National Cinema Day 2024 (11th October), Theme & History

National Cinema Day 2024 India

National Cinema Day is an annual event celebrated in India to promote cinema and encourage people to watch movies in theaters. It is celebrated on the second Friday of October. This year it falls on 11th October.

Movie tickets will be available for ₹99 at all participating theaters in India. It is a great opportunity to watch your favorite movies on the big screen for a fraction of the usual price.

National Cinema Day Theme 2024

As of today, the theme for the National Cinema Day 2024 has not been announced yet.

History of National Cinema Day

The Multiplex Association Of India (MAI) established National Cinema Day to mark the reopening of cinema halls following the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative was created to show solidarity and support for cinema hall owners who had faced significant losses during the pandemic.

  • During National Cinema Day, movie tickets are offered at substantial discounts, encouraging moviegoers to participate in revitalizing the cinema industry.
  • The event was first celebrated in 2022, and it was initially planned for September 16 but was later postponed to September 23.
  • On this special day, movie enthusiasts can enjoy films at an affordable price in cinema halls.
  • Last year, over 65 lakh moviegoers visited theaters on September 23, celebrating the successful reopening of movie halls.

This year, the MAI has announced that tickets will be sold at Rs 99 for more than 4,000 screens. The participating theaters include PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Miraj, Citypride, Asian, Mukta A2, Movie Time, Wave, M2K, Delite, and many others.

Significance of India’s Cinema Day

National Cinema Day

National Cinema Day is a special occasion that brings audiences of all ages together for a day of cinematic celebration. It acknowledges the incredible success of multiple films at the box office throughout the year.

This day serves as a platform to celebrate India’s unique cultural identity and heritage as reflected in its films. It’s a time to appreciate storytelling that captures the essence of the nation’s history, traditions, and societal values.

On October 11, movie enthusiasts can enjoy any show of any film for just ₹99. Except recliner and premium formats, according to the Multiplex Association of India (MAI). This provides a fantastic opportunity for people to experience the magic of cinema at an affordable price.

11th October 2024 Special Day

On October 11, 2024, National Cinema Day unfolds as an annual celebration in India, enticing cinephiles to partake in the joy of cinema by promoting and encouraging movie-watching in theaters. This special day, observed on the second Friday of October, serves as a vibrant tribute to the cinematic arts, inviting people to experience the magic of storytelling on the big screen. Let’s embrace the spirit of National Cinema Day, celebrating the power of film to captivate, inspire, and unite audiences.


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