BPSC LDC Salary And Job Profile: Overview, Salary Structure, Benefits

On the official website of the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC), the BPSC LDC Recruitment 2021 Notification has been published. Candidates will be able to learn more about the BPSC LDC Salary and BPSC Job Profile. The Commission has announced a total of 24 job openings. Candidates who desire to apply for the position must meet the relevant qualifications. Candidates should be aware of factors such as the BPSC LDC Salary before beginning their preparations. Working as a Lower Division Clerk for the Bihar Public Service Commission is the fundamental job profile of the BPSC LDC. Candidates who make it to the final merit list will be chosen for the position and will be paid according to the 7th Pay Commission’s guidelines. To fill the available positions for the job of LDC, the Commission is searching for individuals who meet all of the BPSC LDC Eligibility Criteria. We have put all of the information on the BPSC LDC Salary on this page. The most commonly asked questions about the BPSC LDC Pay 2021 have also been included.

BPSC LDC Salary: Annual Salary 

The BPSC LDC Salary is the single most important component in keeping candidates engaged. The BPSC LDC Salary is determined by the type of the job and the location of the position. Candidates who make it to the final BPSC LDC Merit List will be selected for the position and will be paid according to the 7th Pay Commission’s wage scale. As of Level 3, the BPSC LDC Salary ranges from INR 19,900 to INR 63,200 per month.

BPSC LDC Salary Structure 2021

Given below is the detailed BPSC LDC Salary structure that is offered to the employees:

UnitSalary Structure
Post TypeGrade D
Regular PayLevel 3
Grade PayINR 19,900/- – INR 63,200/-

A BPSC officer’s basic monthly compensation includes TA, DA, and HRA, and a Secretary’s monthly salary can reach Rs.2,00,000.

Post NameLevelGrade Pay
Deputy Collector95400
Deputy Superintendent of Police95400
District Commandant95400
Bihar Education Service95400
Assistant Commissioner of State-Taxes95400
Electoral Officer95400
Planning Officer / District Planning Officer (Gazetted)95400
Junior Registrar95400
Food and Supply Inspector74600
Labour enforcement officer (Non-gazetted)74600
Revenue Officer74600
Block Panchayat Raj Officer (Bihar Panchayat Service)74600


  • Basic Pay + DA (Dearness Allowances) + TA (Transport Allowances) + HRA (House Rent Allowance) = Total Salary of a BPSC Officer every month 
  • BPSC officers get a 0% Dearness Allowance (DA) at the outset of their careers, which grows over time.

BPSC LDC Salary – Perks And Benefits

There are several perks and advantages to working as a BPSC LDC. The following are a handful of them:

  • Allowance for Dearness
  • Gratuity
  • Dearness Relief
  • Allowance for House Rent
  • Allowance for Medical Treatment
  • Allowance for Travel
  • Other Pay-Related Allowances
  • Pension

BPSC LDC Salary: In-Hand Salary

The BPSC LDC earns a respectable income, which rises with advancement and the added duties that come with it. The BPSC LDC’s in-hand remuneration varies from roughly INR 19,900/- to INR 63,200/-.

BPSC LDC Probation Period

The BPSC LDC is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for those individuals interested in working for the government. Candidates who scored higher than the BPSC LDC Cut Off and were selected for the position would be required to serve a probationary term. If the candidates cannot perform their duties, they will most likely be let go during this time. The Commission will provide more information on the subject.

BPSC Job Profile

The BPSC LDC position entails a great deal of responsibility. The following is a list of the BPSC Job Profiles and responsibilities:

  1. Maintaining files and records so that they can be accessed quickly when needed.
  2. Perform basic bookkeeping tasks.
  3. Putting together financial records
  4. Assisting the department in running it smoothly.

BPSC LDC Career Growth And Promotions

The BPSC LDC is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those individuals interested in a career in the administrative sector, notably in the government sector. In the Bihar Public Service Commission, this position offers more opportunities for advancement. The Commission will promote candidates functioning as BPSC LDCs regularly, and their compensation will be increased.

The criteria that influence your advancement to higher grades are listed below.

  • Availability of positions in the department 
  • Seniority level
  • Maintaining a positive service history

Seniority or departmental tests are used to determine promotion. Officers of the BPSC are typically promoted quickly. From the time you join, it takes a few years to get promoted. Following a promotion, you may be eligible for one of the following BPSC positions:

  • Bihar Administrative Service
  • City Executive Officer
  • Assistant Director in Planning Department
  • Revenue Officer
  • Assistant Tax Commissioner
  • Rural Development Officer
  • Block Panchayat Officer
  • Assistant Director Social Security
  • Bihar Education Service
  • Labour Enforcement Officer
  • District Audit Officer
  • Election Officer
  • Supply Inspector
  • CDPO
  • Labour Superintendent

Candidates who want to work for the BPSC should constantly be prepared for this potentially life-changing opportunity. All candidates should be aware of the job’s responsibilities and remuneration since this will increase their confidence. Candidates must have a clear idea of how much they would be paid if they were hired, as well as the terms of the promotion.

By now, it should be evident that the authority and advantages enjoyed by a BPSC officer are unrivalled, yet with these abilities come enormous responsibilities. They are frequently in charge of a whole district, state, department, or ministry’s administration. They have the power to influence policy making on various social concerns, including health, education, and a variety of economic difficulties. No other career compares to the ability to serve the people and the country. As a result, the power, privileges, and prestige that come with becoming a BPSC officer make it a viable career to pursue.


What would the BPSC LDC’s take-home pay be?

The BPSC LDC will earn a sum ranging from INR 19,900 to INR 63,200.

What is the BPSC Job Profile?

The LDC is responsible for keeping track of the department’s work. They must also conduct basic accounting functions.

What is the yearly BPSC LDC Salary package?

The yearly remuneration package for a BPSC LDC ranges from 2.38 lakh to 7.58 lakh rupees.


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