General Science MCQ Questions with Answers – For RRB NTPC & RRB Group D Exams

General Science section is one such section which is common in SSC CPO, RRB NTPC and RRB/RRC Group D Exams. Preparing for this section becomes crucial if one is aiming to get through the above-given exams. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a set of 10 General Science MCQ Questions with Answers. Go through these and test the level of preparations. 


General Science Notes for RRB NTPC & RRB Group D Exams


General Science MCQ Questions with Answers – For SSC & RRB Exams 

Q.1. Kidney Stones are composed of ………………..?

A. Calcium Oxalate

B. Potassium Chloride

C. Aluminium Nitrate

D. Sodium Bicarbonate

Answer: A

Q.2. Waves which do not require any material medium for their propagation are …………..?

A.Matter Waves

B. Mechanical Waves

C. Elastic Waves

D. Electromagnetic Waves

Answer: D

Q.3. Minamata disease is a nervous disorder caused by eating fish polluted by …………..?

A. Magnesium

B. Lead

C. Mercury

D. Nickel

Answer: C

General Science Notes for RRB NTPC & RRB Group D Exams

Q.4. What is the SI unit of Young’s Modulus of Elasticity?

A. Ohm

B. Henry

C. Pascal

D. Hertz

Answer: C

Q.5. Which Chemical compound is called Pearl Ash?

A. Potassium Chloride

B. Potassium Bromide

C. Potassium Sulphate

D. Potassium Carbonate

Answer: D

Q.6. Which one of the following doesn’t contain silver?

A. German Silver

B. Horn Silver

C. Red Silver

D. Lunar Caustic

Answer: A

General Science Notes for RRB NTPC & RRB Group D Exams

Q.7. In nuclear reactors, graphite is used as a ……..?

A. Lubricant

B. Fuel

C. Moderator

D. All of the above

Answer: C

Q.8. Which poisonous gas was released in Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

A. Methyl Isocyanide

B. Nitrous Oxide

C. Methyl Isocyanate

D. Cyanogen

Answer: C

Q.9. Cadmium pollution is associated with …………?

A. Minamata Disease 

B. Black Foot Disease 

C. Dyslexia

D. Itai-Itai

Answer: D

Q.10. What is the chemical name of Chalk?

A. Calcium Sulphate

B. Calcium Nitrate 

C. Calcium Phosphide

D. Calcium Carbonate

Answer: D

General Science Notes for RRB NTPC & RRB Group D Exams

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