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Major Straits of the World: Static GK is an integral part of the general awareness section. Questions related to the world’s major straits are common in the general awareness section of Government exams like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, RRB ALP, RRB Group D, UPSC, and more. In competitive exams, as little as 1 mark can make a lot of difference. For your assistance, we bring to you complete study notes on Major Straits of the World. The following blog list down all you need to know about: the Major Straits of the World.

Major Straits In The World

Static GK consists of many different types of facts and information. The focus of this blog will be geographical formations, namely, straits. You will learn what a strait is, how it’s formed, it’s importance and the major straits of the world. We have provided this information in an easy-to-learn way which you can also revise easily. We will also provide an e-book for the same for the ease of your learning.

What is a strait?

A strait is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water.

Strait of Hormuz

How does it form?

  • It can be formed by a fracture in an isthmus, a narrow body of land that connects two bodies of water. 
  • It can also be formed by a body of water overflowing land that has subsided or has been eroded. 
  • If fractures in an isthmus are created by human activity, the straits are usually called canals. The Suez canal is one such canal. This was constructed in 1869 as a waterway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. 

Importance of straits

Straits have great strategic importance. Whoever controls a strait is likely to control the sea and shipping routes of the entire region. There are many narrow straits that work as major gateways for trade.

These narrow water bodies sometimes become a bone of contention between countries.

List of Major straits in the world:

S. NoNameJoinsLocation
1Malacca StraitThe Andaman Sea & South China SeaIndonesia –Malaysia
2Sunda StraitJava Sea & Indian OceanIndonesia
3Palk StraitPalk Bay & Bay of BengalIndia-Sri Lanka
4Yucatan  StraitGulf of Mexico and Caribbean SeaMexico-Cuba
5Messina StraitMediterranean SeaItaly-Sicily
6Otranto StraitAdriatic Sea & Ionian SeaItaly-Albania
7Bab-el-Mandeb StraitRed Sea & Gulf of AdenYemen-Djibouti
8Cook StraitSouth Pacific OceanNew Zealand (North& South Islands)
9Mozambique StraitIndian OceanMozambique-Malagasy
10North ChannelIrish Sea & Atlantic OceanIreland-England
11Taurus StraitArafura Sea & Gulf of PapuaPapua New Guinea- Australia
12Bering StraitBering Sea & Chukchi SeaAlaska-Russia
13Bass StraitTasman Sea & South SeaAustralia
14Bonne-Fasio StraitMediterranean SeaCorsica-Sardinia
15Bosphorus StraitBlack Sea and Marmara SeaTurkey
16Denmark StraitNorth Atlantic and Arctic OceanGreenland-Iceland
17Dover strait  English Channel & North SeaEngland-France
18Florida StraitGulf of Mexico and Atlantic OceanUSA-Cuba
19Hormuz Strait       Gulf of Persia & Gulf of OmanOman-Iran
20Hudson strait        Gulf of Hudson & Atlantic OceanCanada
21Magellan strait      Pacific and South Atlantic OceanChile
22Gibraltar Strait      Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic OceanSpain-Morocco
23Foveaux Strait South Pacific OceanNew Zealand (South Island- Stewart Island)
24Tatar Strait  Japan Sea & Okhotsk SeaRussia (East Russia-Sakhalin Islands)
25Formosa Strait      South China Sea & East China SeaChina-Taiwan

Here’s a Sample Question:

Ques 1: The Strait of Malacca connects which to important water bodies?

  1. The Andaman Sea and South China Sea
  2. Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea
  3. North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean
  4. Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea

Answer: The correct answer is Andaman Sea and South China Sea

Major Straits of the World: Conclusion

That is all for straits and the major straits of the world. You can find the e-book format of this blog in the above link. Register now for more resources and GK.


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