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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 12 April 2019

Vocabulary Booster 12 April 2019

Vocabulary based questions are often asked in all Banking and Government Exams. So we at Oliveboard will be providing you with a daily dose of vocabulary to help you with overcoming your struggle in this section. You need to go through it daily to see a marked improvement in your English vocabulary. We hope it will help you in the upcoming SBI PO, RRB JENIACL AO, FCI, CWC, LIC AAO, SSC, NTPC exams as well. The words in the Daily Vocabulary Booster 12 April 2019 are taken directly from the editorial of the Hindu Newspaper.

Read in Hindi: द हिन्दू दैनिक शब्दावली बूस्टर 12 अप्रैल 2019

The Hindu Newspaper is considered the Bible by the various exam aspirants as it has the best unbiased views on various current news and happenings in the world. Also, it helps immensely if you are looking for daily dose of English reading and building your English vocabulary. So, we at Oliveboard present to all our viewers and Exam aspirants a daily dose of difficult words with their meanings, synonyms and the correct usage in this blog of the Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 12 April 2019.

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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 12 April 2019

Words Meanings & Synonyms Usage
Alienate Make someone feel isolated or estranged;

Set apart, Drive apart

The latest tax proposals will alienate many voters.
Apartheid It was a system of institutionalised racial segregation that existed in South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990s The Apartheid was the reason for much of the racial tension in South Africa.
De facto In fact, whether by right or not;

Really, Actually;

Existing or holding a specified position in fact but not necessarily by legal right

The country was de facto divided between two states.

Chine has a de facto one-party system.

Exception A person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule;

Anomaly, Irregularity, Deviation, Special case, Departure

He always plays top tunes, and tonight was no exception.
Hassle-free Without problems or bother Travelling by coach is the hassle-free way of discovering cities from Vienna to Vancouver, Moscow to Rome.
Indictment A formal charge or accusation of a serious crime;

Charge, Accusation, Arraignment, Citation, Summons

No one was surprised by her indictment.
Perishable Likely to decay or go bad quickly;

Liable to rot, easily spoilt, Decomposable, Biodegradable

Fish is a perishable food.
Rescind Revoke, Cancel, or Repeal The government eventually rescinded the directive that it issued last year.
Segregate Set apart from the rest or from each other;

Isolate or divide

The civil rights movement fought against practices that segregated blacks and whites.
Status quo The existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues There is no desire to change the current status quo.
Supposedly According to what is generally assumed or believed (often used to indicate that the speaker doubts the truth of the statement) There were rumours of a rift between him and his colleagues, supposedly because they were jealous of his relationship with the higher government authorities.
Unfetter Release from restraint or inhibition His imagination is unfettered by the laws of logic.

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So, this was from us in this article of The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 12 April 2019. Go through The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 12 April 2019 very thoroughly and you will see marked improvement in your vocabulary. We suppose The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 12 April 2019 has helped you in learning new words for today and added to your vocabulary.

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