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CTET Science Questions

CTET Science Questions with Answers PDF: CTET exam preparation needs an earnest effort both effectively and efficiently. Not only do you need to have command over NCERT books but also over what type of questions you will get from different topics. Being familiar with the type of questions will boost your preparation and help you face the exam more confidently. It will happen only if you are aware of the trend of questions in the CTET examination. To help you do that, we provide free ebooks and study materials that can be taken for reference.

CTET Science Questions with Answers

The science section of CTET Paper 2 evaluates the candidates’ understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of science, their ability to apply this knowledge in practical situations, and their proficiency in teaching these concepts to students.

The CTET Paper 2 science syllabus covers topics such as motion and force, energy, light and sound, electricity and magnetism, the structure of atoms and molecules, chemical reactions, plant and animal life, human physiology, health, and nutrition. The questions in the CTET Paper 2 science section may also include questions related to the environment, the universe, and technology.

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Here in this ebook, we have compiled 50+ Science Questions that regularly appear in the question paper. This will give you an insight into they way you may get questions so that you can strategize your preparation accordingly.

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CTET Science Questions with Answers – Sample

Find important science questions and answers for CTET Science Paper 2 in the ebook provided above. You may find a few questions from here in the upcoming CTET exam. Here’s a quick sneak peek of the ebook:

Q1) Organisms that cannot prepare their own food are called ________.

Ans:- Heterotrophic

Q2) _______ are made of nitrogen-containing compounds called amino acids.

Ans:- Protein

Q3) Bones becoming soft and bent also called ‘Rickets’ due to the deficiency of _______.

Ans:- Vitamin D

Q4) _____ is the process of converting carbohydrates to alcohols and carbon dioxide using desirable microorganisms.

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CTET Science Questions with Answers PDF: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many number of attempts a candidate can take?

Ans. There is no limit for number of attempts a candidate can take.

Q2. Is the CTET Application form out?

Ans. Yes, CBSE released the CTET Application form for 2023 on 27th April 2023.

Q3. Is there any negative marking for CTET exam?

Ans. There will be no negative marking for CTET exam.


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