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HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024

Understanding the HPSC HCS syllabus 2024 is essential as it forms the basis for exam preparation. The HPSC HCS syllabus 2024 tests candidates knowledge of subjects like history, polity, economy, environment, reasoning and English/Hindi.

In prelims, the GS paper covers national and international current affairs. The mains syllabus examines your writing skills, subject knowledge and analytical abilities. The optional paper also needs thorough preparation as per the prescribed syllabus.

This article offers an in-depth look at the HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024 to effectively prepare for the HPSC Exam 2024.

HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024 – Overview

OrganizationHaryana Public Service Commission
Exam NameHPSC HCS 2024-25
Recruitment StagesPrelims – Mains – Interview
Exam ModeOnline
Job LocationHaryana
Official Websitehpsc.gov.in

HPSC HCS Syllabus PDF Download Link

The detailed HPSC HCS syllabus PDF is available on the official website hpsc.gov.in. You can download the PDF from the direct link given below, to get the complete syllabus for prelims and mains exams. The PDF has subject-wise syllabus, exam pattern, weightage and other important details. Download the latest official HPSC HCS syllabus PDF because having the PDF of syllabus will help you plan your preparation better.

Haryana Civil Service Prelims Exam 2024

Prelims exam is the first stage of the Haryana Civil Service selection process. In the Prelims, there are two papers – General Studies and CSAT. Each paper carries 100 marks. General Studies tests your knowledge of history, polity, economy, environment, etc. CSAT checks logical reasoning abilities, decision making skills, data interpretation skills.

The time duration for each paper is 2 hours. You must pass both papers to qualify for the Mains stage. The Prelims stage is only a qualifying exam. Marks scored in Prelims are not counted in the final merit list. Candidates must secure minimum qualifying marks in Prelims set by the HPSC to be eligible for the next round.

HPSC HCS Prelims Exam Pattern

PaperSubjectsTotal MarksTime Duration
Paper IGeneral Studies1002 hours
Paper IICivil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT)1002 hours
Total2004 hours

HPSC HCS Prelims Exam Syllabus

The HPCS HCS prelims exam has two objective-type question papers: General Studies and CSAT. CSAT and General Studies together form the General Studies part of the HPCS HCS Prelims Exams (Civil Service Aptitude Test). Understanding the syllabus of the HPSC HCS Exam 2024is crucial. Preliminary exams consist only of objective questions. The detailed HPSC HCS Prelims Syllabus 2024 is discussed below.

1. General Studies:

  1. General Science:
    • Evaluate general appreciation and understanding of science, encompassing everyday observations and experiences. This section is designed for well-educated individuals without specialized study in any particular scientific discipline.
  2. Current Events of National and International Importance:
    • Test knowledge of significant national and international events.
  3. History of India and Indian National Movement:
    • Emphasize broad general understanding, covering social, economic, and political aspects. Focus on the nature and character of the nineteenth-century resurgence, growth of nationalism, and attainment of Independence.
  4. Indian and World Geography:
    • Concentrate on the geography of India, including physical, social, and economic aspects. Address the main features of Indian agricultural and natural resources.
  5. Indian Culture, Indian Polity, and Indian Economy:
    • Test knowledge of the country’s political system, Constitution of India, Panchayati Raj, social systems, and economic developments.
  6. General Mental Ability:
    • Evaluate reasoning and analytical abilities.
  7. Haryana-Economy and People, Social, Economic, and Cultural Institutions, and Language of Haryana:
    • Focus on the specific context of Haryana, covering its economy, people, social institutions, economic institutions, cultural institutions, and language.

2. Civil Services Aptitude Test:

  1. Comprehension:
    • Test the ability to understand and interpret written information.
  2. Interpersonal Skills Including Communication Skills:
    • Assess communication abilities and interpersonal skills.
  3. Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability:
    • Evaluate logical reasoning and analytical thinking.
  4. Decision Making and Problem Solving:
    • Test the capability to make decisions and solve problems.
  5. General Mental Ability:
    • Further evaluation of reasoning and analytical abilities.
  6. Basic Numeracy (Numbers and Their Relations, Order of Magnitude, etc. – Class X Level):
    • Assess fundamental numerical skills, including the understanding of numbers and their relations.
  7. Data Interpretation (Charts, Graphs, Tables, Data Sufficiency, etc. – Class X Level):
    • Evaluate the ability to interpret data presented in various formats such as charts, graphs, and tables.

Haryana Civil Service Mains Exam 2024

  • Haryana Civil Service Prelims qualifiers proceed to the HPSC HCS Mains Exam, consisting of four papers.
  • Paper I evaluates English language proficiency, with a duration of 3 hours and a total of 100 marks.
  • Paper II assesses Hindi language skills, also lasting 3 hours and carrying 100 marks.
  • Paper III focuses on General Studies, with a duration of 3 hours and a total of 200 marks.
  • Paper IV is the Optional Paper 1, allotted 3 hours and worth 200 marks, where candidates can choose a subject from the list provided by HPSC.
  • Performance in the Mains stage holds greater significance than Prelims in the selection process.
  • Candidates must pass all four papers to advance to the Interview stage.
  • Marks secured in Mains contribute to determining the final merit list.

