India and Saudi Arabia Sign MoU on Cooperation in the Energy Sector

India and Saudi Arabia have solidified their cooperation in the field of energy by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The signing ceremony took place in New Delhi on September 10, 2023. Representing the Indian side was Shri R. K. Singh, the Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy and Power, while His Royal Highness Abdulaziz bin Salman Al-Saud, the Minister of Energy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented the Saudi side. This MoU signifies a commitment to collaboration and partnership between the two nations in the realm of energy.

More About the MoU on Cooperation in the Energy Sector

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and Saudi Arabia outlines cooperation in various critical areas within the energy sector:

  • Renewable Energy: Collaborating on the development and utilization of renewable energy sources.
  • Energy Efficiency: Promoting energy efficiency measures to reduce consumption.
  • Hydrogen: Exploring opportunities and advancements in hydrogen technology.
  • Electricity and Grid Interconnection: Enhancing electricity infrastructure and exploring grid interconnection between the two countries.
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas: Collaborating on the production and utilization of petroleum and natural gas resources.
  • Strategic Petroleum Reserves and Energy Security: Strengthening energy security through strategic reserves and related measures.
  • Bilateral Investment: Encouraging investment in renewable energy, electricity, hydrogen, storage, oil & gas, and related sectors.
  • Circular Economy: Focusing on sustainable practices, including carbon capture, utilization, and storage, to mitigate climate change effects.
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation: Promoting digitalization, innovation, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence in the energy sector.
  • Localization of Energy Materials and Services: Developing partnerships to localize materials, products, and services across the energy supply chain.
  • Cooperation with Energy Companies: Strengthening collaboration with specialized energy companies.
  • Other Agreed-upon Fields: Exploring additional areas of cooperation within the energy sector as agreed by both countries.

This MoU underscores the commitment of India and Saudi Arabia to advancing sustainable and innovative energy solutions while bolstering bilateral ties in this crucial sector.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) represents a significant step toward forging a more robust and collaborative partnership between India and Saudi Arabia in the energy sector. This agreement will play a pivotal role in supporting India’s endeavors for an energy transition and contributing to the transformation of the global energy system. By jointly addressing energy challenges and fostering sustainable practices, both nations are aligning their efforts to combat climate change and promote a greener, more sustainable future for the planet.


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