List Of Important Topics For CTET- Exam Strategy, Exam pattern

List Of Important Topics For CTET Exam

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) is held twice a year by CBSE at the central level to verify the eligibility for teachers for Class I to VIII. The dates of CTET exams have been announced on the official website of CBSE. These exams will take place from 16th December 2021 to 13th January 2022. It is always advisable to learn about all the important topics for all the subjects of the CTET exam. 

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Exam Strategy For 2021 To Gain Expertise Subject Wise In CTET Topics

The first and most important exam strategy for any exam is to master the CTET exam pattern and syllabus. You must have a thorough understanding of the topics and chapters that carry the most weight in the exam. The exam pattern for CTET Exam 2021 is shown in the table below. All the questions in the CTET will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), with four possible answers, only one of which will be correct. There will be no negative marking, and for every right answer, the candidate will get one mark.

CTET 2021 Exam pattern

Paper I (for Classes I to V) Primary Stage: (Duration of examination-Two-and-a-half hours)

Structure And Content (All Compulsory):

   S No            Subjects   No. of questions  Marks
     1Child Development and Pedagogy          30    30
     2Language I (compulsory)          30    30
     3Language II (compulsory)          30    30
     4Mathematics          30    30
     5Environmental Studies           30    30
Total150    150

Paper II (for Classes VI to VIII) Elementary Stage: (Duration of examination – Two-and-a-half hours)

Structure And Content (All Compulsory): 

     S No              Subjects     No. of questions   Marks
      1Child Development and Pedagogy          30        30
      2Language I (compulsory)          30        30
      3Language II (compulsory)          30        30
      4Mathematics & Science or Social Studies/ Social Science          60        60
Total         150        150

Important Topics For CTET Exam: Subject Wise

Child Development & Pedagogy:

The goal of Child Development and Pedagogy is to assess applicants’ understanding of how to effectively focus on educating young children in an interesting manner and also focusing on their entire development. It is addressed in both paper 1 and paper 2 of CTET. It is based on a basic grasp of human behaviour from childhood to adolescence and a few pseudoscientific beliefs. If one wants to score good marks, then learning about this subject is highly important. 

List Of Topics For CTET In Child Development & Pedagogy:

S. No. TopicFrequently Asked Topics
Growth & DevelopmentInfluencing factors
Cognitive TheoriesPiaget, Kohlberg, Vygotsky
Intelligence & Its TheoriesIQ, ZPD, Other intelligence theories & Test.
Language TheoriesLanguage acquisition & its Challenges, Chomsky & Vygotsky language
Learning DisabilitiesDyslexia, Autism, ADHD & specially Abled Child
Learning TheoriesLaws of Learning, Theories, Behaviourism theories, teaching methods
MotivationMaslow Hierarchy, Reinforcement & Punishment
Cognition & EmotionsFreud’s Personality Theory
Heredity & EnvironmentInfluencing Factors of Learning
Gender IssuesApplication-based Questions
Inclusive EducationGovt. Norms, Define, Features
EvaluationsSchool-Based Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment, CCE (Scholastic & Co-Scholastic), Types Of Questions
NCF 2005 & RTE 2009Govt. Norms & Their Impact on education
Theories & their ProfounderVygotsky, Kohlberg & others
Statement & Definition by Different PsychologistsSkinner, Gestalt, Kohlberg. etc., including intelligence, personality behaviourism etc.


In most teaching exams like STET, EMRS etc., English is a highly critical subject in the language section. In REET/CTET both papers, this subject as a Language I or II carries a total of 30 marks, with Comprehension – 15 questions and Pedagogy of Language Development – 15 questions. The English subject’s examination format will be based on the primary level for Paper I and the upper primary level for Paper II for both exams.


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List Of Topics For CTET In English:

       Subject Related
     TopicFrequently Asked Topics
Grammar & Its RulesActive & Passive, Fillers, Narration, Synonyms & Antonyms, basic literature vocabulary
PassageFrom any Source
PoemUp to 10th Std.

     English Pedagogy
Learning AcquisitionActive & Passive, Fillers, Narration, Synonyms & Antonyms, basic literature vocabulary
Principal of Language teachingTeaching Maxims, Principals
Language SkillsReading, Speaking, Listening & Writing Skill & their Type, Micro skill
Role Of GrammarMethods Of Teaching Grammar
Challenges of Diverse ClassroomErrors, Disabilities & Disorders
Learning materialAudio Visual Aid & Textbook Features
Remedial TeachingMethods & Strategies
EvaluationFormative Assessment, Summative Assessment, Observations etc


All teaching exams, such as EMRS, REET, CTET, DSSSB, and KVS, have the Hindi language as their primary language in the language segment. Every teaching recruitment exam includes a Hindi segment, making it easier for candidates to prepare for teaching exams.

