SBI PO 2019 Interview Experience – Siddhartha Mishra (19 Sept 2019)

SBI PO 2019 GD and Interview round is currently being conducted all over India for the recruitment of 2000 Probationary Officer vacancies announced in the 2019 Notification released earlier this year. This is the third and final phase of the recruitment process. The GD and Interviews started from 16th September and will be conducted till 26 September 2019. In this blog, one of the candidates – Siddhartha Mishra has shared his SBI PO 2019 Interview Experience in his own words. All the candidates who have their SBI PO 2019 Interview & GD scheduled in the days ahead could learn a lot from this blog. Also the aspirants who aspire to appear for the SBI PO Interviews in future should also read this blog and understand the Interview and Group Discussion Process for SBI PO Recruitment. It will come in handy when their turn arrives. So, Let us begin with Siddhartha’s SBI PO 2019 Group Discussion and Interview Experience.

SBI PO 2019 Interview Experience – Candidate’s Profile

  • Name – Siddhartha Mishra
  • Place – Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Qualification – Aeronautical Engineer. Cleared IBPS RRB PO 2018 Exam. Currently posted as Assistant Manager in Baroda-UP Gramin Bank, Fatehpur.

SBI PO 2019 Interview Experience

Place -: SBI LHO, Hazratganj, Lucknow.

Date – 19 September 2019 (Shift 2)

Total number of Candidates in the Shift – 11

“My SBI PO 2019 GD and Interview process started with the Document Verification (DV). About 15 minutes were required to complete each candidate’s DV. The DV process as completed in 2.5 Hours for my shift.

Group Discussion

After this, All the candidates were taken to a room for the SBI PO 2019 Group Discussion. Here we were given the GD Topic by 2 Examiners (Retired AVM and DVM). The Topic was ” Mob Lynching – Are we moving towards Instant Justice“. We were given 5 minutes for preparation. (Pen and a paper were provided). The Group Discussion carried on for about 20 minutes. It was like an informal discussion where any candidate could speak any time. However, Decorum had to be maintained.

Group Exercise

After the GD, it was time for Group Exercise (GE). For this, the topic was “Happiness in life“. We all were given 8 factors – Self awareness, Self motivated, Self control, Inter personal relationships, Money, Work hours, Influence to others, Power in job. We were asked to arrange these 8 factors in the order of importance. All the candidates were required to reach a consensus and agree with the final order. Our group could not reach to a consensus. We could agree only on 2 factors.

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Personal Interview

After the GE, personal interviews started. My turn came after 8 other candidates. I entered the room and greeted the panel members. There were total 5 members – 1 Female and 4 Male. The Female member was sitting in the center with 2 male members on either side.

The panel straight away asked me about my current job as Assistant Manager in Baroda-UP Gramin Bank. I described my daily work and responsibilities.

The next question was “Why do you want to leave such a nice job and join SBI?“. To which I replied by telling them that, if I am selected in SBI my career growth would be better. Then they asked why SBI is better? I had prepared this answer so I gave them all the facts and figures about SBI and how it is the leader in Banking Sector.

The next question was about my switch to Banking from Engineering field. I answered by stating that as I could not get a placement in Engineering field so I choose Banking as my Back up Plan.

The next Question was about my previous job in a Start-up (2 years). They asked me about Terms related to Start-ups. I could answer some but not all.

The next question was on Indian Economy. They asked me about the problems faced by Indian Economy currently. I had prepared this answer so was able give a proper answer with facts.

Then they asked me about my Hobbies. I replied – Cricket and Cooking. The next few questions were related to these – What kind of food I like to cook? Who is Highest wicket taker in Test Cricket? then in T20 Cricket and finally Who is better – Sachin or Virat?. I answered all of them.

That was the end of my SBI PO 2019 interview. They wished me all the best.

My Interview lasted for about 7 to 8 Minutes.

The Panel was very supportive throughout, They were always smiling.

Overall I can say my SBI PO 2019 Interview Experience was a good one. All the best to all my fellow candidates. I hope we meet in the training after selection.”

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That is all from us in this blog on SBI PO 2019 Interview Experience by Siddhartha Mishra. We hope you found the information useful. Keep checking this space for more such blogs and study materials for Banking Exam Preparation. All the Best.

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