National Friendship Day 2024, Its History, Significance & How to Celebrate

Friendship Day 2024

National Friendship Day happens every year on the first Sunday of August, this time on August 4, 2024. It’s a day to celebrate the significance of true, non-romantic relationships. Friendships are vital, and thanks to social media, we can continue celebrating with friends no matter where they are.

The History of National Friendship Day

Humans and Social Needs

We, humans, are naturally social beings, as seen in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. Our need for connection drives us to form meaningful relationships. This need led to the creation of a whole holiday centered on the importance of friendship.

Hallmark’s Idea

Originally, National Friendship Day was a marketing strategy by Hallmark Cards in the 1930s. Joyce Hall, the founder, chose August 2 for a day to celebrate close people by sending them cards. In 1935, the U.S. Congress made the first Sunday of August the official National Friendship Day. The celebration gained more recognition globally, and in 1998, Winnie the Pooh became the world’s Ambassador of Friendship.

When is National Friendship Day 2024?

Friends: Our Chosen Family

This year, National Friendship Day falls on August 4. It’s a day to appreciate and celebrate the friends we choose, the ones who support us through thick and thin.

Significance of National Friendship Day

Facing Challenges Together

Friendships, like any relationships, can have tough times. But healthy friendships endure disagreements and become stronger through challenges.

Unity is Strength

This day reminds us that we are stronger together. If we’re feeling down, we can share it with someone and have company to get through tough times.

Breaking Barriers

Friend groups often include people from different backgrounds. Being friends with someone different helps us learn more and break down preconceived barriers.

Friendship Day Traditions

Unique Bonds, Unique Traditions

Traditions vary among friends. They can include anything from simple gatherings to more elaborate celebrations. Gifts like ‘Best Friends’ lockets or scrapbooks are exchanged to solidify the friendship.

How to Celebrate Friendship Day 2024

Express Gratitude

Start the day by being thankful for your friends and spreading love.

Share Memories on Social Media

Share memories and special moments on social media to relive the experiences that brought you and your friends together.

Spend Quality Time

Celebrate by spending time with your friends. It could be going out, cooking together, or having a video call.


As National Friendship Day approaches on August 4, 2024, let’s appreciate the beauty of these connections. Whether reflecting on history, celebrating unique traditions, or showing simple gratitude, let’s come together to celebrate the essence of true friendship.

4th August 2024 Special Day

As August 4th gets closer, people get excited for National Friendship Day and the chance it brings to celebrate meaningful friendships. The timing of the first Sunday in August is a good opportunity to make goals for nurturing relationships, refocus priorities to value friends, and be hopeful about staying connected. The coming of 2024’s special National Friendship Day brings back hope for a good year ahead and a future where important non-romantic friendships keep enriching lives, thanks to social media bridging any distance. This special day allows appreciating how meaningful true friendships are.


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