World Tuna Day 2024, History, Significance & Why We Celebrate

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World Tuna Day 2024

World Tuna Day happens every May 2, and it’s a big achievement for people who care about the ocean. It’s a special day when we try to protect tuna, which are really strong and important fish. Let’s dive into why we have World Tuna Day and what makes these fish so special.

World Tuna Day Theme 2024

World Tuna Day’s main focus remains on the issue of “overfishing and the importance of preserving them”. Numerous countries rely on tuna for their daily diet.

History of World Tuna Day

A Look Back in Time

Tuna fish have been known for a super long time, even way back when Aristotle was talking about animals. They are big, with some reaching eight feet long and weighing more than 500 pounds. What’s even more amazing is how fast they can swim—up to 43 miles per hour!

Size, Strength, and Traveling

Tunas are known for being big, strong, and speedy. They’re always on the move, traveling across oceans and going from one part of the world to another. That’s why you can find them in almost every ocean. One cool thing about them is that they can live in different seas because they can control their body temperature. This special ability gives tuna meat its reddish-pink color and makes it nutritious.

Tuna’s Big Role in the World

Why Tuna Matters

Tuna is a big deal in the world. It makes up a huge part of the value of all the fish we catch from the sea, and more than 8% of all seafood traded worldwide comes from tuna. People all over the world love to eat tuna because it’s a tasty and healthy fish.

How Tuna Fishing Changed

In the past, catching tuna was a bit limited, but when boats got engines, everything changed. Fishing boats could go to more places, and the number of tuna they caught went way up. But as more and more people start fishing, there’s a risk that we might catch too many tuna, and that’s not good for them or the other sea animals.

World Tuna Day: Why We Celebrate

In 2016, the United Nations decided that May 2 would be World Tuna Day. They did this because they wanted to remind everyone about the importance of taking care of tuna and making sure we fish in a way that doesn’t harm them.

World Tuna Day Significance

Stopping Bad Fishing

Some ways of catching fish can be harmful. This day is like a superhero against bad fishing—it helps stop people from catching too many tuna and using methods that hurt other sea animals.

Saving Sea Friends

Tuna Day is not just about tuna; it’s also about saving other sea animals like dolphins and turtles. Sometimes, when people fish for tuna, they accidentally catch these other animals. World Tuna Day wants to make sure we protect everyone in the sea.

Keeping Food Safe

Millions of people around the world rely on tuna as a big part of their meals. If we don’t smartly fish for tuna, there might not be enough for everyone. This day reminds us to be careful so that we always have enough tasty and healthy tuna to eat.


World Tuna Day on May 2 is a chance for us to think about these incredible ocean creatures. By understanding why they are so important and by being smart about how we fish, we can make sure tuna and their sea friends stick around for a long time. It’s a day to celebrate and protect the wonders of the ocean!

2nd May 2024 Special Day

World Tuna Day on May 2nd represents a meaningful chance to recalibrate priorities toward ocean conservation and the protection of these vital fish. The symbolic timing of this aquatic-focused occasion presents the perfect opportunity to foster a deeper appreciation for tuna’s importance, spread awareness of their circumstances, and manifest optimism for their future. Just as tuna are strong and essential species within the marine ecosystem, World Tuna Day renews collective hope and rekindles faith in our ability to ensure their longevity. By coming together to celebrate these remarkable fish on this special day, we can unite in shared purpose for positive change and a future brimming with potential for tuna populations worldwide.


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