CAT VARC Cracker – Know Insights To Score 100%ile

CAT VARC ( Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehensions) section is an important part of the CAT examination. Many prestigious IIMs and MBA colleges call the aspirants who do well in the CAT VARC section. Candidates sometimes tend to do the error of ignoring the VARC section and do it at a later stage. The questions covered in the section often cover fundamental topics of English. The format of the question given in the exam makes it a little tricky and complex to answer for students.

Main Topics covered under CAT VARC section:

  • Reading Comprehensions
  • Grammar
  • Verbal Reasoning

If you are eager to explore the secret behind cracking the CAT VARC section and score 100ile and withstand other students, Here are some pro-tips that will let you succeed and score best in the CAT VARC section.

Pro-Tips To Crack CAT VARC:-

Reading Comprehensions – “Read, Read, Read” 

 Reading Comprehensions form the most important segment of the CAT Verbal Ability section.RC passages are based on a variety of topics such as philosophy, technology, current affairs, politics, history, etc.

  • Get well-versed with a diverse spectrum of topics.
  • Try to spend an hour to get through the article.
  • Then write a summary of all that you understand is mentioned in the article given to you.
  • Give your self-opinion about the topic discussed.
  • VARC section requires you to have good comprehension skills and be familiar with the terminology of the above areas.

Read as many articles as possible for your preparations. Initially, you might spend an hour or more doing it, but slowly and steadily with practice and more practice, the time taken to solve the RC problem will shorten and you will be pro in getting through the toughest comprehensions. So practice RC regularly. Try to read opinion pieces given in the newspaper, magazine articles, a book by your favorite author, or just anything that you like and works for you. This not only increases your speed but also gets you more comfortable with processing large pieces of text. The more you practice the better will be your speed and accuracy.

Grammar Section -: “Memorise Rules”

There are no direct questions from the Grammar portion in the CAT VARC section. Candidates need to know basic English grammar to crack VA questions in exams.

  • Prepare a list of all basic rules of English grammar and try to memorize them.
  • Get well acquainted with the basics of English grammar.
  • When you tackle all grammar-related questions, you can run through the grammar rules to quickly judge which rule of grammar is not complied with.
  • This will help you to tackle grammar problems with more accuracy and speed.
  • You can save a couple of seconds for other questions to solve.

Try to polish your grammar skills with good basic English grammar books available in the market. Do go through previous year’s VC questions to score you better in the CAT VARC section. The more you practice the grammar sections, the more easily it is to memorize grammar rules to gain accuracy.

Verbal Reasoning:- “Practice More & More”

Verbal Reasoning is of course equally important. It is generally asked in form of  Para-Jumbles, Critical Reasoning, Misfit Sentence/ Error Corrections, Summary Writing, etc.

  • Try to practice questions from this area regularly.
  • The more you practice your reading skills, the more you get competent to ace the VA section with all your ability to make logical inferences.
  • The majority of the topics covered do not have any hard and fast rules but have a simple series of instructions that you need to follow to solve these questions.

Try to give more emphasis on this section. The flair for Verbal reasoning improves with practice. It is essentially conditioning your brain to think and analyze in a particular manner and answer with speed and accuracy. Once it is done and you follow the right track, you are good to go.

Vocabulary:- “Learn One Word Daily”

To crack CAT VARC section, have an upper hand in your vocabulary over others. Many times difference in the 94 and 96 percentile is due to one word that hindered your understanding of the given text. That is why it is essential to build your word power and excel.

  1. Set yourself a target of learning one word on Day 1 and two words on day 2.
  2. Then you can increase the targets when you get comfortable with them.
  3. You will surely amaze yourself by end of two months by being a vocabulary wizard.

Even though there are no direct questions in the CAT exam for vocabulary but vocabulary plays a vital role in enhancing your efficiency in each area of VARC and helps you to understand complex reading material.

Follow Divide And Rule

You need to plan your strategy by following Divide and Rule policy by giving importance to each section mentioned as under.

                           1. Reading Comprehensions,

                           2. Sentence correction,

                           3. Incomplete sentences

In your initial days, you shall be liberal and dedicate two whole days each to each one of the topics mentioned. This will help you enough time to know and measure your ability in a particular section and plan your strategy to prepare further. In this way, you can allocate your study hours to each one of the topics on basis of how much you need to practice the particular subject.

Mock Test Mantra

Mock test, mock test, and some more mock tests should be your mantra to crack CAT VARC.

  1. Try to solve as many tests as possible.
  2. Mix and match strategies and prioritize on sections that you find easier and take lesser time to solve.
  3. Then, pick and choose among the remaining questions to solve questions that you are more comfortable with.
  4. Most Important!! skip to the next question if you feel you can’t solve it.
  5. Don’t get emotionally attached to particular questions.

CAT prep tests your mental and emotional strength. Try to be consistent and focus on the basic English language. Take a break when you feel burnout coming. Analyze mock for an hour longer, than you think you need to. Those extra few insights would propel you further. I hope you gather something valuable from pro tips and also refine your preparations strategy using them.


How do you crack CAT VARC?

To crack CAT VARC, read as many novels and books as you can. The mock and sample papers can do wonders in Verbal Ability preparation for CAT.

Can a weak student in English crack CAT VARC section?

Yes, of course, every student is capable of turning dreams into reality. Practice makes a man perfect, the more you practice, the more you will gain accuracy in basic English and attain success.

How many hours should I study the CAT VARC section to crack it easily?

Try to divide your study hours and contribute to each topic depending upon how much you need to practice the topic. It is advisable to study around 25 to 30 hours per week towards the preparation for the CAT exam.

How do mock tests help in the preparation of the CAT VARC section?

Mock tests are an elixir to the preparation of entrance of CAT exam. A student must ensure to take 2 to 3 mock tests in a week and analyze them thoroughly to know their strength and weakness.

How many students get more than 99ile in CAT?

 More than 2 lakh students appear in the CAT exam every year and less than 2000 students score 99ile


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