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RBI Grade B ESI Preparation

Economic & Social Issues (ESI) is an important section of the RBI Grade B Phase II exam. It tests a candidate’s knowledge of the Economic & Social concepts (static knowledge) and the various issues related to national economic & social issues (current affairs). In the following blog, we have provided the exam pattern, syllabus, resources, and some tips for RBI Grade B ESI Preparation.

RBI Grade B ESI Target Score

Here, we will discuss what should be the ideal RBI Grade B ESI Target Score. We will also know how much marks should be target in objective, descriptive & total.

ESI Target Score (Objective)ESI Target Score (Descriptive)ESI Target Score (Total)
30+ Marks15+ Marks70-75 Marks

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How to Cover ESI for RBI Grade B?

After a thorough analysis of last year’s RBI Grade B question papers, it is found that most of the questions asked in the Economic & Social Issues section come from the following sources:

  • Economic Survey of India
  • Budget Summary
  • Concept Based Books or Notes
  • NCERT Basic Knowledge
  • Newspapers (Current events, factual in nature)
  • Press Information Bureau

Most of the questions are based on facts, figures, numbers, and percentages which makes it important for the candidates to remember these figures. Following are the most important sources:

TopicsRBI Grade B ESI Preparation Sources
Government schemes and CampaignsSchemes in News – PIB Analysis by Lakshmi Maam (6 months)
Static Schemes/Landmark Schemes –
Schemes Playlist on YT and Revision
Reports and IndicesBudget, Economic Survey, PLFS, NFHS-5,
AISHE, ASER, NEP, Census, State of forest
report, 15th Finance Commission,
Multidimensional Poverty index
International and Regional OrganizationsWTO, World Bank, IMF, OECD, WEF,
National and International Current eventsPIB Analysis by Laxmi Maam (6 Months) and Daily CA- Pooja Maam (3Months)
CommitteesDaily CA- Pooja Maam(6 Months)
GDP ForecastsDaily CA- Pooja Maam(6 Months)
Constitution ArticlesLaxmikanth – FR, FD, DPSP, Panchayats and Municipalities (73rd and 74th Amendments)
StaticNotes + Nitin Singhania + Ramesh Singh

Along with all the above mentioned sources, do not forget to attempt the mock tests. The link to attempt the mock tests is given below:

RBI Grade B ESI Preparation 2024

First of all, go through the sample paper given by RBI to get an idea of what kind of questions will be asked in the examination. From that, you will get an idea of how deep you need to go into the topics while preparing. These sample papers are generally released by the RBI at the time of the RBI Grade B Notification release. This paper can be divided into two parts.

  • One is the static part i.e. conceptual which includes basic knowledge of different concepts of macroeconomics like national income, the repo rate, bank rate, fiscal deficit, revenue deficit, budget, inflation, banking sector in India, etc.
  • The other part of this paper is the dynamic part i.e. the factual part which is current affairs based.

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RBI Grade B ESI Important Chapters

In the table below, we have mentioned the important chapters of economic and social issues for RBI Grade B. Please note that these chapters are written in the sequence of their priority. Candidates must first prioritize the chapter “Introduction to Economics” and subsequently cover other chapters.

RBI Grade B ESI Important Chapters
Introduction to Economics
Measurement of growth
Poverty Alleviation
Employment Generation
Environmental Issues
Sustainable Development
History of Indian Economy
Agricultural Sector
Industrial Sector and Policy
Labor Policy
Service Sector
Monetary Policy
Fiscal Policy and Public Finance
Role of RBI
Role of Indian Banks
Political Economy
Balance Of Payments
New Economic Policy and Reforms
Foreign trade policy
International economic institutions (World Bank, IMF, WTO)
REC and Int. Economic Issues
Demographic Trends, Multiculturalism, Urbanization and migration & Social justice

RBI Grade B ESI Preparation – Static Part Strategy

The preparation depends on your background. Check out the below points to understand this more clearly:

  • If you are a category 1 candidate, i.e. either you have an academic background in finance/economics or you are a civil services aspirant, this part won’t be much of a problem for you. Just revise your old notes or economics books that you have already studied a couple of times and that will do.
  • If you are in category 2 i.e. you are new to economics, you should start by reading economics NCERT textbooks of Class 10, 11, and 12 to get an idea of the basic concepts of macroeconomics. For detailed reading after this, you can refer to RBI Grade B Books 2024.
  • Another option is to go through the General Studies notes of Economics by Sriram IAS Coaching Institute as the syllabus for this paper is a subset of the economics syllabus for the General Studies paper of Civil services. Moreover, these notes are very lucid, easy to understand, and to the point cover important current events of economic significance which gives a better understanding of the concepts.
  • For social issues, the questions asked are very generic and you need not go through any book for that. Just google search the various topics mentioned in the syllabus and read any relevant documents. Apart from this, you should go through a summary of the socio-economic and caste census, etc.

