Best Banking Jobs: Highest Paying Banking Jobs in India 2020

Public sector bank jobs are highly sought after. That is because not only do they offer security and steady rise up the ranks, they also give their employees fat pay-cheques. But these jobs are not easy to get. A lot of practice, dedication and determination are required. To give you an idea as to which banking posts pay how much so that you can register for those exams that you feel will suit you the best, here is a list of the highest paying best banking jobs in India, 2020. 

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Best Banking Jobs: Find The List Below

  • Investment banker

The investment banker’s chief role is to help the bank raise enough capital to fund all its activities. They are the financial advisors to the bank and ensure that the bank’s business grows rapidly. They are also on the lookout for new investors and get them to purchase the bank’s stock. 

The reason it is one of the best banking jobs is that as an investment banker, you can expect a staggering salary of INR 70 lakhs annually.

  • Foreign Exchange Trader

A foreign exchange trader’s work-responsibility is to study the international market, the factors that influence it, their implications on the Indian economy, exchange rates and based on their analysis they advise banks on when is the best time to buy and sell foreign stocks. 

Though this job can take a toll on the mind and body, it does pay handsomely- approximately INR 65 lakhs a year.

  • Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager is one of the most exciting and best banking jobs. He/she is responsible for enhancing the goodwill value of the bank. They are the intermediaries between the bank and its customers. They also advise the customers on the services they should avail of, how they will benefit from them etc. A relationship manager has to deal with a wide range of clients- from large corporate, industries, SMEs to human beings. 

The post of relationship manager comes with a neat paycheque of INR 40- INR 60 lakhs annually.

  • Equity Trader

Also called a stock trader, this person essentially buys and then sells stocks and advises the bank he/she works for on the stock exchange. The equity trader researches and analyzes how well the market is performing and is also responsible for handling the bank’s funds. An equity trader earns anything around INR 49 lakhs a year.

  • Bank Manager

A bank manager oversees the day-to-day activities of the bank. This is an immensely taxing job that requires absolute focus and an impressive memory. All the departments of the bank answer to him/her. 

As a reward for the hours of back-breaking hard work, a manger is paid a lucrative salary of INR 40 lakhs per year.

  • Internal Auditor

An internal auditor’s chief responsibility is to ensure that the bank functions in compliance with a set of established regulations to nullify the risk of fraudulent activities. They are also involved in risk analysis and guiding the bank’s financial activities to maximize profits.

Internal auditors haul in a salary of INR 40 lakhs a year. 

  • Budget Analyst

Simply put, a budget analyst frames a budget for the bank and ensuring that the bank does not deviate from it.

You can expect around INR 38 lakhs a year from this post.

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