horizonless


Circumscribed, Confined, Definite, 

Finite, Limited, Restricted

The negotiations have been put postponed indefinitely.
Indivisible Unable to be divided or separated;


Dividable, Partible, Dissociable, Cleavable, Divisible A country’s language is indivisible from its culture.
Reconciliation The restoration of friendly relations;

Reuniting, Reunion, Conciliation, Reconcilement, Pacification

Estrangement, Alienation, Feud, Incompatibility


It took hours of negotiations to bring about a reconciliation between the two sides.

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