Highest paying bank jobs in India 2019

You must have come across the latest bank notifications on your email and messages. This is due to the bank exams starting to take place all over the country. Bank jobs are considered one of the highest paying and lucrative jobs out there. Financial stability is extremely important when it comes to living a peaceful life and to make sure that you have a comfortable retirement. Listed below are some of the highest paying bank jobs in India, currently-

1. Internal Auditor

The key responsibility of an internal auditor is to evaluate how the bank’s finances are taking place and to structure risk management. In order to facilitate better profits, an internal auditor provides ideas and suggestions to streamline the bank’s financial transactions. It is probably one of the highest paying bank jobs in India currently, with annual pay of over 40 lakhs.


2. Equity Trader

An equity trader is responsible for advising on the stock exchange provided by the respective bank. He/she is also in charge of handling the funds. Equity traders make decisions by studying and analyzing the financial risks and market conditions. The annual salary of an equity trader is around 49 lakhs.


3. Bank Manager

Being a bank manager calls for a vast amount of responsibility, as he has to handle all the bank matters. Starting from bank functioning to customer care and management, he has to supervise everything. In other words, a bank manager is responsible for each department of a bank.

The annual salary of a bank manager from a reputed bank is around 40 lakhs.


4. Investment Banker

Being an investment banker is the dream job of many finance students and aspirants, due to it being a financially high profile job. An investment banker has many responsibilities, such as scouting for investors and convincing them to purchase stock from the respective bank’s projects. Another important responsibility of an investment banker is to conduct fundraising for the bank’s projects through public investments.

An investment banker is paid around a whopping 70 lakhs on yearly basis, give or take.


5. Foreign Exchange Trader

A foreign exchange trader is supposed to study the worldwide currency market and come up with ways to increase the country’s currency value. Work in this field can be very taxing and often, stressful as the currency value fluctuates. Therefore, it takes a calm mind and patience to deal with it.

One of the most lucrative bank jobs out there, a foreign exchange trader makes around 65 lakhs a year.


6. Relationship Manager

A relationship manager is responsible for maintaining good relations with customers and additionally, providing advice on why they should avail the services and products of the respective bank. A relationship manager’s client base is quite vast, with it ranging from big corporations to SMEs. 

The post of a relationship manager entails him/her to a handsome annual salary of INR 40 lakhs to 60 lakhs.


7. Budget Analyst

The role of a budget analyst requires you to be highly qualified and experienced, as you will have to handle some major responsibilities, such as creating the budget of the bank and making sure that it is utilized rightly to bring in increased profits.

This job offers an annual salary of around INR 38 lakhs.

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Due to the high salary structure of these bank jobs, they are considered one of the financially stable jobs out there. However, keep in mind that in order to score such jobs you will have to keep your competitive exam preparation perfect.

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