RBI Grade B ESI Preparation – Dynamic Part Strategy

Check out the below mentioned points to know how you can cover the complete dynamic part of RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam.

  • Make sure you go through all the social sector schemes, welfare programs, and current affairs related to the economics of at least the last 6 months thoroughly.
  • Go through the budget and economic survey. Remember that you need to read only the summary of the economic survey and not go through the complete survey unless you have ample free time. You will easily get all these notes free of cost online very easily.
  • After you’re done with this, you can do a selective topic-wise study from IGNOU B.A. economy booklets, if time permits. You can also go through the RBI’s Annual Report very selectively only if time permits.

This will suffice for the dynamic/ current affairs-related part.

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RBI Grade B ESI Preparation Expert Tips

Along with the general tips, the candidates will get to know the important chapters for objective and descriptive papers. Also, check out a few questions from previous year’s papers.

RBI Grade B Strategy for ESI – General Tips

  • Brush up on your basic concepts.
  • Current Affairs would dominate here.
  • Know the latest developments related to the topics given in the syllabus.
  • Descriptive Questions can be of three types: Completely static, Static + Current Affairs + Completely Current Affairs Based, or Opinion Based.

RBI Grade B Strategy for ESI – Important Chapters for Objective Paper

You might expect objective questions from the following topics: 

  • Get thorough with the basic concepts (fundamentals)
  • Cover these basic chapters of ESI & FM like Measurement of Growth – Various Indicators like GDP, GNP, NNP, National Income, etc.
  • What is Monetary and Fiscal Policy?
  • Various tools are used by RBI (as part of Monetary policy) and the Government as part of Fiscal Policy.
  • Balance of Payments
  • Industrial & Labour Policy 
  • Sustainable Development
  • Indian Political System (important articles)
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RBI Grade B Strategy for ESI – Key Takeaways from PYQs

  • Current Affairs linked to the chapters given in the syllabus are asked.
  • A few questions are very simple (like Phase 1 level) and some questions go one step deeper.

RBI Grade B Strategy for ESI – Important Chapters for Descriptive Paper

You might expect some descriptive questions from the following topics:

  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Employment Generation
  • Changes in Industrial Policy & Labour Policy
  • Monetary & Fiscal Policy 
  • Priorities & recommendations of Economic Survey& Union Budget.
  • Indian Agriculture
  • Export & Import Policy
  • Human Development 
  • Social Sectors in India 
  • Health & Education

RBI Grade B ESI Approach for Descriptive Paper

Check out the step-wise guide for RBI Grade B ESI Preparation for the descriptive paper:

  • Step 1: Get a grip on all imp. concepts. List them down and make sure to understand each one.
  • Step 2: Expect questions related to Current Affairs, so track all the important events, reports, schemes, and policies and have key points ready for these. Coverage: Last 6-8 months.
  • Step 3: Make a list of imp. points mentioned in the Union Budget and Economic Survey. Note the points such that you can use them for any type of questions asked from these two sources.
  • Step 4: For opinion-based questions which would mostly be asked from the Social Issues section, you need to justify the stand you take. Do not spend time preparing points for these. You can use a few data points noted down while studying current affairs for these answers.
  • Step 5: Practice at least 12-15 answers before you go for the examination.

RBI Grade B ESI Preparation 2024 – Conclusion

Do not let the length of the above-mentioned list of preparation resources intimidate you. You do not have to read them cover to cover, as that is going to take plenty of time. You need to be smart and selective in your preparation and be selective about reading. The Mock Tests are created by exam toppers and experts who have extensive knowledge about the exam, its pattern, and its syllabus. Taking RBI Grade B Mock Tests will:

  • Familiarize yourself with the pattern, nature, and difficulty level of the exam
  • Help you figure out exactly what you need to focus on for the exam from your study material so you can be smart & selective and save time
  • Determine your speed & accuracy
  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses
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RBI Grade B Preparation Material – Free Ebooks

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