How to prepare for TISSNET GA | Notes and resources

TISSNET (MA 2022 – 2024) Online Application is open now and the interested candidates can now apply for the exam. The last date to register for the TISSNET 2022 online is February 7, 2022. The exam will be held on February 26, 2022. After going through the TISSNET syllabus, questions on how to prepare for TISSNET GA might arise in your mind. We have come up with this blog to answer all the questions on how to prepare for TISSNET GA.

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Before we discuss about tips for TISSNET GA, let us first discuss,

Why is GA so important?

Due to the nature of general knowledge/awareness questions, they:-

  • Provide 100% accuracy (unless you indulge in blind guesswork)
  • Are highly time-efficient (no calculation or revision required)
  • Highly scoring

Thus, this GA section could help you clear those overall cutoffs and seal the deal.

What are the problems faced by aspirants for GA preparation?

The most common problems faced by aspirants are:-

  • What to prepare: General knowledge / awareness is a limitless topic, to say the least. Hence, it is only natural for aspirants to feel intimated and confused by the vastness of the subject. Also, GA is constantly evolving. Hundreds of things are added on an everyday basis.
  • Organizing information: As discussed above, GA is practically endless. There’s always more to know. This gives rise to the problem of how to assimilate all that information. Thus it becomes difficult for aspirants to tactically plan their preparation.

Now that we have understood the problems, in the following section, we will be addressing them one by one and provide a solution as to how to prepare for TISSNET GA.

What to Prepare & How to Prepare for GA: Understand the Scope of Learning with Respect to TISSNET

Make sure to analyze previous years’ cutoffs to get a general idea of the minimum score you must obtain in that section.  On an average the Cutoff for TISSNET GA is :

  • 35% (14 Marks) for Gen, EWS, KM, and AF
  • 30% (12 Marks) for OBC (NC) and PWD
  • No Sectional Cut off for SC/ST

General knowledge/awareness is divided into 2 main parts: STATIC GA &  CURRENT AFFAIRS.

Important topics for Static GK Preparation
  • International Organizations (IMF, World Bank, IMO etc):  Major world organizations including economic organizations like WTO, IMF, and WB are important. Various political global groupings like UN and regional groups like ASEAN, SAARC, etc. are also important.One can expect regarding headquarters, chairpersons, functions of the organization or any other major reform/ event that took place (pertaining to the organization)
  • History: It can be further divided into Indian and World History. Indian History, especially after the 1857 revolt is more important.
  • Economy: You can expect questions from theoretical as well as practical aspects of Indian and World Economy, with a special focus on India’s macroeconomic indicators, like inflationary trends, GDP etc. Budget is also an important topic in economy.
  • Polity: In this, you may be asked questions on the working of the Indian Political System e.g. political parties, pressure groups etc. Also, as far as the constitution is concerned, expect questions on major Articles, Schedules and Constitutional Amendments. Further, features of major social schemes launched by the central government in the past are very important. Use “Comparative Reading“. For instance, read in the following manner –  First read about the President, then the governor, then read about PM, then CM, Parliament and then State Legislature, Supreme Court and then High court and so on.
  • Environment And Ecology :Learn basic concepts of ecology and latest updates
  • Current Affairs : Update yourself on the latest events in International Politics, National Events, International and National awards, Defense, and Sports related CA.
  • Literature, Arts : Major Art forms in India and Important literary works with special focus on those in news.

Though the syllabus may seem vast, a good way to prepare is to refer to reliable resources. Consider custom-made e-books for each exam. One can also peruse NCERT (up to class 10) books for preparing static GA. 

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How to Prepare Current Affairs?

You must be thorough with the current affairs of the 3 – 5 months prior to the exam.

Suggested Resources 

  • Newspapers: Most commonly perused newspaper for competitive exam purposes is “The Hindu”.
  • Books: NCERT books ( up to class 10 ) are considered the best for the preparation of static GK topics such as History, General Science etc. For brushing up current affairs, one can also use yearbooks like Manorama.
  • E-books and blogs: You can refer to various e-books and blogs that are available on the internet as free resources as long as you make sure that the source is reliable. Some of Oliveboard’s e-books and blogs for general awareness preparation are mentioned below:-
  1. E-books For General Awareness Preparation For Banking, Government & MBA exams
  2. Static GK Notes

Some important topic wise E-books are given below. Stay tuned for regular updates.

Sr noTopic Link
1Military exercisesClick here
2Environment conventionsClick here
3Folk dances of IndiaClick here
4Indian fairs and festivalsClick here
5International Organisations and their headquartersClick here
6Reports by International OrganisationsClick here
7Books and authors-Ancient IndiaClick here
8Bharat Ratna Award winnersClick here
9National ParksClick here
10Bird sanctuaries in IndiaClick here
11Ancient Indian History NotesClick here
12Important articles in the Indian constitutionClick here
13Modern Indian HistoryClick here
14Famous temples of IndiaClick here
15Historical monuments of IndiaClick here

Daily current affairs and CA compilations: You can refer to Daily CA updates and compilations available online. Oliveboard’s following resources will give you an added edge in the examination.

General Tips for GA Section Preparation
  • However cliched this might sound, reading newspaper regularly is the most effective way of strengthening your preparation of the general knowledge / awareness section. Reading newspapers daily can make life easy in learning General Knowledge. Keeping an eye on what’s happening around may find it interesting in looking out for news daily.
  • Taking down notes is a good way to assimilate information and store it for future reference. Here, we would advise you not to just simply write down points. Make an effort to create flowcharts and mindmaps for the data. Not only will this help you at the time of revision but will also help you to actively engage with information and remember is for longer periods of time.
  • Online quizzes let you test your knowledge and also stimulate your mind to learn more objectively. You can install some app and can play small quizzes while at travel or leisure. This will also help you make better use of your time.

General knowledge is called ‘general’ because it is everywhere. Be curious and a continuous learner. Your short-term focus should be on the exam-specific GA but the habit of seeking knowledge will give you the required edge in the competition.

Thus, to aid your preparation you can attempt Oliveboard’s GK tests which cover the following topics in TISSNET syllabus.

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