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TISSNET 2022 will be conducted on 26th February 2022. The GA section has a sectional cut-off of 35% (14 marks) for Gen, EWS, KM, and AF categories and 30% (12 marks) for OBC (NC) and PWD categories.  There are no sectional cutoffs for the other sections. This makes the GA section very important for TISSNET. To help you clear the sectional cut-off and also score well in the overall exam, we bring to you 500 Static GK Questions for TISSNET 2022.

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500 Static GK Questions for TISSNET 2022 | Sneak Peek

1. SONAR is based on the principle of

Ans: Echo

2. The danger signals are red, not yellow because

Ans: the wavelength of red light is more

3. The oil in the wick of the lamp rises due to

Ans: Phenomenon of capillarity

4. We receive sunlight on the earth’s surface. What type of light beams are these?

Ans: Diverging

5. Tesla is a unit of magnetic:

Ans: flux density

6. The SI unit of density is.

Ans: kg m-3

7. A player making a long jump is an example of _________________.

Ans: Projectile motion

8. Sound of frequency below 20 Hz is called

Ans: Infrasonic

9. Steel is more elastic than rubber because it:

Ans: requires larger deforming force

10. Transformer is a device used to convert

Ans: Low voltage AC into high voltage AC

11. What is the use of a concave mirror?

Ans: To provide a magnified image of the face for applying make-up

12. Every hot object emits _______________.

Ans: Infrared rays

13. A bomb explodes on the moon. You will hear its sound on earth after __________ seconds.

Ans: You cannot hear the explosion

14. Why does a cannon recoil after firing?

Ans: Newton’s third law of motion

15. The ultimate source of energy in a hydroelectric power station is:

Ans: the potential energy of water

16. The water from a hand pump is warm in winter because _________.

Ans: The temperature inside the earth is higher than the atmospheric temperature

17. Ball pen function on the principle of _____________.

Ans: Surface tension

18. The sky appears blue because ______________.

Ans: the atmosphere scatters blue color more than the others

19. When a light wave is reflected from a mirror, there is a change in its ________.

Ans: Amplitude

20. An object which absorbs all colours and reflects none appears:

Ans: Black

21. A small drop of oil spreads over water because_____:

Ans: water has a higher surface tension

22. Pressure cooker is fast in cooking rice because

Ans: high pressure raises the boiling point of water

23. Who was the first person to measure the speed of light?

Ans: Ole Romer

24. Electric Motor converts

Ans: Electrical energy into mechanical energy

25. The M.K.S system was introduced by

Ans: Giorgi

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