Haryana Police SI Salary & Job Profile

The Haryana SSC has announced the 5th September as the exam date for the Haryana Police SI recruitment. The same was notified on 15th June 2021 through a notification on their website. The applications were accepted from 19th June 2012 to 2nd July 2021 but were further extended to accept them till 9th July 2021. The Haryana Police recruitment is an opportunity for you to serve society and get a well-paying job. But you would be curious about the Haryana Police SI Job Profile and what it entails. In this article, we’ll look into that and the Haryana Police SI Salary and clarify things for you.

Haryana Police SI Salary & Job Profile 

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission decides the salary of the Haryana Police Sub-Inspector according to the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. The Haryana Police SI examination is conducted yearly by the Commission to fill the vacancies and appoint the most deserving candidates. The candidates must clear all stages of the recruitment process to be set by the Commission. Besides the monthly salary provides to the Sub- Inspectors, they are also entitled to extra allowances. 

The pay scale of the Haryana Police Sub Inspector is Rs. 35,400/- to Rs. 1,12,400/- (Pay Level 6)

The detailed information on the Haryana Police SI Salary & Job Profile, the pay scale, and salary structure (including perks and benefits) are given below:

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Haryana Police SI Salary – Annual Package

The Haryana Police Sub-inspector annual package is around Rs. 4,24,800/-. Added allowances and benefits are also attached to this salary which varies according to the level of seniority.

Haryana Police SI Salary Structure

The Haryana Police Sub-Inspector receives a salary of Rs. 35,400/- to Rs. 1,12,400/- with fixed allowances. The in-hand salary of the Sub- Inspector is paid as Per- Day Level- 6, Cell-I. The allowances given to the Haryana Sub- Inspector are mentioned below:

  • D.A. (Dearness Allowance)
  • HRA ( House Rent Allowance)
  • Fuel Expenses

The rest of the salary is added to the fund, and the increment is given to the candidate during the promotion.

Haryana Police Sub- Inspector: Perks & Additional Benefits

  • Employees working in big cities are given City Compensatory Allowance. This is a taxable amount and is added to the income of the receiver.
  • Detachment Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Medical Allowance 
  • Dearness Allowance 
  • Leave Encashment Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance 
  • Travel Allowance 

Haryana Police SI Job Profile 

A Sub- Inspector of the Haryana Police department has to shoulder several responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are mentioned below:

  • Maintaining law and order in areas that come under their jurisdiction.
  • They should supervise the responsibilities accorded to other employees and ensure that they are carried out.
  • Scheduling the beats and supervision of patrols are the other crucial tasks.
  • They should make schemes to maintain cooperation and maintain public welfare.
  • Visit areas and places under their jurisdiction to keep an eye on the activities there. Also, keep the anti-social elements under the radar of their team.
  • Maintain good public relations in the area of their jurisdiction.
  • They should collect information on various activities happening in their jurisdiction and pass on the information to their superiors.

Probation Period

The Haryana Police Sub-Inspector has to undergo a probation period of two years. After the end of probation, they can enjoy all the perks and benefits attached to their job. 

Career Growth & Promotion

There is a good chance for promotion and career growth in the Haryana Police department. Regular internal examinations and promotions are held in the department for the welfare of the staff. Employees who desire promotion should apply and sit for these examinations.

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If you want the security of a government job and are an eligible applicant for the Haryana Police Sub-Inspector recruitment examination, you have to prepare very well to crack the examination. Study earnestly and be well prepared for the examination. Also, Maintain your stamina and physical fitness as it is important to clear the physical fitness tests to qualify for the final round, the interview round. 


What is the Haryana Police SI Salary?

The salary of the Haryana Police Sub Inspector is Rs 35,400/- to Rs.1,12,400/- Level-6, Cell- I.

Can A Haryana Police SI get promoted?

Yes, a Haryana Police SI can get promoted based on eligibility like performance, seniority, etc.

When is the written examination of the Haryana Police Sub Inspector Recruitment?

The written examination of the Haryana Police Sub Inspector will be held on 5th September 2021.

How many vacancies are available for the post of Haryana Police Sub- Inspector?

There are 465 vacancies, of which 400 are for men and 65 for women.


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