IBPS Clerk or LIC Assistant – Which one to Choose? Know Here

The registrations for both IBPS Clerk 2019 and LIC Assistant 2019 are currently ongoing. Both are clerical cadre exams to be conducted in two phases – Prelims & Mains. The total number of vacancies in IBPS Clerk this year is 12075 and for LIC Assistant it is 7500+. The IBPS Clerk Prelims is scheduled to happen on 7th of Dec and LIC Assistant Prelims Exam on 21st & 22nd of Oct. These Exams offer an aspirant direct entry into the Banking Industry and the Insurance Industry respectively. In this blog let us have a brief comparison of various aspects of these two posts. Let’s get started on the comparison – IBPS Clerk or LIC Assistant.

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IBPS Clerk or LIC Assistant – Which one to Choose?

We will have a brief comparison of various aspects such as:

1. Exam Pattern

2. Difficulty Level 

3. Pay Scale (Salary)

4. Job Profile (Nature of Work)

5. Career Prospectives & Future Avenues

1. IBPS Clerk or LIC Assistant – Exam Pattern

IBPS Clerk

LIC Assistant


  • There will be three sections in the prelims phase having a separate timing of 20 minutes each for each section.
  • Candidates will have to qualify in each of the three tests i.e. English LanguageNumerical AbilityReasoning Ability by securing sectional cut-off marks as well as overall Cut off marks, to be decided by IBPS.


  • There will be three sections namely Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Ability & English/Hindi Language. A candidate can choose a section between English and Hindi.
  • English and Hindi section paper will be just for qualifying nature the marks obtained would not be considered for ranking or final selection.
  • Sectional Cut off has already been given in the Exam Pattern. 


  • The candidate will be tested in four subjects namely, General/ Financial Awareness, General English, Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, each test having a separate timing amounting to a total time of 160 minutes.
  • For Detailed Exam PatternRefer Here


  • The candidate will be tested in four subjects namely, General/Financial Awareness, General English, Quantitative Aptitude, & Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude.
  • In addition to the above sections, Mains exams in North, West, Central, East Central, North Central Divisions, there will be a test of Hindi Language as well.
  • Sectional Cut off has already been given in the Exam Pattern. 
  • For Detailed Exam PatternRefer Here

2. IBPS Clerk or LIC Assistant – Difficulty Level 

The difficulty level of both the Prelims & Mains of both IBPS Clerk & LIC Assistant would more or less be the same. As both are clerical level exams, the difficulty level of questions would be moderate. But preparations need to be thorough for both these exams as due to the huge number of Vacancies, the competition would be tough and cut off scores can go very high if the paper comes easy. 

But need not worry, we have got you covered with our Online Courses for both these exams. These are IBPS Clerk Cracker Course 2019 and LIC Assistant Crash Course 2019. These are available on Oliveboard’s Subscription platform EDGE

3. IBPS Clerk or LIC Assistant – Pay Scale (Salary)

IBPS Clerk

LIC Assistant

  • Basic PayRs 11,765 per month.
  • Pay Scale – Scale of Rs. 11765-655/3-13730-815/3-16175980/4-20095-1145/7-28110-2120/1-30230-1310/1-31540.
  • Gross SalaryRs 23, 117 per month
  • Basic Pay – Rs 14435 per month.
  • Pay Scale – Scale of 14435-840-15275-915-17105-1030-22255-1195-24645-1455-29010-1510-32030-1610-40080.
  • Gross SalaryRs 30,000 per month.

Other Allowances

  • Special Allowances,
  • Dearness Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Transportation Allowance

Perks & Allowances

  • House rent allowance
  • Dearness allowance
  • Graduation Increment
  • Local compensatory allowance
  • Grade allowance
  • Gratuity
  • Single and group Medical facilities –Reimbursement of medical expenses for OPD/treatment, this facility is provided to the employee, employee’s spouse and to their children
  • LTC (Leave Travel Concession) is an annual retreat plan for the employee working with LIC.

