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IB ACIO Salary

IB ACIO Salary 2024: The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has opened up 995 positions for Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade II. If you’re thinking of applying, it’s crucial to understand the IB ACIO Salary 2024. According to the official information, the salary for IB ACIO ranges from Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400 (as per the 7th Pay Commission), which includes different allowances. The monthly pay for an ACIO is Rs. 44,900/-. This article breaks down the IB ACIO Salary 2024, covering allowances, benefits, and overall pay, and giving you a glimpse into the job profile.

IB ACIO Salary 2024

In accordance with the 7th Pay Commission, the salary scale for IB ACIO positions differs based on whether the employee is stationed in urban or rural areas. The primary role of an IB ACIO involves gathering sensitive information to maintain national peace and order. Candidates are entitled to additional allowances as per Central Government norms. For detailed information on IB ACIO Salary 2024, including salary structure, allowances, job profile, and more

IB ACIO Salary Structure 2024

The salary structure for IB ACIO (Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer) in 2024 ranges from Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400. Additional allowances like Dearness Allowance, Special Security Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Transport Allowance are included, making the total compensation competitive. The Grade Pay is Rs. 46000, and the overall pay depends on the city of posting, offering a comprehensive package for IB ACIO employees.

Pay ScaleRs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400
Grade PayRs. 4600/-
Pay LevelLevel 7
Dearness Allowance (DA)Rs. 20,654/- (46% of basic pay)
Special Security Allowance (SSA)Rs. 8,980 (20% of basic pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA)Ranging from 9% to 27% based on city of posting
– X cities: 27% of basic pay (Rs. 12,123)
– Y cities: 18% of basic pay (Rs. 8,802)
– Z cities: 9% of basic pay (Rs. 4,041)
Transport Allowance (TA)– X City: Rs. 3600
– Y City: Rs. 1800
Government Contribution Towards NPSRs. 6,286 (14%)
Total Salary– X cities: Rs. 90,257
– Y cities: Rs. 84,416
– Z cities: Rs. 80,375

Deductions in IB ACIO Salary

In IB ACIO Salary, deductions include EPF (INR 1,350) and CGHS (INR 500), totaling INR 1,890.

EPFINR 1,350

What Is the In-Hand Salary of IB ACIO Grade-II / Executive?

The In-Hand Salary of IB ACIO (Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer) for Grade 2/Executive Officer positions ranges from Rs. 80,375 to Rs. 90,257. This includes various components such as Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance, Special Security Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Transport Allowance. The exact amount may vary based on the city of posting, with higher allowances provided for those in X cities compared to Y and Z cities. The competitive In-Hand Salary reflects the comprehensive compensation package offered to IB ACIO personnel, making it an attractive remuneration for individuals in these roles.

IB ACIO Salary 2024 – Perks & Allowances

IB ACIO employees receive extra benefits in addition to their salary. The table below outlines these perks:

  • Office cum Residence Allowance: ₹3,500 per month
  • Cook Salary: ₹3,200 per month
  • Petrol Sanction: 13 Litres
  • Diesel Sanction: 20 Litres
  • 2 Newspapers + TV Cable Subscription: ₹600
  • Entertainment Allowance: ₹650

City Compensatory Allowances (CCA) are provided to employees living in metropolitan Tier I cities, while Mileage Allowances cover travel costs during office hours. Medical Allowances help with medical bills and Dearness Allowances counter inflation. Additional perks include guest costs, newspaper reimbursement, and offers on electronics and suitcases.

IB ACIO Salary 2024 Job Profile

The job profile of IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive involves crucial responsibilities in the Intelligence Bureau. Here’s an overview:

  1. Intelligence Gathering: ACIOs play a vital role in collecting sensitive information related to national security.
  2. Analysis and Reporting: They analyze gathered intelligence and prepare detailed reports for higher authorities.
  3. Field Operations: ACIOs might be involved in field operations to gather on-ground information.
  4. Coordinating with Agencies: They collaborate with various intelligence and law enforcement agencies.
  5. Security Clearance: ACIOs need to ensure security clearances for individuals involved in sensitive areas.
  6. Surveillance: Conducting surveillance to monitor potential threats to national security.
  7. Administrative Duties: Alongside intelligence work, ACIOs handle administrative tasks to support smooth operations.

IB ACIO Grade-II / Executive: Initial Appointment

The initial appointment for IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive involves several key steps:

  1. Selection Process: Candidates undergo a rigorous three-phase selection process, including Tier 1 (Objective Type), Tier 2 (Descriptive Type), and an Interview.
  2. All India Service Liability: Those selected have All India Service Liability, meaning they can be posted anywhere in India.
  3. Training: After selection, candidates undergo training to equip them with the necessary skills for intelligence and security tasks.
  4. Probation Period: ACIOs typically serve a probation period to demonstrate their capabilities and adaptability to the role.
  5. Confirmation: Successful completion of the probation period leads to confirmation in the post.
  6. Service Conditions: ACIOs operate under specific service conditions and guidelines set by the Intelligence Bureau and the government.

The initial appointment is a critical phase where candidates transition into their roles as integral members of the Intelligence Bureau.

IB ACIO Salary 2024 – Promotion

The IB ACIO 2024 Grade-II/Executive has a clear path for career advancement through promotions. As officers gain experience and perform well, they can move up the ranks, potentially reaching higher grades like ACIO Grade I. This system recognizes and rewards officers for their dedication and capability, offering increased responsibilities and better career opportunities within the Intelligence Bureau.

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IB ACIO Salary 2024: FAQs

Q1. What is the salary structure for IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive in 2024?

Ans. The IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive salary is in the pay scale of INR 44,900-1,42,400/-, as per the 7th Pay Commission.

Q2. Are there additional allowances for IB ACIO employees?

Ans. Yes, IB ACIO employees receive allowances such as HRA, transport allowances, and more.

Q3. What is the job profile of IB ACIO?

Ans. The job profile involves collecting sensitive information for national security and maintaining peace.

Q4. How is promotion structured for IB ACIO?

Ans. Promotion is based on experience, performance, and qualifications, with opportunities for higher grades and leadership roles.

Q5. Where can I find official details on IB ACIO Salary 2024?

Ans. Official details can be found on the official website of the Intelligence Bureau at www.mha.gov.in.


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