Best Way To Prepare for JAIIB/DB&F/CAIIB Exams

IIBF Educational Tools – IIBF’s flagship courses, the JAIIB and CAIIB, are well accepted by bankers. A CAIIB qualification allows a banker to acquire cutting-edge and solid conceptual knowledge of banking & finance covering the nuances of the industry. Professional examinations such as the CAIIB and JAIIB require dedicated study. Various pedagogical tools are provided by IIBF to aid candidates in preparing for examinations. When preparing for these exams, you should maximize the use of these pedagogical tools in order to gain conceptual knowledge.

JAIIB 2022 Exam Schedule

REGISTRATION DATE09-11-2021 to 15-11-2021 (without late fees)
16-11-2021 to 22-11-2021 (with late fees of Rs. 100.00)
23-11-2021 to 29-11-2021 (with late fees of Rs. 200.00)
REGISTRATION FEESRs. 2970.00 (Rs. 2700+270[GST])
EXAM DATES08-01-2022 – Paper 1
09-01-2022 – Paper 2
22-01-2022 – Paper 3
EXAM LANGUAGEHindi or English

IIBF Educational Tools

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Each subject has its own courseware published by the Institute. Each of the books was written by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with profound knowledge of the subject. It is recommended that you read the courseware carefully. For a better understanding and clarity of the subject, concepts have been explained in lucid language. To check your understanding of each topic, a few multiple choice questions have also been provided at the end of every unit. It is recommended that candidates prepare for the examinations for a minimum of 3-4 months in advance.

Subject Updates

There are rapid changes occurring in the banking and finance sectors. On the Institute’s website, subject updates are posted in order to inform candidates about the latest developments. Additionally, the subject updates summarize all notifications released by the regulator(s)/government during a specific timeframe. Since the examinations will also cover these topics, it is vital that these subject updates be thoroughly reviewed.

Recommended Readings

In addition to the above, candidates are advised to read the Master Circulars / Master Directions issued by RBI as well as IIBF publications like IIBF Vision, Bank Quest, etc. In addition to these sources, all of these are important from the viewpoint of the examination. Keep up with current developments if you have questions about them. You should not, therefore, rely solely on the courseware.


For all subjects of the JAIIB/DB&F program, as well as two compulsory papers and one elective paper (Retail Banking) of the CAIIB program, an electronic form of learning has been developed by the Institute. 

The e-learning has been presented in a clear and graphical manner with voice over descriptions of the topics. If you wish to listen to the topic at your convenience, an e-learning course will provide you with an overview of the subject. Additionally, to test your understanding, a set of questions will be asked at the end of each unit in the e-learning, and the result displayed will indicate how well prepared you are. During the period of time between registering for an exam and the exam date, the e-learning shall be valid.

Video Lectures

To prepare video lectures covering all the subjects under JAIIB and 2 mandatory papers under CAIIB, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) were engaged. Videos can be found on the Institute’s official YouTube channel under “Playlists” and are available free of charge. You can access these videos anywhere, anytime.

Mock Test

These are sample questions to help you get a feel for the exam pattern and the kind of questions that will appear on the final exam. Register for the Mock Test at the Institute’s website by clicking on the Apply Now button. Each 60-minute session will consist of answering 60 multiple-choice questions. The facility is provided for all three subjects of the JAIIB along with two compulsory papers of the CAIIB.

Our request to you is that you take full advantage of the above IIBF educational tools for JAIIB/CAIIB in order to acquire a conceptual understanding of the subject. Explore these tools.


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