TNA – Weekly Current Affairs Series | 01 to 05 July 2019

The importance of Current Affairs is very well known to anybody who is preparing for Banking, Government and Insurance Exams. Having a Good grasp on Daily Current Affairs and General Awareness Topics can easily add extra 4-5 Marks in these Exams. These 4-5 marks could be the difference between being an Officer and Staying an Aspirant. Hence to give our readers the best to chance to achieve their dream of getting a Banking or Government Job through Competitive Exams we are providing our user with this Free Weekly Current Affairs Blog Series. In this Blog series, We are going to share the links of our TNA – Today’s New Analysis Videos on Youtube.

TNA is our free Daily Current Affairs Video series on Youtube conducted by our GA and GS expert Faculty Aditya and Abhishek Sir. In this Video series, Top news of the Day, their Analysis and expected questions on them are discussed by the Faculty. This is conducted at 7:30 AM from Monday to Friday Every week on Oliveboard’s Youtube Channel.

Weekly Current Affairs – 1st July 2019 (TNA Session)

Weekly Current Affairs – 2nd July 2019 (TNA Session)

Weekly Current Affairs – 3rd July 2019 (TNA Session)

Weekly Current Affairs – 4th July 2019 (TNA Session)

Weekly Current Affairs – 5th July 2019 (TNA Session)

 All the Students are advised to watch the above videos very carefully make relevant notes on the Daily current Affairs Topics discussed by the Faculty. Revising the hand written notes just before the exam would ensure you remember everything that is taught and discussed in these videos. As a result you score in General Awareness section would be higher than your competitors. All the best.

That is all from us in this blog on Weekly Current Affairs 2019 for your Bank, Government and Insurance Exam preparation.

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