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RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz 02 – Attempt Now

RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz 02

The Tier 1 Exam of the RRB NTPC 2019 Recruitment is scheduled to take place from June to September 2019. To aid you with your RRB NTPC Exam preparationwe are starting a free RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz Series. The practice quiz will contain 10 free GA questions taken from previous year’s Exam papers. Let us begin with RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz 02.

RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz 02 – Questions

Q1) The apex body for formulating plans and coordinating research work in agriculture and allied fields is: ___________.
a) Indian Council of Agricultural Research

b) Regional Rural Banks
c) State Trading Corporation
d) National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

Q2) Who of the following was NOT related to the Congress Socialist Party?
a) Acharya Narendradev

b) Ram Manohar Lohia
c) Jai Prakash
d) Subhash Chandra Bose

Q3) Economic growth is usually coupled with ___________.
a) deflation

b) inflation
c) Stagflation
d) hyper inflation

Q4) After the decline of the Palas, which dynasty established its rule in Bengal?
a) Sena dynasty

b) Gaur dynasty
c) Ilyas dynasty
d) Ganesh dynasty

Q5) Which among the following is known as ‘the safety valve of nature’?
a) Earthquake

b) Ozone gas
c) Volcano
d) Rivers

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Q6) The folk dance “Bohag Bihu” is popular in the state of ________________.
a) Assam

b) Bihar
c) Odisha
d) Jharkhand

Q7) Which regional division of the Himalayas is situated between the river Kali and river Tista?
a) Punjab Himalaya

b) Nepal Himalaya
c) Assam Himalaya
d) Kumaon Himalaya

Q8) The definition of Money Bill is given in which article of the Indian Constitution?
a) Article 56

b) Article 110
c) Article 252
d) Article 256

Q9) In India, which kind of emergency can be proclaimed on the grounds of war or external aggression or armed rebellion?
a) National Emergency

b) State Emergency
c) Financial Emergency
d) State and Financial Emergency both

Q10) Earthquake tremors are caused by the disturbance deep down inside the uppermost layer of the earth called the _________.
a) core

b) kernel
c) pith
d) crust

RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz 02 – Answer Key

Q1. Q2. Q3. Q4. Q5. Q6. Q7. Q8 Q9. Q10.
a d b a c a b b a d


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That’s all from us in this blog. Hope you all find the RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz 02 useful in your RRB NTPC Exam preparation. To Practice more General Awareness questions, Take GK Quiz HERE

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