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JAIIB Eligibility 2022 - Age, Education

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance holds an exam to fill the position of Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers, which is currently vacant. The exam is held twice a year in two cycles i.e., in May and November. The primary goal of the exam is to assess knowledge of banking and financial services, banking technology, customer interactions, as well as fundamental accounting and legal knowledge, in order to satisfy the day-to-day requirements of banking operations. This exam is an exclusive course for only the members of the IIBF i.e., the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. The candidates who are interested in taking this exam should know about the eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus as well as application procedure.

JAIIB Eligibility Criteria 2021

To be eligible for appearing in the Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers examination candidates have to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. The candidate must be working in the Banking and Finance sector.
  2. The candidate must be working in an institution that is a member of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.
  3. The candidate must have cleared at least class 12th or equivalent in any stream from a recognized board.
  4. The Junior staff of the banking and financial institutions, which are members of the IIBF, can appear for the JAIIB examination if they have passed class 12.
  5. The candidates who have not cleared the 12th class or equivalent examination can appear for the clerical or supervisory staff cadre JAIIB examination on the Manager's recommendation or the Officer in charge of the bank where they are employed.

Age Limit

There are no age limit criteria for the JAIIB 2021 examination, but the aspirants must be employed in the banking and financial sector. 

Number of Attempts for JAIIB

Details regarding the number of attempts a candidate can avail are given below:

  1. Candidates should clear the JAIIB examination in four consecutive attempts during a period of two years.
  2. If the candidate is unsuccessful, they will have to enrol again to appear for the examination.
  3. The score of the earlier attempts will not be considered.
  4. The time limit of the two years available to qualify in the examination will be counted from the date of application for the first attempt to clear the JAIIB examination.
  5. In case the candidate is absent for any attempt that too will be counted as an attempt taken.

The JAIIB examination will have three papers, each divided into four modules. The first paper is on Principles & Practices of Banking. The second paper is on Accounting & Finance for bankers and the third paper is on Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking. The examination will be objective type format. 120 questions will have to be answered. Each paper will be of 100 marks. The time limit of the examination is 2 hours.

The candidate to qualify for the JAIIB has to score 50% in each paper. If the candidate scores 45% marks in papers and a 50% aggregate too will be considered qualified in the first attempt.

JAIIB Application Fee

Candidates should clear the exam within the time limit of two years. If you do not pass the exam within the allotted time, you must re-enrol as a fresh student, and the institute will give no credit. For the first try, a two-year time limit will begin on the date of application. Attempts will be counted regardless of whether or not an applicant presents for any examination.

The JAIIB registration fee is based on the number of attempts made by the candidates and the time of registration. The following is the baseline registration price for the JAIIB Exam based on the number of attempts:

JAIIB First Attempt FeeINR 2700
JAIIB Second Attempt FeeINR 1300
JAIIB Third Attempt FeeINR 1300
JAIIB Fourth Attempt FeeINR 1300

The JAIIB application process is divided into three phases. To avoid paying the penalty cost in later registration phases, candidates should register in the first phase of the registration window. 

JAIIB Exam 2021 November Fee 

09-Nov-2021 to 15-Nov-2021 Normal fees
16-Nov-2021 to 22-Nov-2021Normal fees plus INR 100
23-Nov-2021 to 29-Nov-2021Normal fees plus INR 200

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How many papers are there in JAIIB exam?

There are three papers in the JAIIB exam which are Principles and Practices of Banking, Accounting and Finance for Bankers, and Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking.

How many times is JAIIB conducted in a year? +

JAIIB Exam is conducted two times in a year, once in the month of May and another in November.

How many attempts are there for JAIIB? +

JAIIB can be attempted by the candidates within 2 years or 4 consecutive attempts.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for JAIIB? +

A candidate who wishes to appear for the JAIIB exam must be registered as an ordinary member of the IIBF, He/She must have passed their 10+2 Boards or any other equivalent exams and must be working in any Bank or financial institute.

Can I give JAIIB and CAIIB together? +

No, you have to clear the JAIIB exam first. After that, you can appear for the CAIIB exam.

What is the age limit to apply for the JAIIB exam? +

For JAIIB Exam there is no age limit applicable.

What is the exam fee for JAIIB? +

The exam fees for the first attempt is Rs.2700 and for each successive attempt thereafter it is Rs.1300.

Can private bank employees give JAIIB? +

Yes, any employee working in either public or private sector bank is eligible to appear for JAIIB provided they must be registered as an ordinary member of the IIBF and have passed their 10+2 Board exam or any other equivalent exam.

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