How to Prepare for Bank Exam without Coaching?

Bank jobs are one of the most prestigious career options to opt for once you are fresh out of college. Every year, lakhs of students appear for various Government entrance exams held all over India to land a job in the nationalized banks. However, only a few thousands are able to make it to the final list of selected candidates.

Over the years, there has been a strong belief that only those who went to top coaching centres are able to clear banking exams. However, the selection of candidates does not depend on whether or not the individual had been attending coaching classes. It depends solely on the candidate itself – how much he/she has worked hard to prepare for the entrance.

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How to Prepare for Bank Exam without Coaching?

Today, we will tell you how to prepare for bank exam without coaching. Read on to know more.

To crack any bank exam without coaching, it is important that you understand the exam pattern first. The online entrance exams are conducted in two phases – the first round is the Preliminary phase and the second round is the Main phase. Important subjects in both phases include –

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English Language
  • Reasoning Ability
  • General Awareness
  • Computer Awareness

Next, you need to have complete knowledge of the syllabus. Most of the banking exams follow the same syllabus. You can get the full syllabus once the official notifications are out. To understand the exam pattern better, candidates can go through previous years’ question papers. You need to be updated with the various topics that are part of the syllabus.

Preparation Tips and Strategy

Once you have gathered all the information regarding your exam pattern and syllabus, it is time for you to gear up and start with the preparations. You can start at home without having to enrol for coaching classes. To help you come up with a study plan, here are a few tips and strategies that will help you prepare for each of the sections –

1. Quantitative Aptitude

  • This section of the paper mostly covers topics and chapters that had been taught up to 10th Therefore, following your Mathematics syllabus from school level will help you cover most of the topics.
  • Memorize the important tables, formulas, and theorems.
  • Solve topic-wise test papers regularly to improve on your weak points and improve your strengths.
  • Understand and practice different kinds of questions. In the banking exam, the same question can be asked in different ways to test the candidate’s intelligence and analytical skills.

2. English Language

  • Read English newspapers and magazines daily to improve your vocabulary.
  • Note down and look up any new word you come across in the dictionary. This will increase your stock of words.
  • Try to converse and practise writing in English as much as you can. This will help to improve your grammar.
  • Focus on basic topics like prepositions, tenses, conjunctions, antonyms and synonyms.

3. Reasoning Ability

  • Note down the important topics. You should devote a considerable amount of time clearing your doubts if any. If you have a clear concept of the topic, it will be easier for you to understand and score good marks.
  • Create a timetable to study each topic based on its difficulty level.
  • Go through sample questions and solve as many as you can in limited time.

4. Computer Awareness

  • Solve online quizzes regularly.
  • To enhance your practical knowledge, practice keyboard shortcuts and basic programs like Microsoft Office on desktop.
  • Refer to textbooks for general knowledge on computer hardware and software.
  • Jot down important points related to each topic and revise them daily.

5. General Awareness

  • Devote an hour from your day to read various newspapers and magazine articles to keep up with current affairs.
  • Take online GK quizzes to evaluate your general knowledge.
  • Go through your school textbooks and revise important chapters from Geography and History.

Take a Free Oliveboard Mock Test for Bank & Govt. Exams

The above tips and strategies can come handy while preparing for banking exams. Additionally, it is important that you sit for online mock tests on a regular basis. Mock tests play a vital role in the exam preparations. You will be able to understand where you are going wrong, which sections need improvement, and where you can score maximum marks. Once you know how to prepare for bank exam without coaching, you will feel much more confident and find it easier to get through the entrance.



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