HPSC HCS Mains Exam Pattern

PaperSubjectsTotal MarksTime Duration
Paper IEnglish1003 hours
Paper IIHindi1003 hours
Paper IIIGeneral Studies2003 hours
Paper IVOptional Subject, Part I2003 hours
Total60012 hours

HPSC HCS Mains Exam Syllabus

The HCS mains syllabus has 4 papers. Paper 1 and 2 test your English and Hindi proficiency. Paper 3 covers general studies syllabus. In paper 4, you pick one optional subject to prepare as per the syllabus prescribed. Remember, mains performance matters more than prelims to get selected. Prepare thoroughly for all sections as per the latest HCS mains syllabus.

Paper I: English and English Essay

This paper aims to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in reading and comprehending discursive writing, as well as their ability to express thoughts clearly and accurately in English. The pattern of questions includes:

  1. Precis Writing:
    • Candidates must demonstrate the skill of summarizing given passages while maintaining clarity and precision.
  2. Comprehension of Given Passages:
    • This section tests candidates’ understanding and interpretation abilities concerning provided written material.
  3. Essay:
    • Candidates are required to write an essay on a chosen topic, showcasing alignment with the subject and organized, concise expression of ideas.
  4. Usage and Vocabulary:
    • This assesses candidates’ command over the English language, including word usage and vocabulary.
  5. General Grammar/Composition:
    • This section evaluates candidates’ knowledge of grammar rules and their ability to construct grammatically correct sentences.


  • Candidates will write an essay on a specific topic, demonstrating coherence, structure, and relevance to the given subject.

Paper II: Hindi and Hindi Essay (in Devnagri Script)

This paper evaluates candidates’ proficiency in Hindi and their ability to express thoughts in the Devnagri script. The pattern of questions includes:

  1. Translation of an English Passage into Hindi:
    • Candidates must translate an English passage into Hindi, showcasing their language translation skills.
  2. Letter/Precis Writing:
    • This section assesses candidates’ ability to write letters and precis in Hindi.
  3. Explanation of Hindi Passage (Prose and Poetry):
    • Candidates need to explain passages in Hindi, testing their comprehension and interpretation skills.
  4. Composition (Idioms, Correction, etc.):
    • This section evaluates candidates’ knowledge of Hindi idioms, language correction, and composition.
  5. Essay on a Specific Topic:
    • Candidates will write an essay in Hindi on a given topic, demonstrating structured and concise expression.

Paper III: General Studies

This paper aims to test a candidate’s general awareness across various subjects relevant to a career in Civil Services. The nature and standard of questions are designed for well-educated individuals to answer without specialized study. The paper is divided into two parts:

Part I:

  1. History of Modern India and Indian Culture:
    • Focuses on personalities shaping the freedom movement and social reforms. Covers Indian culture from ancient to modern times.
  2. Geography of India:
    • Questions on physical, economic, and social geography of India.
  3. Indian Polity:
    • Covers the Constitution of India, the political system, and related matters.
  4. Current National Issues and Topics of Social Relevance:
    • Tests awareness of contemporary issues and social problems in India.

Part II:

  1. India and the World:
    • Evaluates candidates’ understanding of India’s global relationships, foreign affairs, external security, and related matters.
  2. Indian Economy:
    • Questions on planning, economic development, trade issues, and the role of international organizations.
  3. International Affairs and Institutions:
    • Focuses on important events in world affairs and international institutions.
  4. Developments in the Field of Science and Technology, Communications, and Space:
    • Tests awareness of advancements in science, technology, communication, and space.
  5. Statistical Analysis, Graphs, and Diagrams:
    • Evaluates candidates’ ability to draw conclusions from statistical information and interpret graphical or diagrammatical data.

HPSC HCS Mains – Optional Subject

Candidates must choose one optional subject from the list below while filling out the HPSC HCS Application Form 2024. It’s important to note that no changes in the selected optional subject will be allowed after the form is submitted.

Optional Subjects for HPSC HCS Mains 2024
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
Civil Engineering
Commerce and Accountancy
Electrical Engineering
English Literature
Hindi Literature (in Devnagri Script)
Indian History
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Science
Political Science and International Relations
Public Administration
Punjabi Literature
Sanskrit Literature

HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024 – FAQs

Where can I download the HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024 PDF?

Candidates can download the HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024 PDF through the link provided in the article.

How many optional subjects can I choose for the HPSC HCS Mains Exam?

Candidates are required to choose only one optional subject from the list of 29 options provided. This selection is made at the time of filling out the HPSC HCS Application Form, and no changes are allowed after submission.

What does the General Studies syllabus for the Preliminary Exam include?

The General Studies syllabus for the Preliminary Exam encompasses topics such as General Science, Current Events, Indian History, Geography, Indian Culture, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Mental Ability, and specific aspects related to Haryana’s economy, people, and institutions.

Is there any change allowed in the optional subject after filling out the HPSC HCS Application Form?

No, once the HPSC HCS Application Form is submitted, no changes are allowed in the selected optional subject. It is essential for candidates to carefully choose their optional subject during the application process.

What is the HPSC HCS Syllabus for 2024?

The HPSC HCS Syllabus for 2024 covers a wide range of subjects for both the Preliminary and Mains exams. It includes General Studies, English, Hindi, and optional subjects in the Mains. For the Preliminary exam, topics such as General Science, Current Events, Indian History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy, and more are included.


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