List Of Topics for CTET In Hindi:

विषय वस्तु
           TopicFrequently Asked Topics
व्याकरणसंधि, समास, अलंकार, प्रत्यय उपसर्ग, पर्यायवाची, विलोम
गद्यांशFrom any Source
पद्यांश10th कक्षा तक

अधिगम और अर्जनभाषा विकास की अवस्था, परिभाषा और इसके प्रकार
भाषा शिक्षण के सिद्धांतभाषा का अर्थ उद्देश्य, सिद्दांत,
भाषा कौशलश्रवण, मौखिक, लेखन, पठन कौशल की विधि
व्याकरण की भुमिकव्याकरण शिक्षण की विधि
भाषायी विविधताबहुभाषिक तथा शिक्षण कि चुनौतियां
सहायक सामग्रीद्रश्य- श्रव्य , पाठ्यपुस्तक
उपचारात्मक शिक्षणउपचारात्मक शिक्षण और निदानात्मक शिक्षण
मूल्यांकनमूल्यांकन की विधिया प्रकार, निरीक्षण


Mathematics is an equally essential subject in CTET exams. It is one of the critical subjects for passing the CTET exam.  

List Of Topics For CTET In Mathematics:

     Subject Related
      Topic  Frequently asked topics
Number SystemPlace Value & Face value, Fraction, Exponent & Power, Square & Cube Root
LCM & HCFFactor, Remainder Theorem, factorization methods, Relation Between LCM & HCF
AlgebraNumeric & Quadratic Equations, Algebraic Formula’s, Algebraic expression
Arithmetic’sRatio & Proportion, Profit & Loss, Time & distance, SI & CI
GeometryTriangle, Angle, Polygon, 3D & 2D Fig.
Mensuration2D-Triangle, Square, Quadrilateral(Area & Perimeter)3D- Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Prism etc.(Volume, CSA, TSA)
Data EfficiencyDirect Question from Pie Charts, Histogram, Bar Graph, Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Nature of MathematicsTechniques, Logical Reasoning, Curriculum, Kothari commission
Language of MathematicsApplication & Situational Based Questions
Evaluation            Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment, Bloom Taxonomy, van hiele theory etc.
Problem of teaching in Mathematics & Error AnalysisClassification of error & teaching methods, Remedial teaching
NCF 2005


Science is one of the trickiest areas of CTET paper II, and getting decent grades in this subject is difficult. The science subject is both conceptual and theoretical in nature. The questions in the scientific portion are divided into two categories: science content (biology, physics, and chemistry) and science pedagogical concerns.

List Of Topics For CTET In Science:

       Subject Related
Topic  Frequently asked topics
FoodComponent of Food & Preservation
Matter & Its StateState Of Matter, Classification of matters, Interconversion, Atomic Structure
Material Of Daily LifeAcid – Bases, Fibres, Polymers
Living WorldCell & Its Structure, Plant Kingdom & its classification, Plant Physiology
Human PhysiologyCirculatory System, Hormones, Reproductive System, Skeletal System
MicroorganismClassification & its uses
MotionType of motions, Direct formula based numerical, Graphical Representation
ForceNewton’s law & Based Questions, Friction
Work, Energy & MagnetDefinition, Direct formula based questions, magnetic Properties,
LightDifference between reflection & Refraction, Vision Defects, Lenses
Natural PhenomenonCyclones, Thunderstorm etc.
Natural ResourcesAir, Water, Minerals & Soil, Biodiversity

Teaching MethodsLecture, Lecture-Cum Demonstration method, Problem Solving etc.
Teaching aidsVisual Aid, Audio-visual Aid
EvaluationFormative Assessment, Summative Assessment, Bloom Taxonomy, etc.
Remedial TeachingGroup tutorial, Classroom teaching, Supervised teaching
Scope OF ScienceImportance, Curriculum & Designing
The objective of teaching scienceBloom taxonomy
EvaluationFormative Assessment, Summative Assessment, Bloom Taxonomy, etc.

Exam Preparation 

By creating a feasible and effective plan and knowing their strengths and weaknesses, candidates can prepare for important topics for CTET. First and foremost, you should practice your weak points carefully and then revise your strong points. 

Hope you found this post to be informative. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Oliveboard if you have any questions.


Are CTET topics covered in all the subjects of the CTET exam?

These topics cover all the main subjects like Child Development & Pedagogy; Language I; Language II; Mathematics and Science; Social Studies and Environmental Studies.

Does the list of important topics for CTET change every year?

No, the important topics for CTET remain the same every year until the CBSE officially announces any change.

How to prepare for the important topics for CTET?

By practicing and understanding the syllabus and pattern of exams, candidates can prepare the important topics for CTET.