General Awareness Online Course- SSC CGL Brahmastra 2020

General Awareness Section of the SSC CGL Exam has proved to be the difference between success and failure for thousands of aspirants over the years. Preparing the General Awareness section well could ensure a clear path to success in the SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 Exam. Therefore, The SSC CGL Brahmastra course by Oliveboard has a special place for the General Awareness Online Classes. The GA Classes would be taken in Live Classes format in the Cracker course. In this blog, we are going to try and explain to you the Importance of the General Awareness Online Course. We will also help you understand why the SSC CGL Brahmastra Course is the best for your General Awareness Preparation for the SSC CGL 2020 Exam.


General Awareness Online Course

General Awareness Online Course – Reasons to Take them?

Following are the reasons as why any serious aspirant of the SSC CGL Exam should start taking General Awareness Online Classes During Preparation -:

1) 24×7 Accessibility – Anytime, Anywhere

The General Awareness Online Course should be preferred during your preparation phase because of their accessibility. If you join an online course for preparation, you can access all the Online Classes any time, anywhere on your Mobile or Laptop Screens. This feature comes in handy when you are stuck on a topic while studying or revising and are unable to remember the concept taught in the class. If you have taken an online class, you can easily access the online class video from and revisit the topic. This benefit is not available for the students who prepare through coaching classes.

2) Online Classes Saves Time

To learn from General Awareness Online Course, you would not have to go anywhere, thus saving your travel time. You need to open the Mobile App or Website on your laptop and start watching the Online Class Video. The Time saved from traveling can be utilized for learning and practicing the concepts taught in the Live Class.

3) Doubt Clearing Sessions by Faculty

In a classroom of a coaching center, which is filled with more than 100-200 students at a time, an average student finds it difficult to ask a query or doubt to the teacher. There is a pressure of being judged by fellow students. This pressure leaves the student with unresolved doubts. These uncleared doubts could come to haunt the student in the exam hall and can cost him or her precious marks. With Online Classes, this situation can be completely avoided. Students can ask doubts to the faculty through comments, Emails or by booking Video Doubt Clearing Session directly with the Faculty where doubts can be cleared over a video call.

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General Awareness Online Course for SSC CGL Brahmastra

As mentioned earlier in this blog, Oliveboard knows the importance of General Awareness section for SSC CGL Preparation. Hence special attention has been given to the General Awareness Online Classes in the SSC CGL Course.

The General Awareness Online Classes of the SSC CGL Brahmastra Course is going to be taken by Aditya Sir. Aditya Sir is one of the Top General Awareness Faculty for SSC Exams in India.

Schedule for the LIVE Classes will be as follows:

Day and Date Time Class Type Topic Name
12-Dec, Thu 11:30 AM Live Class Introduction & Formation of Constitution of India
12-Dec, Thu 12:30 AM Video Polity
18-Dec, Wed 11:30 AM Live Class Fundamental Rights
31-Dec, Tue 11:30 AM Live Class Parliament
7-Jan, Tue 4:00 PM Live Practice Session LPS on Polity
8-Jan, Wed 11:30 AM Live Class President of India & his Power
22-Jan, Wed 11:30 AM Live Class Parliamentary Terms
22-Jan, Wed 4:00 PM Doubt Class
27-Jan, Mon 12:30 PM Video Indian History
29-Jan, Wed 11:30 AM Live Class Arrival of Europeans in India
5-Feb, Wed 11:30 AM Live Class Important Governor-General Part – 1
10-Feb, Mon 4:00 PM Doubt Class
19-Feb, Wed 11:30 AM Live Class Important Governor-General Part – 2
21-Feb, Fri 12:30 PM Video Geography
24-Feb, Mon 11:30 AM Live Class Indian Independence
24-Feb, Mon 12:30 PM Video Important Financial Institution
26-Feb, Wed 11:30 AM Live Class Union Budget
26-Feb, Wed 4:00 PM Doubt Class
27-Feb, Thu 4:00 PM Live Practice Session LPS on Complete GS


Full GA Syllabus is going to be covered in the General Awareness Online Classes in SSC CGL Brahmastra Course. All the topics would be taught and explained in-depth to help you remember it.

SSC CGL Brahmastra Course Full Features


SSC Tier 2 English

The SSC CGL Brahmastra course will be your one-stop solution for all your preparation needs and requirements for the SSC CGL Exam. Following are the features of the Brahmastra Course which makes it the best Online Live Course for SSC Preparation -:

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That is all from us in this blog “General Awareness Online Course- SSC CGL Brahmastra”. All the serious aspirants should hurry up and immediately join the SSC Brahmastra Course by Oliveboard. Join the course and start with your General Awareness preparation to stay ahead in the competition. We hope to see you in the General Awareness Online Class. All the best for your preparation.

General Awareness Online Course

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