The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Words – 6 January 2020

Let us move ahead in this new year by learning something new daily. What would be better than learning a few new English words on a daily basis which will not only enhance our English Language Vocabulary but also would raise our confidence levels while having day-to-day conversations in the English Language? We will be coming up with this daily article on Oliveboard giving you a list of English words taken from The Hindu Editorial, with their correct meanings, synonyms, antonyms and correct usage. This blog-post will aid you immensely in your competitive exams preparation if you are consistent in reading this article daily. So, read along the Daily Vocabulary Words 6 January 2020.

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The Hindu – Daily Vocabulary Words 6 January 2020


Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms


Assertions A confident and forceful statement of fact or belief;

Declaration, Contention, Statement, Claim, Submission



I certainly don’t agree with his assertion that men are better drivers than women.
Congregated Gather into a crowd or mass;

Assemble, Gather, Collect, Come together, Flock together

Disperse A crowd congregated around the entrance to the theatre, hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars of the show.
Pseudoscience A collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method   For decades, academic researchers have dismissed the study of UFOs as pseudoscience.
Unbridled Uncontrolled;

Unconstrained, Unrestrained, Uncontrolled, Uninhibited, Unrestricted

Restrained, Controlled


The crowd was swept with unbridled enthusiasm.
Unimaginable Difficult or impossible to imagine or comprehend;

Unthinkable, Inconceivable, Incredible, Unbelievable, Unheard of, Unthought of

Believable, Cogitable, Conceivable, Convincing, Credible


Conditions in prisons out there are unimaginably bad.
Unmistakable Not able to be mistaken for anything else;

Very distinctive, Tell-tale

, Well defined, Indisputable

Unclear, Uncertain


There was an unmistakable smell of incense in the air.


We hope that you find the blog “Daily Vocabulary Words 6 January 2020 and its contents beneficial. Stay-tuned to Oliveboard for more such articles.

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