4. IBPS Clerk or LIC Assistant – Job Profile (Nature of Work)

IBPS Clerk

LIC Assistant

  • Clerks are usually the first point of contact for any customer who is visiting the bank premises
  • The job profile of IBPS Clerk is not limited to just one task, they are deployed on various profiles after their selection for the position. Few of them are as listed here:
  • Bank office clerks are deployed in the back office for various tasks like maintenance of ledger, bank receipt collection, handling the daily closure details
  • Updating of Passbooks at counters
  • Printing of receipts for cheques and demand drafts
  • bank clerks also do hold bank keys, safe keys under their protection
  • They are often placed at the query window to act as an information counter for the customers.
  • Handling the deposit and withdrawal cash.
  • Clerks are often placed in various departments like accounts clerk, loan clerk, office clerk, etc.
  • LIC Assistants are responsible to perform all the duties of a clerical staff be it a cashier, single-window operator, customer service executive, etc.
  • Assistants have to manage cash counters, processing and approving of the files as asked by the Assistant Manager.
  • Back-office work, Account related work are some duties to be performed by the LIC Assistant.
  • LIC Assistant has to take care of customer grievances as well.
  • Reviewing of Insurance documents and making sure that all the documents are complete is LIC Assistant’s responsibility.
  • Management of all the documents sales documents, documents related to policies, claims, settlements, accounts, etc.
  • Online and offline transaction status will be taken care of by the LIC Assistant. 
  • The trainees are posted to their respective positions only after the successful completion of the training period.

5. IBPS Clerk or LIC Assistant – Career Prospectives & Future Avenues

IBPS Clerk

LIC Assistant

  • After becoming a clerk in any Public sector bank, an employee needs to complete 2 years of service with the same bank to be eligible to appear for the test for the officer rank.
  • Public sector banks do carry out the test for promotions every 2 years.
  • They need to apply for the promotion and appear for the examinations, like JAIIB (Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers) and CAIIB (Certified Association of the Indian Institute of Bankers).
  • After becoming an officer, the career prospects for an employee looks like this:

Scale 1 – Officer / Assistant Manager

Scale 2 – Manager

Scale 3 – Senior Manager

Scale 4 – Chief manager

Scale 5 – Assistant General Manager

Scale 6 – Deputy General Manager

Scale 7 – General manager

  • Growth of an employee is also dependent on his/her performance over the tenure with the bank. Banks do consider employees with impeccable work performance for higher positions.
  • These career prospects is completely under banks prerogative. Banks do design these programs and implement changes as they deem fit.
  • After the selection, the candidate has to undergo training for a period of six months from the date of joining which can be extended up to one year.
  • After the successful completion of the training period, candidates will be posted for a minimum period of three years at assigned places and no request for any change/transfer will be entertained.
  • Selected candidates will be responsible for the work of Assistant, Cashier, Single Window Operator, Customer Service, Executive, etc as required by the LIC of India office.
  • LIC Assistant are also transferred from one department to other internally depending upon the requirements as well as the interest of the employees.
  • LIC Assistant conducts departmental tests for the promotion to higher posts.
  • Employees get promotions based on their years of service, experience, and performance.

ibps clerk free mock test attempt

So, this was all from us in this blog of Comparison of posts of IBPS Clerk and LIC Assistant. We hope that you get a fair idea of nearly all the aspects of these posts and choose for yourself. 

The last date to apply for the posts of LIC Assistant is 1st Oct and that of IBPS Clerk is 9th October. Apply as early as possible and organise a rigorous study plan for the exam. Have a look at what Oliveboard has in store for you to to help you prepare better for these exams. 

Preparation Material, Courses & Mock Tests 

IBPS Clerk Exam 2019 – Study Material

LIC Assistant Exam 2019 – Study Material

IBPS Clerk Online Course – A Video Learning Course for IBPS Clerk Exam – Starts 14th October 2019 LIC Assistant Crash Course 2019 – For Complete LIC Assistant Prelims Preparation – Starts 30th Sep 2019


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