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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 15 April 2019

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Vocabulary based questions are often asked in all Banking and Government Exams. So we at Oliveboard will be providing you with a daily dose of vocabulary to help you with overcoming your struggle in this section. You need to go through it daily to see a marked improvement in your English vocabulary. We hope it will help you in the upcoming SBI PO, RRB JENIACL AO, FCI, CWC, LIC AAO, SSC, NTPC exams as well. The words in the Daily Vocabulary Booster 15 April 2019 are taken directly from the editorial of the Hindu Newspaper.

Read in Hindi: द हिन्दू दैनिक शब्दावली बूस्टर 15 अप्रैल 2019

The Hindu Newspaper is considered the Bible by the various exam aspirants as it has the best unbiased views on various current news and happenings in the world. Also, it helps immensely if you are looking for daily dose of English reading and building your English vocabulary. So, we at Oliveboard present to all our viewers and Exam aspirants a daily dose of difficult words with their meanings, synonyms and the correct usage in this blog of the Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 15 April 2019.

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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 15 April 2019

Words Meanings & Synonyms Usage
Aggressively In a determined and forceful way Foreign-owned banks are aggressively marketing credit cards.
Anti-secrecy Serving or intended to prevent or restrict the concealment of information especially by governments These anti-secrecy trends and inclinations sometimes interact to convince administrations, Congresses, and intelligence agency heads that they must release various historical intelligence documents.
Criticism The expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes;

Censure, Reproval, Condemnation;

The analysis and judgement of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work;

Evaluation, Assessment, Examination, Appreciation

He received a lot of criticism after the release of his recent book.
Elude Escape from or avoid a danger, enemy, or pursuer, typically in a skilful or cunning way;

Evade, Avoid, Get away from

He tried to elude the security men by sneaking through a back door.
Extradition The action of extraditing a person accused or convicted of a crime;

Deportation, Handover, Repatriation

They fought to prevent his extradition to the US.
Flimsy Insubstantial and easily damaged;

Weak and unconvincing;

Feeble, Poor, Inadequate, Insufficient

She tried to give a pretty flimsy excuse for being late to the office.
Indictment A formal charge or accusation of a serious crime;

Charge, Accusation, Arraignment;

The indictment of twelve people who had imported cocaine caused happiness among the locals.
Interrogation Questioning, Cross-questioning, Cross-examination Would he keep his mouth shut under interrogation?
Invalidate Make or prove an argument, statement, or theory unsound or erroneous;

Disprove, Refute, Contradict, Rebut, Negate

A technical flaw in her papers invalidated her nomination.
Irreversible Not able to be undone or altered;

Irreparable, Unrepairable

She suffered irreversible damage to her health after the fatal accident.
Peril Serious and immediate danger;

Danger, Jeopardy, Risk

Rihanna first witnessed the perils of pop stardom a decade ago.
Promulgate Promote or make widely known an idea or cause;

Publicize, Spread, Communicate, Propagate

These objectives have to be promulgated within the organization.
Prospect The possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring;

Likelihood, Hope, Expectation, Anticipation

There was no prospect of a reconciliation between the two parties.
Protocol The official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions;

Etiquette, Formalities, Customs;

Agreement, Treaty

Protocol forbids the prince from making any public statement in his defence.
Stifle Make someone unable to breathe properly;


Those in the forest were stifled by the fumes from the wild fire.
Suppression The action of suppressing something such as an activity or publication;

Repression, Crushing

The suppression of the revolt by the peasants took a mere two days.
Unexceptionable Not open to objection, but not particularly new or exciting Society should be governed by law should be an unexceptionable belief.
Whistle-blower A person who informs on a person or organization regarded as engaging in an unlawful or immoral activity. There should be a provision in the law to protect the persecution of whistle-blowers.

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So, this was from us in this article of The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 15 April 2019. Go through The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 15 April 2019 very thoroughly and you will see marked improvement in your vocabulary. We suppose The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 15 April 2019 has helped you in learning new words for today and added to your vocabulary.

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