Last minute tips for SSC CGL TIER 2 English Section

SSC CGL TIER 2 Exam is approaching. As per the revised dates the exam will take place from November 2nd to November 5th, 2020. As the English section in SSC CGL carries 200 marks so we cannot take this section less seriously. We are just a few days away from the exam and at this point there are a few things that can be helpful in successfully attempting the English section, if followed regularly. We are presenting you a few last-minute tips for SSC CGL TIER 2 English section that will help you to score better in the exam.

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Last Minute tips for SSC CGL tier 2 English section


Practice Mocks and Analyze your mistakes

This is the key to understand your weak sections in the examination and work on them before the exam. Practicing mock also helps you to get an idea about how will you perform when you have to take all the sections together in a limited duration of time. Do not stop taking mocks as the exam approaches.

Revise important topics

Revise as per your weak areas in the examination but also keep in mind the important topics or the topics from where the questions are definitely asked in the examination. For example, in error spotting there are a few important rules which are asked in the exams. One should keep in mind those grammar rules.


Your good speed of solving questions is futile if you are not able to maintain accuracy. So, focus on both speed and accuracy. Try to solve more questions with higher accuracy within the given time.

Topics which are difficult for you

Do not take too much stress about the topics in which you are not able to perform well. If you are not able to perform well even 1-2 days before the exam, then do not lose your confidence. Play by your strengths. It might be possible that you get a doable or easy question from that difficult topic.

Go through Each question at least once

Either you are comfortable with that topic or not do read all the questions. Sometimes even from a topic that you find difficult an easy question is asked which will help in increasing your score.

During the examination read the question and instructions very carefully so that you do not miss the details.

Do not get stuck

Even if you are well versed with a topic do not spend too much time on a question. Solve the questions in rounds. For the first round solve those questions which you think are easiest to solve. Then in next solve those which were left after the first round and the remaining questions you can be solved in the remaining time. The purpose of this exercise is that no easy question should be left un-attempted by you in the exam as every mark counts.

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Last but not the least stay focussed and remain calm as you proceed with English section in the examination. Many times, doubts arise during the exam when the mind is not calm. Keep in mind that English section will not ask very difficult questions and the questions will be mostly based on general concepts. So, be confident. Practice well. We hope that these last minutes tips for SSC CGL TIER 2 ENGLISH Section will help you prepare well for the exam.

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