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State Bank of India Careers

Starting a career at the State Bank of India is a big dream for many. It’s important to make the most of any chance you get to join India’s biggest public bank. Working in banking is great because it offers a stable job, chances to grow, good job titles, and a respected career. That’s why lots of people apply for jobs at SBI every year. Many people want to work at SBI in the future. If that’s you, make sure you study hard and pass the exam on your first try.

State Bank of India Careers 2023

When preparing for any government examination, such as SBI PO/Clerk, salary and career growth are two of the most important motivation factors. These are some of the primary factors that draw candidates to these careers. It follows that learning about the prospects of these illustrious jobs will help motivate candidates to pursue these careers and brighten their future. This article aims to make you aware of the career paths in SBI, particularly that of PO and Clerk.

State Bank of India CareersSBI PO Promotion and Career Progression

The careers in the State Bank of India usually have well-defined progression paths. An SBI PO can reach the highest rank such as that of the Chairman; in fact, the Chairman of SBI was a PO at some point who then received promotions over the years due to their merit and skills. The career growth and promotion path for an SBI PO is given below in detail.

Rank-11 Chairman
Rank-10 Managing Director
Rank-9Deputy Managing Director
Rank-8 Chief General Manager
Rank-7 General Manager
Rank-6 Deputy General Manager
Rank-5 Assistant General Manager
Rank-4 Chief Manager
Rank-3 Manager
Rank-2 Deputy Manager
Starting Rank Assistant Manager
SBI PO Promotion Path

State Bank of India Careers – Factors Affecting Promotion

SBI PO position has a relatively faster track to promotions and growth; therefore, the SBI PO promotion process takes less time compared to other PSBs and employees can be promoted based on their merit relatively quickly.

  • Promotion happens not based on seniority but based on the clearing of examinations.
  • An SBI PO can get promoted to a higher rank every year should they clear a written examination and an interview.
  • For SBI PO career growth, it varies from having both a written exam and an interview to having only an interview or a written examination. This depends on the bank’s decisions on SBI PO promotion policies.
  • Within 30-40 years of service with SBI, it’s quite possible to make it to the top.

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State Bank of India Careers – SBI Clerk Career Progression

As previously mentioned, State Bank of India Careers have well-defined rules for career progression; SBI Clerk has two main options for career progression:

  1. Within the Clerical cadre
  2. Promotion from Clerical to Officer cadre

SBI provides equal opportunities to climb the corporate ladder; an SBI Clerk can be promoted either based on their seniority OR based on their merit.

  1. Promotions within the Clerical cadre

SBI Clerk Promotions – Within Clerical Cadre

An SBI Clerk can be promoted to the post of ‘Senior Assistant’ after 10 years of service; furthermore, they can be promoted to the post of ‘Senior Assistant’ after 20 years of service, and on the completion of their 30 years of service, they are promoted to the rank of ‘Senior Special Assistant’.

Rank-4 Senior Special Assistant
Rank-3 Special Assistant
Rank-2 Senior Assistant
Starting Rank Junior Associate

SBI Clerk Promotions – Clerk to Officer

An SBI Clerk can become a Trainee Officer (a post equivalent to that of a Probationary Officer) within 2 years if they complete an examination known as the ‘Trainee Officer Examination’.  From there on, they can get either promoted to the MMGS-II scale or be sent back to the Clerical cadre depending on their performance in the examination.

Rank-7Deputy General Manager
Rank-6Assistant General Manager
Rank-5Chief Manager
Rank-3Deputy Manager
Rank-2Trainee Officer
Starting RankJunior Associate

Should they be promoted to the MMGS-II scale, they may then from there onwards follow the same track of progression as an SBI PO would. The highest rank an SBI Clerk may attain is that of Deputy General Manager. Because an SBI Clerk starts at a junior position compared to that of an SBI PO, it takes longer for them to reach the same rank (Assistant General Manager).

You can also check other SBI Clerk careers on the official website of SBI.

SBI careers

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State Bank of India Careers – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which career is best, SBI clerk or SBI PO?

A1. Both SBI clerk and SBI PO are considered to be good careers when it comes to job security and financial stability.

Q2. How can I become an SBI clerk?

A2. To become a clerk at SBI, you need to clear the SBI clerk exam, which is held every year by the SBI.

Q3. How can I become a SBI PO?

A3. To become a PO at SBI, you need to clear the SBI PO exam, which is held every year by the SBI.


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