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Why People Fail in Bank Exams : The number of students applying for government jobs in banks is rising every year. With a limited number of seats in the banks and lakhs of aspiring candidates competing for the various positions, it has become very difficult to crack the entrance. Despite very good preparation, often, students come up with queries regarding the reasons for failing a bank exam in the first attempt. This article highlights some of the major reasons why people fail in a bank exam. Read on.

Here is why people fail in bank exams?

There can be many reasons for failure in a competitive exam, here are some reasons to why people might be failing in the bank exams. 

1. Not being aware of the competition

Most people do not have the slightest idea about the cutthroat competition that exists in the way of getting government jobs in banks. They take the exam very casually and appear for the same without adequate preparation. Many of you coming from  Science/Humanities/Commerce background may feel that you know all about the basics of Mathematics or English grammar. You believe there is no need to study more than what you already know. That is where most students go wrong. 

There are thousands of applicants, who are eyeing the position, which you have applied for. The selection rate in these competitive exams is only 1% of the number of applicants. Moreover, the selection depends on sectional and overall cut-offs. Therefore, you need to ace your competitive exam preparation.

2. Not being aware of the changes in the exam syllabus

Sometimes, students are not aware of the changes brought about in the exam syllabus. They follow the previous exam pattern and syllabus and only prepare based on handouts or offline study materials that do not help much.

These booklets mostly contain out-dated information and do not keep up with the trending topics or events, which are a major part of the Current Affairs section. Thus, the possibility of not being able to answer some of the most important topics, and failing in the exam is high.

3. Not paying attention to negative marking

While taking the exam, candidates try to solve a maximum number of questions without taking note that for every wrong answer, negative marking applies.

This is a major reason for their failure in bank exams. Guesswork does not work in such competitive exams. In fact, answers based on flukes and hunch may harm you more than benefit. Therefore, you should only choose an option if you know the correct answer and are confident.

4. Unable to manage time and speed

No matter how good your competitive exam preparation is, if you are not prompt and do not have time-management skills, then your chances of cracking bank entrance exams are low.

Specific time slots are allotted to each section of the paper. You need to solve all the sections in the given duration. This leaves you with very less time to think. Your preparation should be top-notch so that you can answer them correctly without wasting time. Taking frequent mock tests online can help you improve speed and manage time.

5. Not signing up for online mock tests

Mock tests are the key to succeeding in bank entrance exams. In about 98% of the cases, the questions in the mock test appear in the actual exam.

By solving online mock test papers, you get a fair idea about how the exam papers actually look like. The mock test series covers each section of your exam syllabus. Either you can opt to sit for the mock test as a whole or take up partial mock test i.e. choose a particular section to brush up your skills.

Moreover, after finishing the test, you can view how many questions you have answered correctly and the marks you have secured. Thus, you can analyze your performance, know your strengths, and work on the weaker points.

Why Students fail in the bank exam?

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Avoid making these mistakes and stay focused on your preparation instead. Banking exams are tough. You might not be able to make it in your first or even second attempt. However, the goal is achievable and eventually, you will succeed. All you need is patience, perseverance, and faith in yourself.

This is all from our side in this blog. Stay Tuned to Oliveboard 😀

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bank exams difficult?

The level of questions asked in the bank exams is not difficult, but the lack of time in the exam makes it difficult to solve all questions in the given time frame.

Why do people fail in banking exams, what are the top 5 reasons?

You can find the top 5 reasons in the blog above.

Can I clear bank exam in first attempt?

With the help of proper study plan and guidance, t is totally possible to clear the bank exams in the very first attempt.


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